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  • We provide solutions for all types of gear polishing including industrial machine gears, automotive gears and many more
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Inovatec Machinery The Number One Manufacturer for Gear Polishing Machinery in China

Inovatec Machinery has been in the mass finishing industry for more than 20 years. With this amount of industry experience, we ensure that our mass finishing solutions are top of the range for all types of polishing needs.


VB(B) vibratory finishing machine

These machines are designed with round bowls and are commonly used for mass tumbling. The vibratory machines can be used for cleaning, deburring, polishing, and burnishing different types of parts. We recommend this as the leading choice for polishing gears.


The centrifugal tumbling machine is efficient and modern and is suitable for polishing large numbers of parts in one cycle.


This works similarly to the centrifugal barrel machine. Instead of a barrel, it uses a disc to polish parts. They are efficient with a fast turnaround time of polishing parts.


The drag tumbling machine is suitable for high volumes of parts in one cycle. It polishes parts in a quick and efficient manner while producing the best results for all your gears.

Gear Materials

Automotive gears are the driving force behind all vehicles. These are the connecting components between other automotive parts.

The process of polishing gears can be done using the vibratory or centrifugal finishing solutions. These parts are small, making them suitable for the vibratory and centrifugal machines.

Bicycles use gears for its optimal functioning. Without gears, bicycles cannot function as needed. They have one large bicycle gear in front and another gear on the rear end. Before the gears are installed, it’s important that they undergo a rigorous polishing process to ensure the best performance.

If you’re seeking a cost-efficient solution, then we recommend purchasing the vibratory tumbling machine. If you have a designated budget for polishing solutions, then we advise opting for the centrifugal finishing machine or the drag tumbling machine. These machines are more suitable for high work volumes.

Engines consist of multiple components for its functioning. The gears assist the power of engines. To prevent and avoid any power losses to the engine, we suggest thoroughly polishing gears before installation.

These gears come in various types of sizes and shapes. For this reason, we recommend using the centrifugal disc tumbling machine to ensure fast and optimal results for your gear parts.

Gear shafts have different sizes of gears. The different sizes of gears operate and function at different speeds. Some gears operate at a faster speed and some operate at a slower speed. The gears that operate at slower speeds are known as the reduction gears.

Reduction gears require polishing before installation for the best performance. We advise using the centrifugal or vibratory finishing machines for these types of gears.

Tractor gears are important parts for agriculture industries. In order for tractors to operate at maximum capacity, the gears need to be efficient for this purpose. Tractor gears are large compared to other types of gears. Like other gears, tractor gears need to undergo polishing.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using a vibratory bowl machine.

Watch gears are delicate in design and require polishing for best results. It’s important for watch gears to work properly in order for accurate time keeping. For this reason, polishing watch gears need to be done precisely and accurately.

The drag tumbling machine is the best option for polishing watch gears. Using a regular vibratory polishing machine puts your watch gears at risk of damaging during polishing.

Polishing Media for Gears

Gear polishing media includes plastic media, porcelain media, high-density media and other tumbling media that consist of high-density properties. If you require specialized polishing results, you can speak to one of our experts and they will be able to guide you on specialized polishing solutions for your needs.

Inovatec Machinery – China’s Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Gear Polishing Solutions
  • We provide cost-efficient gear polishing solutions
  • Our machine are designed to polish large numbers of parts with a fast turnaround time
  • We offer dry and wet polishing solutions
  • We provide our lifelong support and warranty on all our polishing machines
Frequently Asked Question
What type of polishing machine do I need for gears?

The type of machine you use will depend on the type of gears that require polishing. If you require mass finishing for gears, then we recommend using a drag tumbling machine or a centrifugal finishing machine.

What is the process of ordering a machine?

You can fill out the inquiry form below. Once we have received your form, we will send you a free quotation with all the necessary details for purchasing a polishing machine of your choice.

What media is suitable for polishing gears?

The shape and size of gears is important components when choosing media for polishing gears. We recommend using plastic or porcelain media for polishing gears.

Are there any payment requirements when ordering a machine?

Yes. In order for us to confirm your order and begin production, we require a minimum payment of 30% of the total. A further balance of 70% is required for shipping once your production has been completed and approved by you.

What power connection is required to operate a polishing machine?

We recommend using a 3-phase power connection with 230-voltage power. This ensures a safe and secured operation of your polishing machine.

Gear Polishing FAQ Guide

1.  How is the performance of vibratory machines optimized for best gear polishing results?

The efficiency and performance of the vibratory polishing machine is important when it comes to achieving the best results for gear polishing.

Here is a list of method used to optimize the performance of the machines:


1.1 Amount of media used in the vibratory bowl

The usage of media is important when it comes to polishing gears.

The media helps the gears to achieve the best results and maintain its high quality. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right amount of media for polishing.

For general use, the media should always be two inches below the rim of the bowl. The failure to adhere to these standards for media usage will result in the damaging of your gear parts.

Keep in mind that using less media than required will also lead to unsatisfactory results.

tumbling media


1.2 Type of media

For all types of mass finishing processes, the shape, size, density, and abrasiveness of media is important for parts.

Regarding gear polishing, using an abrasive media is important in achieving optimal results for surfaces.

The less abrasive the media is, the lower the attrition rate and drainage process is. This further has great benefits when it comes to retaining the size and shape of media used. The more abrasive the media is, the quicker it loses its shape and size.



1.3 Usage of sound covers

Sound covers are the number one option for sound attenuation.

When it comes to dissipation of heat in the vibratory machine, the sound covers are crucial for inhibiting this when it’s taking place.

When sound covers are utilized, it’s important to increase the rate of liquid flow in order to replace any lost fluids caused by evaporation.


