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Inovatec Machinery Offers Top Quality Commercial Solutions for All Your Coating Requirements

We are into manufacturing commercial powder coating machines for the past 10 years. We not only manufacture powder coating machines but also provide a complete solution that will meet all your powder coating requirements. It includes the powder spray booth, powder spray gun, and powder curing oven. We always ensure that our customer gets the best quality powder coating machine with the help of our quality process.


  • We provide various customization options to our customers
  • We attend all bi-yearly exhibitions
  • We give all the necessary training for the engineers from the distributor.
  • All the necessary support required for the promotion and advertisement of our products will be given to the distributor.
K2 New Manual Powder Coating Equipment

The K2 model machine is best suited to powder coat complex parts. It comes with a variable current and output voltage option.

K2-V Box Feed Powder Coating Equipment

The K2-V Box feed powder coating machine comes is a user friendly machine. The variable output voltage option in this model makes it possible to fine tune the finish settings.

KL-191S 2 in 1 New Manual Powder Coating Systems

The KL-191S-2 in 1 model comes with digital valve technology. It is best suited for complex metal parts.

KL-191S Professional Powder Coating Gun Equipment

Great features like the high powder transfer efficiency and ease of operation make KL-191S one of the preferred choices among many businesses. Both professionals and beginners can easily use this machine.

KL-191S-2 Double Guns Powder Coating System

Two operators can simultaneously use the KL-191S-2 model powder coating machine from Inovatec machinery. It is possible with the help of two powder spray guns. 

KL-191S-V Quick Color Change Powder Coating Gun

The digital valve technology in the KL-191S-V model makes it a powerful and easy to use powder coating machine. It is capable of doing quick color changes.

KL-660 Economical Electrostatic Powder Coating Painting System

The KL-660 model also the most popular commercial powder coating machine model. It comes at an affordable price and is capable of operating in all environments.

KL-660-V Box feed Powder Coating System for Fast Color Change

The KL-660-V model comes with different preset application programs. It is possible to do a perfect powder coating in the corners with the help of pulse coating technology.

KL-800D Hot Sale Manual Powder Coating Machine

The KL-800D model comes with variable powder coating speed. It allows giving different types of finish to the parts.

X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System with Additional 2 hoppers

The X1 box feeder machine from Inovatec comes with 2 additional hoppers. It helps to do the color change easily while coating. A perfect finish is possible with this machine through its professional powder spray gun.

X1 Professional Powder Coating System

The X1 model is one of the professional powder coating machines from Inovatec machinery.

The frequent color change option is an important feature of this machine.

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The powder is charged and sprayed to the part with the help of the powder spray gun.

The multi nozzle option allows the user to vary the spray settings.

Different type of finish is possible with the help of this powder coating gun.

The dedicated powder coating booth will help to reduce powder wastage.

The leftover powder lying in the ground can be reused for the nest coating process

It provides a perfect coating environment for the parts.

The coated part needs to be cured using a powder curing oven.

The powder curing oven is capable of providing any temperature between 325 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

A hardwired 32A power is required for this machine.

Best Quality Sand Blasting Machine For Pre-Coating

The wet blasting process makes use of water along with abrasives. The mixing of the abrasive media with water happens in the slurry pump. The mixture of water and abrasives is pumped into the parts by the slurry pump. The compressed air helps to push out this mixture.

· It is a dust free process. The water in the process helps to reduce the dust.

· Certain parts demand no surface material removal. A wet blasting machine is a perfect choice for such parts.

· The water helps to reduce the wear and tear of the parts inside the sand blasting machine.

· The wet blasting process also helps to preserve the color of the parts.

Inovatec Machinery- High Quality Commercial Powder Coating Machine Manufacturer from China
  • Strict quality measures adopted for the whole manufacturing process
  • All machines fully tested before shipping
  • Best quality raw materials procured from certified vendors
  • High quality commercial grade powder coating machine
Frequently Asked Question
What are the warranty terms on the commercial powder coating machine?

All commercial powder coating machines from Inovatec come with one year warranty. Any spare parts that need to be replaced during this warranty period will be replaced free of cost. There will be no shipping charges for the spare parts in the warranty period. We provide spare parts at a standard price after the warranty period. Complete technical support will be provided to the clients for troubleshooting the powder coating machine throughout its entire lifespan.

What is the delivery mode for the commercial powder coating machines?

