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GM03 Powder Coating Gun Part
  • All GM03 spare parts you can find here, nozzles, shells, cascade, tubes, cables, connectors, etc.
  • NON-OEM part, but 100% interchangeable with original products.
  • Use premium quality material for less wear and longer life, offering with much lower price.
  • Over 10 years specializing in powder coating spare parts, Inovatec Machinery makes great profits for both users and distributors.
PG1 Manual Powder Coating Gun parts

Use high-quality material for lifelong and less wear performance, our PG1 manual powder guns ensure application quality, powder usage, and running efficiency of your equipment.

PG2-A Automatic Powder Coating Gun Parts

Use high-quality material for lifelong and less wear performance, our replacement PG2-A powder coating parts ensure application quality, powder usage, and running efficiency of your equipment.

PI3-V Powder Injector

Use high-quality material for lifelong and less wear performance, our IG02 powder injector ensure application quality, powder usage, and running efficiency of your equipment.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Inovatec Machinery – Top Powder Coaing Manufacturer and Supplier In China
  • Inovatec powder coating undertakes its internal quality control process
  • Verify the state of the material with respect to the project specifications.
  • Quality control tests are performed both on materials entering and leaving the plant
  • Assuring the products always maintain a high standard
Frequently Asked Question
The machine can work in 110v or 220v?

We exported into more than 80 countries, so we can supply 110v or 220v working voltage when you order you just tell us which you want, it will be ok.

What is your payment method?

We accept PayPal ( but credit card not accepted), western union, Bank transfer, and money gram.

How do you make the delivery

We make sea shipment for bulk orders. And we use express for small order.

Is it safe to order from Inovatec Machinery?

Yes, 100% sure you are safe to order from us, we exported into more than 80 countries, and in many countries, we have agents or Distributors and we are The famous factory in the powder coating equipment in China.

How about the Warranty of Powder Coating Machine?

Because of quality problem we supply free replacement included the shipping cost within one year according to the problem photo with series number.

Wear-Resistant Gema Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts


Inovatec Machinery’s Equipment Suitable For Every Budget

With more than ten years of experience in manufacturing and supplying powder coating equipment, Inovatec Machinery has become one of the best providers in China. We are a one-stop source for all your powder coating business needs, from top-notch coating devices to sturdy replacement parts.


Optiselect GM03 Powder Coating Gun Part

Get complete Gema Optiselect GM03 spare parts at Inovatec Machinery and never let anything come in between your powder coating process. All parts are made with high-quality material and 100% interchangeable work similar to the original ones.

PG1 Manual Powder Coating Gun parts

If you are looking for PG1 manual powder coating spare parts, Inovatec Machinery has you covered. From gun cables to spray nozzles, we have a selection of gun spare parts for every requirement—excellent quality replaceable parts for distributors and users.

PG2-A Automatic Powder Coating Gun Parts

Find a complete set of PG2-A Automatic gun parts at Inovatec Machinery. All our parts ensure application quality and less wear performance as they are manufactured with extreme quality control checks. They are NON-OEM parts though 100% interchangeable.

PI3-V Powder Injector

Inovatec Machinery is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of powder coating gun spare parts. You will find industrial-grade equipment machines and replacement parts here, which ensure longevity and wear resistance application.


PG1 PG2A Spray Nozzles
  • PG1 PG2A spray nozzles are 100% interchangeable, NON-OEM products.
  • We ship these nozzles in a variety of options, including round nozzles, flat jet nozzles, deflectors, and more.
  • Get original powder coating gun spare parts at Inovatec Machinery at competitive prices.
GM03 GA03 Spray Nozzles
  • Don’t let a defective spray nozzle hinder your coating process. Get original-grade GM03 GA03 spray nozzles at Inovatec Machinery.
  • All spray nozzles are manufactured using premium-grade material and go through numerous quality checks.
  • 100% replaceable nozzles with the original products fit most of the powder coating guns.
GM02 GA02 Spray Nozzles
  • Find the best and top-grade replacement parts for your automatic powder coating guns.
  • These are NON-OEM spare parts that are compatible with all Gema products.
  • It is made from premium quality material, which ensures its durability, longevity, and reliability.
Nuts and Sleeves
  • Shop from the industry’s largest selection of powder coating gun spare parts, including nuts and sleeves, at the lowest prices.
  • Ensure your coating gun connection is tightly intact with original-like nut and sleeve spare parts.
  • Each piece is finished and made precisely for less wear resistance and extended performance.
Gun Cables
  • Get 6M or 12M replacement gun cables for your Gema powder coating guns at pocket-friendly prices.
  • We house a wide selection of spare parts for powder coating equipment that fits almost every Gema product.
  • This is a 100% interchangeable product that can be installed easily and quickly.
Extension Tubes
  • Extension tubes are the optimal choice for coating the hard-to-reach areas of an object.
  • We supply and manufacture spare extension tubes that work and feel exactly like the original product.
  • This spare part can be easily installed in your old Gema powder coating gun for an uninterrupted coating experience.