1.4 Motor speed and reduction of part impingement

During the polishing process, the vibratory finishing machines have bowls with ramped bottoms which acts to separate parts and media and unloading them after each cycle.

The chances of part impingement are high during the unloading process.

Vibratory bowl machines with motor inverters or speed settings provide the option to adjust the speed of the motor accordingly.

The maximum motor speed is usually 60Hz. However, during unloading it’s recommended to adjust the speed between 47Hz and 50Hz. This adjustment will help minimize the part impingement during unloading.



1.5 Drainage

A clogged drain can be detrimental to parts during polishing. This will cause liquid geysering on your gears.

This can further affect the efficiency of your vibratory tumbling machine during gear polishing.

In order to prevent this from taking place, we recommend removing all content from the bowl and cleaning all the holes before usage.

Another option is to replace all drain tubes with new ones to ensure that there are no blockages that can take place during operation. Ensure to place all your drain tubing close to the equipment as possible.


2. What type of media is ideal for polishing gears?

We recommend using either porcelain or plastic media for polishing gears.

If you require a specialized polishing finish, we provide specialized polishing solutions to suit your needs. Give us a call today and one of our professional staff will advise you on all your options.


3. Are there any advantages of polishing gears?

Yes. There are amazing advantages of gear polishing.

Below is a list of advantages:

  • Efficient gear functioning
  • Gear surfaces are guaranteed to have smoother surfaces with longer wear and less friction
  • Increased durability of gears
  • Increased resistant to corrosion
  • Improved core smoothness
  • Low costs for lubrication
  • Gears have higher resistance to micro pitting and staining
  • Increased resistance to scuffing and galling
  • Higher resistance to fatigue and bending
  • Gears have reduced vibration and noise levels

4. What types of gears are suitable for polishing?

Six common gears that undergo polishing include:


  • Bicycle gears

Bicycle gears require functional gears for the best performance. Hence why having accurately polished gear parts are important before being installed. These parts can be polished using a centrifugal, vibratory, or drag finishing machine.



  • Watch gears

Watches are designed to tell time. For this reason, polished gear parts are important for the best functioning. A drag finishing machine is ideal for this type of polishing.



  • Reduction gears

Reduction gear parts are found inside gear shafts. Some gears rotate at a faster speed and some rotate at a slower speed. The gears that operate at a slower speed are known as reduction gears.

In order to maintain the functioning of such gears, it’s important to use a vibratory or centrifugal tumbling machine for the best results.



  • Tractor gears

Tractor gears are one of the largest gears compared to other gears. Tractors are used for agricultural industries and require highly functional gears to perform agricultural tasks on a daily basis.

Polishing tractor gears can be done using a vibratory finishing machine.



  • Automotive gears

Automotive gears serve as important connecting components between other parts. For this reason, accurate polishing is essential for effective operation and performance.

Polishing automotive gears can be completed using vibratory or centrifugal finishing machines.



  • Engine gears

Engines have many gears designed to connect parts of engines. It also helps with the power distribution inside the engine.

To guarantee optimal power distribution, it’s important to have gears thoroughly polished. In doing so, a centrifugal disc finishing machine can be used to achieve great results.



5.  What does gear polishing mean?

Gear polishing is suitable for removing unwanted surface defects on gears before installing them. It removes burrs such as sharpened edges, rough surfaces, and enhances the surfaces for appealing appearances. Polishing gears also helps in reducing the wear-and-tear and fatigue on parts.

However, keep in mind that polishing with wrong media can have detrimental effects on parts.


6.  How do I achieve micro polishing for gears?

Micro polishing gears is the best polishing option for maximum results.

In order to achieve the best micro polishing results for gears, we recommend using a gentle polishing process. This ultimately removes stress on parts.

Polishing gears using the micro polishing method protects gears from heat generation, friction, and many others.

Here is a list of other great benefits:

  • Reduced fatigue and wear-and-tear of gears
  • Increase in power supply and efficiency
  • Improves power density of gears
  • Increases the bending fatigue resistance
  • Low lubrication and maintenance cost

7.  Which mass finishing machines can be used for polishing gears?

Four commonly used machines for polishing gears include:


7.1 Drag tumbling machine

This machine is suitable for high volumes of work. It produces great polishing results in a short span of time.


7.2 Centrifugal barrel finishing machine

The centrifugal barrel finishing machine operates at high speeds and energies to achieve great results for gears. It is commonly used for surface enhancements and performances.

The modern, efficient machine is ideal for large numbers of batch productions.


7.3 Centrifugal disc finishing machine

This machine is similar to the barrel finishing machine; however, it uses a disc instead of a barrel for polishing gears.

It produces effective and efficient results after each cycle.


7.4 Vibratory finishing machine

The vibratory finishing machine is the more popular choice among the rest. It can be used for a variety of finishing purposes including polishing, deburring, burnishing, cleaning, and many more. It’s also suitable for different types of metals and media.

This machine is ideal for different industries such as automotive, performance, and many more.


8. What advantages are there to using isotropic gear polishing?

This process removes small surface defects that could be caused by machinery. It creates uniformed and consistent results on surfaces of gears.

The benefits of isotropic polishing include:

  • Removal of marks on gear parts
  • Smoothening of teeth and root of gears
  • Removal of unwanted stress on parts
  • Produces mirror-like finishes on gears
  • Increases the transfer of heat
  • Increases retention of lubrication on gears
  • Reduces the friction, vibration, and noise on gears

Inovatec Machinery has all your gear polishing needs. From machinery to media, we have it. Get in touch with us today and we will guide you through all our options for your needs.

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