All small orders are shipped via express shipping. The bulk orders are shipped by sea.

Can you share the various payment options supported by Inovatec?

We don’t accept payments via credit card. Payments can be done through Money Gram, Bank Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.

Do Inovatec machinery provide power supply options for the commercial powder coating machine?

Inovatec machinery provides two choices to customers for the machine’s power supply. The client can choose the 110 V supply or the 220 V supply. The client can give their choice while placing the order. You need to select the power supply according to your country’s power grid specifications.

How safe is it to place an order for a machine from Inovatec?

Our machines are purchased by different businesses and vendors in many parts of the world. We have shipped the machines to more than 80 countries. You can place the order with confidence. We ensure that a high quality commercial powder coating machine is shipped to you.

FAQ for Commercial Powder Coating Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to invest in a commercial powder coating for your business?

If yes, then you will find this guide helpful.

Inovatec manufactures very high-quality commercial-grade powder coating machines.

There are 11 varieties of commercial powder coating machines from Inovatec.

Inovatec not only provides powder coating machines but also provides a complete powder coating solution.

It includes the dedicated powder spray booth, powder curing oven, and powder spray gun.


1. What Is A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

A machine that can do the powder coating job commercially is known as a commercial powder coating machine.

Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality commercial powder coating machines.

These machines are designed specifically for commercial use.

powder coater machine use


2. Is Pre-treatment Required For The Parts Before The Powder Coating Process?

Pre-treatment of the parts is not needed if the parts are fresh and clean.

But the pre-treatment process is required if the workpieces are old and dirty.

Old workpieces will have contaminants.

Dirt, dust, oil, rust, grease, and oxide layers are some of the commonly seen contaminants on the part surface.

If you coat such parts directly, then the coating will not stick properly.

So, you need to pre-treat these parts and prepare their surface ready for coating.

colored powder coated part


3. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

The advantages of using a commercial powder coating machine for powder coating are many.

They are given below.

commercial powder coating edges


3.1 Part Durability

The coating helps to improve the part’s durability.

The thickness provided by the powder coating process is around 3-4 mils thick.

This helps to strengthen the part/


3.2 Helps to Reduce Material Wastage

Wastage of coating materials will bring down the profit of your business,

The option of using the dedicated spray booth helps to reduce material wastage.



3.3 Environmentally Friendly process

In any business, you need to make the whole process Eco-friendly.

The liquid paint coating process releases harmful gases because of the presence of organic compounds that are volatile.

There are no harmful by-products emitted during the powder coating process.

It is an environment friendly process.


3.4 Protects part from Corrosion

Metal parts made of steel are prone to the rusting phenomenon.

It is possible to stop the rusting parts if you cut off the direct air contact of the parts.

The powder coating will act as a barrier between the part and the air.

Thus, it prevents the parts from getting rusted.


3.5 Increase the Life of the Part

The additional layer of coating will protect the part from dents and scratches.

It is more helpful for parts made of aluminum.

Thus, it helps to increase the life of the workpieces.


3.6 Cost Effectiveness

Cost is an important factor in any business.

You must always ensure that you run a cost effective business.

Liquid paints use organic solvents.

These organic solvents release harmful gases during the drying procedure, which results in environmental pollution.

So, you need some investment to take care of these harmful gases.

The powder coating process is an environment friendly one.

So, no additional investment is needed.

During the wet painting process, there will be more paint wasted in the ground.

The powder coating process inside a dedicated spray booth allows you to reuse the powder, thereby minimizing material wastage.


3.7 Makes Part Look More Attractive

Different varieties of finish are possible with the help of the powder coating process.

It helps to make the part more attractive in terms of looks also.

The number of finishes is limited in the case of wet paint coating.


3.8 Provides a Protective Layer

The thicker coating provided by the powder coating process helps to provide protect the part.

Thus, most of the harmful solvents will not have any effect on the parts.


3.9 Helps to provide a Scratch resistant coating

Workpieces that do not have any coating are prone to scratches.

The chances of dents are more in the case of weak metals like aluminum.

The powder coating helps to make the part scratch resistant.


4. Can You Share The Different Applications Of The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

There are many applications for commercial powder coating machine.

They are listed below.

commercial powder coating equipment 2


4.1 Coating Metal Cookware Parts

Metal cookware parts are powder coated to improve the looks as well as for functionality purposes.


4.2 Electronic parts

The powder coating helps to provide the desired features like conductivity, insulation on the part surface.


