How to Calculate Weight and Volume for Your Goods?

When you organize your shipment from China, it is important to know the weight and size of each package. You want to maximize the space of the container and put as more goods as possible.

However, the exact same and weight of the goods can only be known before the shipment. But it is truly necessary to get this information. Because your shipping forwarder needs your goods weight and volume to give the shipping cost.

So, how you can know the data?

At Inovatec Machinery, we have three types of goods: mass finishing machine, tumbling media, and polishing compound. Machine and compound we packed in a wooden box and tumbling media we packed in the pallets.

Below we explain how to calculate the size and weight of each packing.


1. Mass Finishing Machine Size and Weight:

When you look at our product catalog (you can download from the homepage), you find the size and weight of each mode. However, this data does not include the wooden box.


VB(B) Technical information
VB(B) Technical information


For example, VBS(B)400 machine, A=1410mm, H=1040mm, so the size is 1410x1410x1040 (LxWxH). Weight is 850kg without wooden box.

So the size with the wooden box is 1510x1510x1240 (LxWxH). The weight of the wooden box we can add 40-160kg depending on the machine size. This VBS(B)400 machine is a medium size machine, so we can add the 80kg weight of the wooden box.


Vibratory machine packed in wooden box
Vibratory machine packed in a wooden box


Therefore after packaging:

  • Gross Weight: 930kg
  • Net Weight: 850kg
  • Size:  1510x1510x1240mm3
  • Volume: 2.83 CBM, usually shipping forwarder charge cost based on 3.0 CBM


2. Tumbling Media Size and Weight

Tumbling media is packed into a wooden pallet. Usually 1000kg or 2000lbs packed into one pallet. Our standard wooden pallet size 1100mm x 1100mm x 200mm and weight 20kg.


tumbling media packaging
tumbling media packaging


Because specific gravity of ceramic media, plastic media and steel media are different, with the same weight, they have a different volume. Therefore, we make a table below for easy understanding.


Type of media Weight Size Volume
(kg) (mm) (CBM)
Ceramic Media 1020 1100x1100x800 1.0
Plastic Media 1020 1100x1100x1200 1.50
Steel Media 1020 1100x1100x500 0.60


Please remember the above table is for general information. The exact data also affected by media size and shape.


3. Polishing Compound Size and Weight

The polishing compound we packed in 25kg or 50kg small barrels. This size user can easily handle. We have also 200kg big barrel and 1000kg IBC box for big users.


polishing compound packaging
polishing compound packaging


For polishing compound, our standard packaging is 500kg per wooden box with size 1200x1200x700 mm. The weight of wooden box as 60kg.


4. Size of the container

The most used container types are 20 feet standard container and 40 feet standard container. Sometimes, we will use 40 feet high cube container for some special production line system.

Container type Inner Width Inner Length Inner Height Max Payload Volume
20 feet standard
7′ 8″ =
2335 mm
19′ 5.75″ =
5935 mm
7′ 9.75″ =
2383 mm
48325 lbs = 21920 kg
1197.25 cu. ft. = 33.9 m3
 40 feet standard  7′ 5.625″ =
2352 mm
 39′ 5.25″=
12022 mm
 7′ 10.25″ =
2395 mm
 58600 lbs = 26580 kg  2392 cu. ft. = 67.7 m3
 40 feet high cube  7′ 8.5″ =
2352 mm
 39′ 3.25″=
12022 mm
 8′ 10.25″ =
2700 mm
 58050 lbs = 26330 kg  2697 cu. ft. = 76.4 m3

The table of the standard container size and load

5. The important thing to know when you organize the product loading


  • First, organize machine space, if you don’t have enough space for media, you can put them in bulk bags (loose bags).
  • If you still need more space, you can put as many media bag into the vibratory finishing machine bowl.
  • The compound is not recommended to put in bulk. You can put compound on top of the media pallet. But never put anything on top of the compound box.
  • Machine box can put on top of the media pallets. But media pallets cannot put on top of the machine box.
  • You can put media pallets on top of each other. Usually, we put 2 layer tumbling media pallets.
  • An FCL (full container loading) can save you a lot cost than LCL shipment. If you don’t have enough product to import from one supplier, you can combine the shipment from several suppliers and ship in one container.
  • If the machine is size is too big to put into the container, we can also disassemble it into several pieces.


6. Conclusion

In this article, we discussed how to calculate the size and weight of each packaging when you organize your shipment.  You can estimate the data before talking with the shipping agent. Moreover, you can decide to add some urgent items or remove some other items to the next shipment.

In short, shipment organization is a challenging task which needs to consider cost, weight, volume as well as timing, then make an optimal choice. If you have any difficulty in organizing the shipment, please feel free to contact us.