Important Considerations for Choosing Vibratory Finishing Equipment Manufacturer in China

It is not a secret that finding a good vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer can be a difficult task. And most times, people do not know where to look, considering that there are a lot of companies available, who offer the same products, it can be hard to tell the brand which meets all statutory industry requirements.

Here at Inovatec Machinery, we want you to make an informed decision before purchasing with us. That is why we have supplied you with a Vibratory Finishing Machine buying guide to help you make that decision.

A Vibratory Finishing Machine is an investment for your business so you want to be sure you are choosing the correct one to fulfill your needs and budget.

The tips we offered contained in this article will eliminate trial and error buying and of course, reduce the possibility that you run into an equipment manufacturer that is not the real deal.

Below, we outline 10 steps that will help you in choosing the right vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer in China:


1. Go for a company that has an experienced and professional quality control(QC) unit

Quality control occupies a vital place in the manufacturing industry. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the modern manufacturing process.

However, regardless of the very important nature of quality control in manufacturing today, a lot of companies still do not take it seriously. Nonetheless, a few still exist that possess all the requisite machinery and tools to ensure that every product falls within industry specified limits and conforms to requisite standards – these are the companies you should be working with.


CNC components milling machine
CNC components milling machine


They have experienced and professional QC team that monitors every aspect in the production cycle including design as well as the entire manufacturing process.

These quality control teams are knowledgeable about vibratory finishing machines, as well as industry and consumer expectations. This is geared towards producing machines which will be safe to use, reliable and one which guarantees optimal performance.


2.  Cost Competitiveness

Chinese companies combine the USA/EU technologies with low production resource in the manufacture of vibratory finishing equipment.


discount price
Cost-effectiveness when importing from China


Even though most American and European manufacturing companies have their OEM partners in China, you still pay more when you source for vibratory finishing equipment from these companies.

As an example, a vibratory tumble finishing machine which costs an average of $5, 000 in China, will go for over $20, 000 in the US. Usually, they have similar technical specifications and performance.

The reason why we have the lower cost and good quality control is concluded as follow:

  • We have well-organized supply chain with competitive price and timing
  • We have the well-trained engineer for customized requirement
  • We learn from our 20+ years’ experience and improving constantly
  • We only use qualified raw material, for example, PU imported from the USA DuPont. We get a good price because of our big purchase volume.
  • We also own the raw material source for the ceramic media.

This is why Inovatec vibratory finishing machines manufactured in China enjoy a greater cost competitiveness when compared to their counterparts from other companies.


3.  Look for companies that are vested in R&D and are able to customize vibratory finishing machines

The process of manufacturing high-end vibratory finishing machines involves a lot of R&D. This is what it takes to produce reliable, high-quality equipment.


R&D machine design
R&D machine design


R&D accords companies the opportunity to make informed decisions on which parts to incorporate on which machine for high performance. This is because most machines consist of different electrical as well as mechanical components that invariably require a lot of consideration and experience to put together.


Customized machine solutions
Customized machine solutions


Research and Development can also help manufacturers to produce machines that will meet the requirements of different industrial processes.


4.  Go for a company that provides a one-stop solution for all vibratory finishing equipment needs

It may be a bit difficult to find a manufacturing company that is able to provide the all-inclusive solution to all your vibratory finishing equipment needs. However, with proper research, you’ll find a manufacturing company in China with most mass finishing equipment and consumables that you require.


media production and compound production
media production and compound production


A lot of manufacturing companies exist in China that are able to provide anything from a regular vibratory finishing machine to fully automatic surface finishing solutions. Finding a reliable manufacturer that offers polishing machines and tumbling media as well as the compound can save you a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, finding all items for items from one source can get better technical support which responsible for your finishing result.


  • 5. Compliance with industry standards – ISO,  CE, etc.

While it isn’t just enough to hear them say “we are XYZ certified”, buyers must strive to see proof of certifications. Standardization goes a long way to eliminate incompatibility problems encountered when the machines are installed in other regions of the world.


CE Certification INOVATEC
CE Certification INOVATEC


You may also ask to be given documentation for every part, and you can go further to look them up individually.


6.  Make sure the company has an aftersales support team

It is undoubtedly that Post-sale service is of critical concern for each buyer in the overseas deal. Unlike those relatively easier-to-get-handle-on household gadgets of simple structures, industrial equipment, on the other hand, requires better technical support and therefore is arousing more concerns especially for machine maintenance and spare parts replacement.


Inovatec Service for machinery
Inovatec Service for machinery


Thus, a little bit of investigation is needed if you are to find a company with the required support in your state, country region or continent.


7. Contact Manufacturers with over 20 years in the vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer

A lot of expertise and experience goes into the manufacture of high-quality vibratory finishing equipment. This requires a lot of quality inspection and technical know-how. Thus, new start-ups or companies may not have the required industry experience, testing equipment, expertise, skill, and knowledge.


factory with over 20 years' experience
factory with over 20 years’ experience


This spells the need to source vibratory finishing equipment from companies with good years of experience.


8.  Go for surface finishing machines with customized options available

Why is this considered an essential aspect of choosing vibratory finishing equipment manufacturers? A machine with all the qualities as listed above will reduce operational cost and add a competitive edge for continued survival in the industry.

Below we listed different options for a standard vibratory finishing machine. So that user workshop can benefit from the customization.


a) Soundproof cover to reduce noise in vibratory production

b) Dosing pump for constant compound feed-in in the vibratory bowl

c) Separation flap for media and parts separation

d) Standing- on-floor control box and hang-on-wall control box


9. Review the terms and conditions of the manufacturer

Reviewing the terms and conditions of your selected vibratory finishing machine manufacturer is very important.

This will give you all the information regarding the obligations of your equipment manufacturer as well as a grasp of what your roles are as a buyer. It is well worth remembering when buying vibratory finishing equipment, that the contract is legally binding.


Payment term and conditions
Payment term and conditions


Most companies will send you the contract beforehand. This will give you all the time you need to review all the factors that may render your warranty invalid.

You should also take the time to consider all the technical specifications of the equipment, as well as other documentation as may be contained therein.

It is good to steer clear of any vibratory finishing equipment manufacturers who do not provide clear terms and conditions.


10. Consider logistics, shipping as well as payment terms

These are also very crucial points to consider before setting out to choose a vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer. These are very important considering the numerous procedures involved with importing products from foreign countries.

The best companies to deal with are the ones that have a policy of handling all logistics as well as offering reasonable and secure payments terms and procedures.


Vibratory machine packed in wooden box
Vibratory machine packed in a wooden box


In addition to this, the company should be able to provide a flexible and reliable process of conveying the products to your location.

It is also important to note that the amount of tax to be paid are often dependent on your importing country.



While the guides as provided herewith are enough to get you on your feet, it is also necessary to ask reasonable questions as well as carry out personal investigations in order to gain greater clarity. We hope you find the best vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer of your choice in China. Good luck with your search!