4.3 Architecture Industry

The aesthetics of the architectural parts can be improved with the help of powder coating.


4.4 Medical Parts used in Medical Sector

The powder coating helps to improve the protective coating on the medical parts.


4.5 Automotive Parts

The automotive parts use powder coating to get different types of finishes.


4.6 Die-cast parts

Die-cast parts use powder coating for looks as well as functionality.


4.7 Mechanical Parts

The powder coating helps to enhance the looks of the mechanical parts.


4.8 Metallic Furniture Parts

Powder coating helps to prevent the rusting of metallic furniture parts.


4.9 Parts used in Defense

A strong protective layer is provided in defense parts with the help of the commercial powder coating machine.


5. What Steps Are Taken By Inovatec Machinery Ensure The Quality Of The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

There are multiple steps taken by Inovatec machinery that helps to ensure the quality of the commercial powder coating machine.

We maintain a list of certified vendors to procure the raw materials.

All the batches of raw materials undergo a thorough inspection and quality tests to ensure that the materials are fit for production.

All the production activities are supervised by our experienced and certified engineers.

Once the machine is fully built, then it is subjected to a full functionality test.

The machines that pass fully in the final functionality tests are shipped to the customer.

We never compromise on the machine quality.

commercial powder coating process 2


6. Do Commercial Powder Coating Machine Require An User To Control The Operations?

An operator is required to hold the powder spray gun and point at the different surfaces of the parts for coating.

The operator also needs to set the various parameters in the commercial powder coating machine to get the desired finish on the parts.

commercial powder coating system


7. Is It Possible To Powder Coat Chrome Plated Parts With A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

You can use the commercial powder coating machine to powder coat the chrome plated parts.

But, first, you need to make sure that the chrome plating on the part is removed.

The sand blasting machine can be used to remove this coating.

You will be left with layers of nickel and chrome after the sand blasting process.

These layers must be uniform and there should not be any blisters on the surface.

Now, you can apply the powder coat on the part surface.

commercial powder coating with spray gun


8. What Is The Life Of The Powder Coating?

The life of the powder coating will depend on many factors.

You need to ensure to use the best quality powder for coating, then the coating will last for many years.

The use case of the workpieces will also decide the life of the coating.

If the part is put under more stress, then life will come down

commercial powder coated metal part


9. When Should We Clean The Powder Spray Gun?

You must clean the color gun before the next color change.

Once the day’s job is over, then you must purge the gun and the powder hose.

There should not be any moisture present in it before storage.

A deep cleaning may be required sometimes.

If there are any wear and tear, then you need to replace the part immediately.

commercialpowder coating process


10. Do The Workpieces Drip Or Sag Powder After Powder Coating Process?

The dripping or the sagging phenomenon is commonly seen in the wet painting process.

The wet painting process is a high pressure process.

The extra paint on the part surface will start to drip or sag.

The powder coating process is a low pressure process.

Here, the powder and the parts are given opposite charges.

The charged powder gets sprayed on the part surface.

The extra powder particles will get settled in the ground automatically.

So, there is no drip or sag in the powder coating process.

portable powder coating usage


11. Is Commercial Powder Coating Machine Useful To Fix Dents & Scratches In Workpieces?

The ability of the machine to fix the scratch or dent will depend on the quality of the scratch.

If it is a light scratch, then the powder coating process is good enough to fix it.

If the dent or the scratch is a large one, then you cannot apply the powder coat directly.

You need to use a filler first to fille the scratch.

You can apply the powder coat on top of the filler.

powder caoter equipment


12. What Is The Life Of The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

Engineers from Inovatec has designed the commercial powder coating machine in such a way that it works properly for many years.

Life is also dependent on your usage.

powder coated cabinet


13. Is It Possible To Increase The Life Of The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

Yes, there are ways that you can use to enhance the life of the commercial powder coating machine

powder coater equipment


14. How To Increase The Life Of The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

There are various factors that play an important role in the life of a commercial powder coating machine.

The life of the machine can be enhanced if you take care of these factors.

commercial powder caoting machine


14.1 Stability of power source

You will be using a 110 V or 220 V power source for feeding the machine.

You must check the power source for fluctuations before installing the device.

If there are too many fluctuations, then you must fix them before installation.

Otherwise, you will be putting the electronic parts in the machine for stress.

So, the life of the machine will come down.


