container loading of media

Packing, Delivery and Shipments

The packing of the mass finishing machine and tumbling media is an important factor during the delivery and shipment. Without good protection, the finishing machine might be severely damaged or scratched; paint will be removed on some edge, even destroyed when the goods arrive at the destination port.

Packing Details of Surface Finishing Machine

At Inovatec, we pay a lot of attention to the packing to ensure the safe transportation of the products. Below are our packing details:

  • Pallets on the bottom of the machine for forklift transport
  • Loaded on pallets for the sea shipping to reduce the rough handling of the workers;
  • The wooden box cover the machine to prevent any mechanical contact
  • Bubble film and wrapping film when necessary;
  • Screw and nuts tightly fix machines on pallets to prevent falling down or movement during shipment


Vibratory machine packed in wooden box
Vibratory machine packed in the wooden box

Packing Details of Media and Compound

The packing of tumbling media and compound is also very important. Bellow is the packing details of tumbling media:

  • 25kg/bag, the bag we use double layer PP woven bags for better protection
  • Loaded on pallets for the sea shipping to reduce the rough handling of the workers;
  • 40kg bags/Pallet, the pallet we use fumigation for your custom regulations
  • Plastic/Metal strap to tighten the pallets and prevent media falling down during shipment
  • 50lbs bag solution also offered for US market
  • Customized Carton box/Plastic barrel can be discussed
  • The plastic bag design can be customized according to your requirement if you have a full container of tumbling media to order. You can make your logo design and send us to make a prototype


tumbling media packaging
tumbling media packaging

The compound we offered is in form of liquid. To save customer shipment cost and storage cost, we offer compound only in concentrated form. Some type of our compound is in form of the liquid, so we can put in the 25kg barrel, this is easy for the operator to carry and transport. Some type of our compound in form of the gel, so we put in the 50kg barrel instead. Bellow is the packaging details of the barrel:

  • 25kg/barrel or 50kg/barrel according to compound type
  • 2.5mm thickness PP plastic barrel to prevent leaking
  • Loaded on pallets for the sea shipping to reduce the rough handling of the workers;
  • A wooden box cover the machine to prevent any mechanical contact
  • Plastic/Metal strap to tighten the pallets and prevent barrel falling down during shipment


polishing compound packaging
polishing compound packaging

Why Packing is Important?

After years’ experience in the surface finishing industry, we come to realize that the packing is an essential part of the package purchasing and production process. Without enough attention to the packing details, it can be disastrous. We learned our lesson from the big loss in the past years, even though we made machines the excellent quality.

Generally, there are 2 good points for the careful packing of the products. One the one hand, good packing can provide enough protection to the paper boxes inside, ensuring the product safety. On the other hand, careful packing can reduce the final volume of the paper boxes and reduce the shipping and warehouse costs.

Protection during the shipping

The wooden box might also be spoiled or damped by the sea water during the sea shipment. And this is why insurance is important too.

Also, we need to take into the stacking strength of the outer cartons. The rigid boxes inside the bottom cartons might be crushed and damaged under too much pressure from the above cartons. This is very important when the height of the media is over 2.5m in the 40″ HC container.

When the pallets are stacked too high, they might fall and break. In order to provide the best protection to the tumbling media bag inside, we media bags on the pallets and use the plastic/metal strap around the pallets then use the wrapping films around the pallets to avoid falling. Sometimes, we load the pallets no more than 1.7mm in height.

Cost reduction for the sea, air freight

The sea freight of mass finishing machine, tumbling media and polishing compound are usually charged based on the volume weight. The air shipment is not recommended because the delivery cost for the unit kg is just too high, around 5USD.

Usually, our cartons and pallets are custom made and selected to make the best use of the room inside the container and cartons. Also, we let our workers arrange the boxes inside the cartons probably to reduce the final volume of the products.

To further save the space, our worker can put parts of tumbling media into vibratory machine bowl or put tumbling media in bulk bag.

Sample Shipment and Delivery

The shipment of the mass finishing machine, tumbling media and polishing compound might be a big concern for you if this is the first time for you to import the products from China. Actually, it is quite easy. For the export of our machine and consumables, we usually do the FOB terms.


sea shipment of cargo
sea shipment of cargo

Express Mail Service: DHL, TNT, UPS, DHL

When confirming the media and compound sample, the express would be a perfect choice. The express is fast, usually taking only 4-7


Fedex express shipment
Fedex express shipment


work days. And it is very convenient without any complicated procedures as customs declaration, clearance and document preparation.


Due to our long-term business with the FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS, we can always give you a better price quote for the delivery cost because of the big discount we get.

Besides, your workpieces polished also send by express service to you.

Shipping Forwarder Companies

When the volume is big, we recommend that you get a local shipping forwarder to take care of the shipment for you because of the low delivery cost. And the goods can be even sent to your office if you have this need. The mass finishing machine, tumbling media, and polishing compound are usually sent by the sea shipment. The sample media and sample work parts can be delivered by express.

Below is a list of shipping forwarder companies that are used by our clients in the past.

For USA shipment the contact as follow:

  • Attn: Valerie Zhang
  • Geodis Wilson China Limited
  • 3rd Floor, OOCL Plaza No. 841 Middle Yan An Road
  • 200040 – Shanghai / China
  • Tel. : +86 (021) 61932221

For South America shipment the contact as follow:

  • Attn: Rafter Tang
  • TEL:021-65605656 ext:205
  • FAX:021-65600776
  • Panda  Global Co.,Ltd
  • E-mail:

For  South and East Asia Business. contact as follow:

  • Attn: Peter Lee
  • Topex Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Add: Room103 BaoFu Mansion#3 No. 180 MeiFeng Road, Fuzhou, China
  • Tel: 0086-591-87303971
  • Fax: 0086-591-87553612
  • E-mail:

For Europe shipment, contact as follow:

  • Attn: Allen Zhou
  • United Arab Shipping Agency Company (Shenzhen)Limited
  • Room 3101,31/F, Panglin Square 2002 Jiabin Road, Luohu District Shenzhen
  • Tel:+86 755 22949700
  • Fax:+86 755 22949777
  • E-mail: