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Inovatec Machinery Inovatec Machinery Powder Coating Machine Parts

Get any replacement parts for your powder coating machines at Inovatec Machinery, and never let anything come in your coating processes. Share the code of the part, and we will supply you with the product.

GM03 Powder Coating Gun Part

The Optiselect Powder Coating Gun is designed for electrostatic coating purposes. Each component of the GM03 gun is 100% replaceable. Inovatec Machinery provides you with a variety of spare parts that will keep your coating process steady. They are made from high-quality material, ensuring durability and limiting deterioration.

PG1 Manual Powder Coating Gun parts

Inovatec Machinery supplies high-quality PG1 gun parts around the world at competitive prices. All you are required to do is share the code of the products, and we will send you 100% replaceable parts as good as the original ones. From cable, defectors to different nozzles, you can get any spare parts you want for your PG1 Powder Coating Gun.

PG2-A Automatic Powder Coating Gun Parts

The spare nozzles in the replacement parts packages consist of different shapes and sizes, including flat jet, contact ring, round jet, air, and more. It offers you a personalized coating application with each spray. The gun spare parts are of premium quality, similar to the original parts. Inovatec Machinery is the top supplier of coating gun replacement parts in China.

PI3-V Powder Injector

Inovatec Machinery has operated primarily in powder coating equipment for a long time, and observing users’ concerns regarding spare parts has started supplying them. The parts will be as good as original ones made from premium material, ensuring durability and no deterioration. Get replaceable deflector, nozzle, tube, and more as per your needs.

Related Product

Our PG1, PG2A combine round jet nozzles, flat jet nozzles, electrode holders, and deflectors.

They are made from premium quality material, making them perfect for longer periods and efficient performance.

Each part is 100% replaceable with the original parts of the machine.

Keep wearing parts handy for an uninterrupted coating experience.

All replaceable parts are made from high-quality material, ensuring their durability and longevity.

The spray nozzles package contains nozzles of various shapes and sizes for all your coating needs.

The GM02/GA02 comes with an electrode holder and flat jet nozzle, ensuring optimal spraying performance.

All parts in this package are made with premium-quality Teflon for no deterioration and longer life.

Replaceable spray gun nozzles are as good as the original ones and 100% interchangeable.

The outlet wear sleeves can be interchangeable with the original one with ease. All you need to do is dismantle the gun and replace the older sleeve with a new one.

Also, the outer nut parts are made from premium-quality material for long life and reliable performance.

Each product is manufactured and supplied at Inovatec machinery goes to quality checks ensuring its durability.

The NON-OEM gun cables from Inovatec Machinery are compatible with many GEMA products.

This high-capacity powder cable is 100% interchangeable with the original product and delivers a top-notch working experience.

We are a professional supplier of powder coating equipment and replacement parts and offer a 1-year warranty as well.

Our powder coating machine extension tubes are compatible with numerous GEMA parts.

Each part is designed with care and with premium quality material for durable and reliable coating performance.

The extension tubes come in different sizes and varieties. Share your requirements, and we will ship accordingly.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

The Sand Blasting Machine uses a combination of abrasive media and water, which is made in a slurry pump. The compressed air carries out the mixture to the blast gun for application. Sandblasting is a wet blasting technique preferred over dry blasting because of the following:

  • The waste produced due to powder is reduced by 98% under the wet blasting technique.
  • It is easier to clean wet chambers and remove salts and media fragments.
  • The heat generated during the process is extremely low because of the use of water.
  • The wet technique increases machine durability and ensures less wear and damage.
Inovatec Machinery – Top Powder Coaing Manufacturer and Supplier In China
  • All machines and devices manufactured at Inovatec Machinery go through an internal quality control process.
  • We assure the quality of all the products we supply.
  • Not only are the final products examined thoroughly, but the raw materials entering our place are also checked.
  • Inovatec Machinery designs tailor-made machines as per customer’s specific needs.
Frequently Asked Question
Will the machine work on 100v or 220v?

Inovatec Machinery customizes the products as per customer’s specifications. Whether you require a powder coating machine that works on 110v or 220v, all you need to do is specify your requirements, and we will supply accordingly.

What modes of payments are available?

We accept various payment methods, including Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfers, and PayPal. However, we do not accept Credit Cards for now.

By what means will my order be delivered?

Depending on the size of the order, we choose the delivery mode. For bulk orders, sea shipments are made, and express delivery is preferred for small or medium ones.

How safe is Inovatec Machinery to order?

Ordering Gema OptiFlex2 replacement parts and other powder coating equipment from Inovatec Machinery is a 100% safe option. Thanks to our agents and distributors in various places that make it convenient to supply our products in more than 80 countries.

Is there any warranty offered on Powder Coating Machines?

If you suspect any quality or working problem with our machines, we offer free complete replacement of products with no extra shipping charges.

Definite Guide For Gema OptiFlex2 Replacement Parts

1.  Are the Gema OptiFlex2 Replacement Parts similar to the original ones?

Inovatec Machinery swears by the quality and efficiency of its products. Whether it’s the complete machine or replacement parts, we run everything through a quality control process. The products that pass the quality checks are supplied to the customers, and the rest are recycled for remanufacturing processes. Therefore, the replacement parts are as good as the original parts, and you won’t see any difference in the coating quality and results when you replace the parts. Also, we use premium-quality material that ensures no deteriorating and enhances product longevity.


2.  What does the Gema OptiFlex2 replacement parts package include?

The package of Gema OptiFlex2 Replacement parts include the following:

  • A Shell of electrostatic powder coating guns
  • Wire or cables
  • Connectors
  • Nozzles of different shapes & sizes
  • Extension Tubes
  • Nuts and Sleeves
  • HV Cascade

3.    How to replace Gema OptiFlex2 Parts?

All the parts of Gema OptiFlex2 are 100% replaceable. All you are required to do is dismantle the parts that need to be replaced and replace them. Also, the package of replaceable parts comes with a step-by-step instruction manual for your reference.


4.    Why should we buy Gema OptiFlex2 replacement parts?

When the Gema OptiFlex2 starts troubling you, replacing certain parts can be a great substitute for buying new products. Also, when your device starts wearing off and affects the coating quality, you should consider replacing gun parts. It can save you a lot of money. Besides, there are many other advantages too, some of them are stated below:

  • Affordable Option
  • Premium-quality Products
  • 100% Interchangeable With The Original Products
  • Perfect For Both Users & Distributors


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