14.2 Regular machine maintenance

You must do regular maintenance activities on the commercial powder coating machine.

It will ensure that the machine stays healthy throughout its life.

If there are any parts that show wear and tear, then you must replace the parts immediately.

All the maintenance activities of the commercial powder coating machine can be easily done with the help of the standard toolkit.

14.3 Usage of machine

If you use the machine continuously for a very long time, then you are putting the machine under stress.

It will also generate more heat in the machine which will bring down the life of the parts in the machine.

So, for long duration processes, take a break in between.


14.4 Load factor

You must not load the machine with more powder than the recommended quantity.

It will affect the efficiency and the functioning of the machine.

The life of the machine will come down drastically if it is used in an overloaded condition.


14.5 Air quality in the compressor

You must maintain the quality of the air used in the compressor.

The air can get contaminated with oil and water particles.

The contamination level of the air must be less than 0.1 ppm for the machine to work properly.

There will be an air contamination level specified by the powder manufacturer also.

You must check that too.


If you satisfy these conditions, then you can enhance the life of the machine and use it for many more years.


15. Can You Explain The Working Of A Typical Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

The process of powder coating a part using the commercial powder coating machine consists of three stages.

It starts with the pre-treatment process.

The pre-treatment process is done for the old parts to make the part surface good for coating.

Otherwise, the coating will not stick properly.

Sand blasting is the commonly used technique for pre-treatment.

If the parts are new and free of dirt, then you don’t need to do the sand blasting process.

powder coater machine use


Now, comes the second stage.

Here, the actual coating will happen with the help of the commercial powder coating machine.

The powder spray gun is used here to fog the parts with the powder.

The powder gets charged with a positive charge in the spray gun.

There will be a compressor connected to the spray gun.

It will pump the compressed air into the spray gun and the powder particles will get pushed through the nozzle of the spray gun.

The parts will be charged with an opposite charge.

This allows the powder particles to attract and stick to the parts.

There will be excess powder getting settled to the ground.

This extra powder can be reused if the procedure is done inside a dedicated powder spray booth.


Now, comes the final step.

After successful completion of the powder coating, the parts need to be cured.

The parts need to be soaked at a high temperature for the curing process.

It happens inside the powder curing oven.

The dwell time of the parts will vary for different powders and parts.

A typical oven is capable of varying the temperature inside between 325 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The final coated part with the actual finish will be available at the end of this procedure.


16. What Are The Various Types Of Finishes That Are Possible With Commercial Powder Coating Equipment?

The main advantage of powder coating is its ability to provide any type of finish to the parts.

This feature makes this procedure attractive to many businesses.

Some of the popular coating finishes that are possible with this machine include the matte, low gloss, high gloss, satin smooth, and ultra clear finish.

It is possible to give different textures also.

Electrical parts that demand conductive coating and insulating coating can make use of the commercial powder coating machine to get the coating.

You can even do a waterproofing finish on the parts.

powder coated metal structure


17. Powder Coating Vs Liquid Paints- Which Is Best?

The two main techniques used by most businesses for coating metal parts are powder coating and wet paint coating.

The liquid paint coating can provide a thickness of 1-2 mils generally.

The powder coating thickness is mostly in the range of 3-4 mils.

So, it is possible to get a thicker coating through the powder coating process.

powder coating equipment


The high pressure process of the wet paint will cause dripping issues and it will result in the wastage of material.

The additional powder that settles at the ground can be reused for the next coating procedure, provided you use a dedicated spray booth for the process.

The liquid paints contain volatile organic compounds.

These compounds emit harmful gases when applied to metals.

So, it pollutes the environment.

There are no harmful gases or by-products during the powder coating procedure.


18. Is It OK To Use Primers On Workpieces Before Powder Coating?

You can use primers even though it is not mandatory to use primers for powder coating.

The primers help to provide stronger bonding between the part and the powder.

You must ensure that you use the right type of primer for the part and the powder combination.

It will help to increase the life of the part as well as the coating.

powder coated steel


19. Is It Safe To Use Powder Coated Parts Along With Organic Solvents?

All organic solvents may not be safe with the powder coating.

Some will be safe and others can harm the coating,

So, it is better to cross check the compatibility of the organic solvent with the powder coating and the part material before allowing them to come in contact.

Otherwise, it may damage the powder coating.

powder coating in progress


20. What Should Be The Quality Of Air Used In The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

You cannot use any air directly into the powder coating process.

