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Inovatec Machinery Professional Gema Non-OEM Replacement Spare Parts

Inovatec is the leading manufacturer of powder coating guns and spare parts for over 10 years. We support users and distributors worldwide to offer a cost-effective solutions for engineering and surface finishing solutions.

Manual Gema OptiFlex-2 System consists of powder hose, standard nozzle sets, plug-in injector, rising air hose, mobile trolley, and control unit. It only works with certain types of guns and provides the desired coating results.

Inovatec Machinery GEMA control unit is designed to be 100% interchangeable, which helps control every coating function. It is a high-quality, industrial-grade product used to manage powder production coatings and lines.

Our Gema Optiflex F control unit comes with a moveable trolley and hose support. The coating process starts with injecting coating powder in the injector and using the control unit to manage powder spray guns for better application.

Inovatec Machinery specializes in designing Gema powder coating equipment. This Gema OptiFlex 2 spray gun comes with a control unit for optimizing each spray. Its compact and portable design makes it a perfect coating companion for small and medium-sized workplaces.

ITW Gema Powder Coating equipment is the most advanced coating system that you can efficiently operate using the palm of your hand. Just grab the gun in your hand, set the functions required in the control unit, and start coating your workpieces effortlessly.

Our ITW Gema OptiFlex 2L is specifically designed using advanced powder coating technology to provide the optimal coating experience. The system comprises a control unit, venting connector, filter unit, shelf, manual powder gun, fluidized powder hopper, and gun holder.

GM03 Powder Coating Gun Part

Inovatec Machinery Powder Coating Gun parts are made from premium quality material, making them durable and sturdy. Our coating parts include cascade, tubes, shells, nozzles, connectors, cables, many more. Get the best products at the lowest price.

PG1 Manual Powder Coating Gun parts

Our PG1 Manual Powder Coating Guns use top-quality material with prolonged and excellent performance, ensuring low powder usage, better results, and efficient application. They are great options for both distributors and users.

PG2-A Automatic Powder Coating Gun Parts

Our PF2-A Automatic Gun is a highly lightweight powder coating gun with high penetration power and constant transfer efficiency. It is relatively easier to clean and maintain as you can dismantle each part of the gun.

PI3-V Powder Injector

Inovatec Machinery is a professional supplier of powder coating equipment parts, including injectors that are 100% interchangeable with the original one. Made from high-quality material make this product durable and safe for prolonged periods.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Inovatec Machinery designs the Sand Blasting Machine keeping in mind its customer’s pre-coating finishing needs. These systems are used for a wide variety of applications with replacement nozzle tips and attachments. Our Sand Blasting Machine consists of the following:

  • Pressure Hose
  • Pressure release valve
  • Type 1 Nozzle
  • Sturdy front leg support
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Control unit with PLC touch screen
Inovatec Machinery – China's Top Manufacturer & Supplier of Powder Coating Equipment
  • Each piece of equipment we manufacture and supply goes through a strict quality control process.
  • Inovatec Machinery verifies the material quality and state as per the customer specifications.
  • Whether the material is entering or machinery is leaving the plant, quality control measures are followed both ways.
  • Inovatec Machinery ensures to supply high-standard and top-notch products.
Frequently Asked Question
Inovatec machinery works best in 110v or 220v?

We provide customized machines as per our customer’s requests so the machine can work in 110v or 220v. Inovatec Machinery is a huge manufacturer and supplier of powder coating equipment which are shipped in more than 80 countries.

What is Inovatec Machinery Preferred Mode of Payment?

We accept payments through various modes, including PayPal, Money Gram, Bank transfers, and Western Union. Credit cards are not accepted here.

How are Orders Shipped?

The mode of delivery depends on the order size, for small orders we prefer express delivery. For bulkier ones, we make the delivery through sea shipments.

How Safe is Inovatec Machinery For Ordering?

Inovatec machinery is 100% safe. You can rely on us for your coating powder equipment needs as we are the largest manufacturer and producer in China. We export machines in more than 80 countries and have a vast customer base worldwide.

Does Inovatec Machinery Offer Warranty On Their Products?

We swear by our product quality and offer complete replacement of the product in case of any working or technical issues. Within one year of purchase, customers can raise a complaint with pictures of the problematic product and get them replaced.