Professional-Grade Sand Blasting Machine

If you want the best powder coating finishing on your object, sandblasting the object before coating can help get better results. Wet sandblasting gives a smoother and sturdy pre-coating finish which aids in powder coating application. Under the wet sandblasting process, an abrasive medium is mixed with water in a slurry pump, which is then carried out using compressed air to the blasting gun for application. You should prefer sandblasting machine due to:


  • It will help get the premium surface finish and give better results.
  • The abrasive used can be recycled multiple times.
  • Get a powder coating companion to upgrade your processes at the lowest prices
  • You can get your machine customized as per requirements.


Inovatec Machinery – Finest Manufacturer & Supplier of Coating Equipment In China
  • Get a customized powder coating solution at pocket-friendly prices.
  • We ensure our products are of top quality as we run them through various quality checks.
  • Not only the final product but the raw material is also checked for quality purposes.
  • As per particular specifications, we manufacture tailor-made machines.



Frequently Asked Question

1.   Will the machine be compatible with a 110v or 220v voltage supply?

We customize our machines as per customer’s specifications. Therefore, we can make it 110v or 220v compatible. All you need to do is pick which one fits your requirements.

2.   In what modes does Inovatec machinery accept payments?

As of now, we do not accept Credit Cards. The preferred modes of payments include PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfers, and Money Gram.

3.   What will be the delivery mode for products?

The shipment mode depends on the size of the delivery. If we need to deliver small to medium-sized products, we prefer express delivery. Sea shipment is made for bulky orders.

4.   Will it be safe to order powder equipment from Inovatec Machinery?

Yes, it is completely safe to order powder coating equipment from Inovatec Machinery. We have been manufacturing and supplying powder coating equipment to around 80 countries for more than ten years. Our distributors and agents are around the world offering top-notch products.

5.   Is there any warranty that Inovatec Machinery offers?

Our products come with a 1-year warranty. If you suspect any working defects in the products, share some images, and we will make a full replacement at no cost. The warranty period extends to one year of purchase.




Definitive Guide for Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts


1.What are Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts?


Powder coating gun spare parts are 100% interchangeable parts that you can replace by dismantling the gun. These parts are NON-OEM parts made from premium quality material appropriate for longer life, reliable performance, and less wear.



2.List the different powder coating gun spare parts you can replace.

The list of powder coating spare parts includes the following:

  • Spray Nozzles

The precision device attached to your gun tip and helps disperse the powder into a spray is a spray nozzle.

  • Defectors

Defectors play an important role in the powder coating process. They are attached to the nozzles, which helps in better dispersion.

  • Nuts & Sleeves

These nuts hold the tight connection between the body and other gun parts. These nuts and sleeves can get worn out with daily use and need to be replaced for better application.

  • Extension Tubes

For coating object areas that are difficult to reach, extension tubes are used.

  • Gun Cables

After long and rough use, gun cables in your powder coating gun can become worn out, and the gun stops working. Instead of buying a new gun, you can replace the gun cables.


3.How to replace Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts?

Replacing powder coating gun spare parts is extremely easy. It requires minimal effort. All you need to do is dismantle the gun and remove the parts you need to interchange, and install the new ones. Also, these spare parts packages come with a detailed instruction manual which makes the replacement process easier.


4.Does Powder Coating Gun Spare Parts Quality Same As Original Product parts?

The powder coating gun spare parts are produced the same way the original gun is manufactured. Therefore, the quality remains the same. You will not see a single difference in the original and spare parts regarding performance and durability.


5.Does replacing Powder coating gun parts improve its performance?

When your powder coating gun starts wearing out, its performance might become low. By replacing old parts with new spare parts, you can improve its performance and longevity too.



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