There must be a filtration set up that ensures that the air that is passed on to the compressor maintains the specified contamination limit.

Generally, the contamination limit for the air to be used in the commercial powder coating machine is less than 0.1 ppm.

Water particles and oil are the major contaminants in the air.

The powder manufacture would also have a contamination limit for the air.

Make sure that your process satisfies both these conditions.

powder coating in spray booth


21. Is It Required To Sand Blast The Parts Before Powder Coating?

Sand blasting the parts may not be required if you are part is free from dust and it is new.

If you are using old workpieces, then the sand blasting process is essential.

There will be different contaminants present in the part surface.

An oxide layer, rust, dirt, oil, and dust can contaminate the part surface.

The sand blasting procedure will help to eliminate all these contaminations.

It will help to prepare the workpieces for a successful coating process.

powder coated workpeice


22. Is It Possible To Use Commercial Powder Coating Machine For Home Use?

We don’t recommend using a commercial powder coating machine for home use.

It is not designed for home use.

You can consider looking at the portable powder coating machines from Inovatec machinery that are designed for hobbyists.

powder coating machine in use


23. How Is The Inovatec Support For The Commercial Powder Coating Machine After Sales?

We will give full support to our clients after sales also.

Customers are given the option to come and test the functionality of the machine at our location.

They can also send a third party person for testing.

We will ship the machine after this process.

powder coating machine with gun


You may have some doubts regarding the installation of the machine after receiving the machine.

You can get in touch with our engineers to clear all such queries.

We provide one year warranty for the commercial powder coating machine.

You can easily get the spare parts replaced free of cost during this period.

Shipping is free during this time.

Once the warranty time is over, we will provide you the spare parts for a basic price.

Complete technical support will be provided for troubleshooting the machine at any point in time.


24. What Is The Cost Of A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

Inovatec machinery produces 11 varieties of commercial powder coating machines.

The cost will be different for each of the machines.

The model that comes with more features will cost you more.

There is an economic model which comes at a very affordable price.

Contact us to get the costing of different machine models.

powder coating machine


25. What Are The Typical Maintenance Activities On The Commercial Power Coating Machine?

Proper maintenance of the commercial powder coating machine is essential.

It will ensure that the machines deliver consistent results all the time.

There are no complex maintenance activities for the commercial powder coating machine.

You can easily do all the maintenance works.

The list of typical maintenance activities for a commercial powder coating machine is given below.

powder coating on metals


25.1 Part replacement

The wear and tear rate will vary for some parts.

So, if any parts need to be replaced, then you must do it immediately without fail.

Never run the machine with a defective part.

It will affect the working and life of other parts in the machine too.


25.2 Air quality checking

The air used in the compressor must be free of contaminants.

Oil and water particles are commonly seen as contaminants in the air.

Make sure that the contamination level is below the specified limit.

Ensure that the air filtration unit is working properly.

The quality of the air has a great impact on the coating.


25.3 Spray gun and Nozzle Cleaning

There will be leftover powder in the spray gun after each use.

So, you must purge and clean the spray gun and nozzle after the day’s work.

The gun must be clean and dry before storage.

Otherwise, your finish will not be perfect next time.


25.4 Proper visual inspection

Regular visual inspection of the machine will help to find out many issues like wear and tear in parts.

It will help to find the bad parts in the machine.

You can get the replacement parts from us.


25.5 Powder hose inspection

The powder hose is another important part that needs proper maintenance.

If there are any leftover particles stuck in the hose, then it will contaminate the powder spray.

The powder hose must be inspected for cracks also.

It is recommended to replace the powder hose every year if you use the machine frequently.


26. Is It Required To Use A Dedicated Spray Booth For An Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

You can go for a dedicated spray booth if you are interested in reusing the powder lying on the ground.

The spray booth provides a neat and clean environment for the coating process.

So, the powder particles lying in the ground will not get contaminated.

The spray booth also ensures that the environment for the coating is not cold.

A cold environment will result in the condensation effect and the water particles will get mixed with the sprayed powder particles.

So, the coating will not be proper.

powder coating procedure in progress


27. Is It Safe To Use The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

The commercial powder coating machine does not harm the operator in any way.

You need to ensure that you have read the user manual of the machine and operate it accordingly.

powder coating procedure


28. What Are The Ways To Increase The Efficiency of The Process That Use A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

If you increase the efficiency of the process that uses a commercial powder coating machine, then your business will be more profitable.