Definitive Guide for Powder Coating Gun Parts Gema OptiFlex-2 Definite Guide

1. What is Gema OptiFlex-2?

Gema OptiFlex2 is a manual powder coating equipment that helps coat complex workpieces with ease. It is the world’s most advanced device that streamlines the whole coating process, ensures productivity, improves efficiency, and delivers better results. It gives you the advantage of taking control of the coating production line in the palm of your hand. No matter how challenging the work environment is, Gema OptiFlex2 offers outstanding quality and efficiency.

It is an electrostatic coating machine that is equipped with an Optislecte spray gun and offers efficient object coating. The machine is available in a variety of versions that can be used from different ranges of applications.


2. How Gema OptiFlex Works?

Gema OptiFlex is manual coating equipment used to powder coat different objects, workpieces, and machine parts. It can coat complex things with ease without leaving a single area uncoated. There are many components in the Gema OptiFlex2 that each performs specific functions. We can learn about this equipment working through them:

2.1 Manual Gun

The manual gun comes with a different pair of nozzles that can be used to coat objects of different types. It has a sturdy grip which helps deliver the ideal application. Besides, guns make it quite easy to coat parts having complex shapes.

Gema OptiFlex 2 -1

2.2 Control Unit

The manually operated control unit allows you to manage and control each spray and function. You can set various programs to optimize your coating process.

Gema OptiFlex 2 -2

2.3 Application Pump

The application pump transfers the coating powder from the suction unit to the manual gun for completing the coating process.

These three components play a significant role in working though there are other essential components too. You will load the coating powder suction unit, set the controls per your requirement, and spray it on the objects using the manual gun


3. What the Advantages of Using Gema OptiFlex-2?

The advantages of Manual Gema OptiFlex2 are plenty. The major ones are mentioned below:

  • Easily Coat Complex Objects
  • Faster Color Changes
  • Ideal for small & medium-sized application
  • Compact & Portable can fit anywhere
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Each part can be dismantled and made relocation easy.

4. What are the different applications of Gema OptiFlex-2?

Ideally, Gema OptiFlex-2 is designed to coat objects with powder using a manual gun. But it can also be used for the pretreatment of objects such as cleaning. Here are two major applications of Gema OptiFlex2:

  • Electrostatic Coating

Gema OptiFlex is exclusively designed for electrostatic powder coating objects, complex parts, and machinery. It can deliver optimal results and can be managed easily using the manual control unit.

Gema powder coating gun

  • Cleaning

Our Gema OptiFlex 2 will help to remove all the dirt, debris, and stains from the objects. Every object goes through a pretreatment process before coating to clean any dirt, dust, grease, and oil deposited on the surface as it can hinder smooth coating application.

5. List the different components of Gema OptiFlex-2 powder coating equipment?

The Gema OptiFlex2 consists of the following components:

  • Gun control unit
  • Manual gun
  • Application Pump
  • Diffuser
  • Fluidizing/suction unit
  • Swivel arm with guide sleeve
  • Filter unit
  • Gun holder
  • Powder suction hose
  • Rubber wheel
  • Swivel wheel

6. How to set up Gema OptiFlex-2?

Setting up Gema OptiFlex2 is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions written in the manual that comes along the machine, and you are good to go. Ensure the connection instructions are followed in line to avoid any problems in the coating process.

  • The grounding cable can be connected to the cabin or suspension arrangement using the clamp.
  • After the setup, if any malfunction happens, you can check the troubleshooting guide.
  • If you are new to this coating scenario, check the operation guide to learn how to operate the device.

Gema OptiFlex 2 -4

7. How to clean and maintain the Gema OptiFlex-2 powder coating system?

The equipment required regular cleaning and frequent maintenance to improve its durability and longevity. It enhances the life of the machine and also delivers uninterrupted services. Follow the following instructions for long-lasting coating quality:

  • Daily Cleaning & Maintenance

You should clean the application pump, powder gun, and powder hose thoroughly after use

  • Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance

Besides daily cleaning components, the fluidizing/ suction unit requires weekly cleaning.

  • Cleaning When Not In Use For Long Periods

Ensure to turn off the main compressed air supply when not in use and clean the coating equipment once in two weeks.

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