stone tumbling in trough vibratory machines

Stone Tumbling: Ageing treatment and Media/Equipment Selection

With the stone tumbling process, tiles get ageing treatment look as if it stands 2000 years of time. These antique looking stones are popular at historical buildings.

Inovatec uses variable speed control ensuring optimal tumbling performance. Applications for stone aging includes columns, granite stone, granitic plate, cliff plate, concrete paving stone, drywall marble stone, calcareous sandstone, sidewalks, sculptures, and mosaic tiles.

stone for ageing treatment
stone for aging treatment

We are able to process tiles size from 10X10cm to 90X90cm parts with a different model of vibratory tumbling machines. In addition, the Feed-Thu continuous vibratory finishing machine is available for tiles stone production line.

Processing time is according to the surface requirement from 15 min-30 min, or longer. This antique treatment process no needs polishing compound. Tap water is enough for lubrication.  Inovatec MC ceramic media is ideal for the process. Because of low wearing and higher cutting performance, it is very popular aged stone production, especially in Egypt and Italy.

Tile Size (cm) Vibratory Tumbling Machine Media Size (mm)
20X20 SCT15X15
30X30 SCT25X25
50X50 SCT30X30
70X70 SCT30X30