There are many ways of doing this.

The different ways are given below.

powder coating work


28.1 Maintain Good Air Quality

Air quality is an important parameter that affects the efficiency of the powder coating procedure using a commercial powder coating machine.

You must ensure that your air filtration unit is capable of maintaining the specified air quality values.

If the air quality value goes down, then the finish of the coating will be affected.


28.2 Make sure that the environment is not cold

A cold environment will make the water vapor present in the air condense.

It will get mixed with the fogged powder spray.

The presence of water particles will cause imperfections in the coating.

Thus, the coating effectiveness will get nullified.


28.3 Ensure that Spray Gun is Clean

Whenever the day’s work is over, you must clean and store the spray gun.

The spray gun must be stored in dry condition.

If there is moisture in the gun, then it will affect the next coating process.

Leftover powder in the powder spray gun can also affect the coating, especially when a color change is done.

You will not get the desired colored coating on the part because of the contamination caused by the old color present in the gun.


28.4 Invest in Best quality powder

The high-quality powder can deliver great results when combined with the right machine.

If you go for a cheap powder, then you will not be able to get consistent and high quality coatings.

The coating life will also come down.

So, always invest in the best quality powder that is available at an affordable price.


28.5 Use High-Quality Powder Curing Oven

You will get consistent and stable temperatures only in the best quality ovens.

A stable temperature is a must-have requirement for a successful powder coating process.

If you go for a low cost oven that does not guarantee consistent temperature, then you will end up in a poorly finished part.

The efficiency of the whole process will get compromised since more coated parts will get rejected in the quality checks.


29. How To Fix The Faraday Cage Effect in Powder Coating Process Using The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

The Faraday cage effect is an interesting phenomenon seen in the powder coating process.

This phenomenon will make it difficult for the powder to stick to the corners of the part.

This area is called the Faraday cage.

powder coating work


But, there are many ways by which you can avoid this effect.

You must ensure that the powder particles get sufficient charge.

The airflow from the pump to the spray gun must happen smoothly.

There should not be more pressure on the powder.

It will result in additional powder deposits.

So, make sure that all these conditions are met to avoid Faraday cage issues.

The precise control over the air pressure and the output voltage in the Inovatec commercial powder coating machine ensure that the Faraday cage effect is eliminated.


30. Is Curing Required For Parts After The Powder Coating Process?

The powder coating process is a 3 step process.

Curing is the last step in the whole process.

You cannot avoid it.

It is a mandatory procedure.

The final finished part will be available only at the end of the curing process.

powder curing oven inside


31. How is The Curing Done For The Coated Parts?

The powder curing oven is used to execute the curing of the powder-coated parts.

This specially designed oven comes with a temperature range of 325 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The part after the powder coating with the spray gun needs to be placed inside this oven.

You need to set the curing time and temperature for the oven.

powder curing oven exterior


The curing temperature will be different for different parts and different powder particles.

The curing time will also vary.

You must ensure that you invest in a high-quality oven that is capable of doing the job.

The fully coated part with the finish will be received after the process.


32. Do Inovatec Provide Any Customization Options For The Commercial Powder Coating Machines?

All the 11 commercial powder coating machines from Inovatec machinery come with different customization options.

The choice of customization will vary for different businesses.

So, you can contact our support team to check various feasible customization options.

We will get it implemented in the machine for you.

powder coating


33. How Often Should The Powder Hose Be Changed?

It is best to change the powder hose once every year.

It will also depend on the usage of the machine.

If you are using the machine less frequently then you don’t have to replace the powder hose every year.

You can look at the state of the powder hose and decide.

If there are any cracks, then replace them immediately.

powder curing oven outside


34. Is It Possible To Remove The Powder Coating Done By The Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

Yes, you can remove the powder coating from the parts.

If you want to remove the coating after the curing process, then you need to use special solvents that can melt the coating without affecting the metal parts.

This solvent will vary for different parts and different coating.

So, make sure to select the right solvent.

If it is before the curing process, then you can use a good brush to wipe out all the powder particles.

The particles will be sticking to the parts because of the opposite charges.

It will come out easily.

powder curing oven


35. Is It Possible To Get A Custom Color With A Commercial Powder Coating Machine?

Yes, custom color is possible with the help of the commercial powder coating machine.

You need to invest in the right type of powder to get the desired color and looks.

powder spray booth from outside


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