Ceramic Coated Exhaust Pipe: the cheap and time saving way to get it polished

Ceramic coating is one of the most popular cast exhaust manifolds for tube headers. The reason is: it not only durable but also have a long lasting beautiful finish. In addition, it works as a thermal barrier to prevent heat dissipating too fast.

The ceramic coated exhaust pipes are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles as well as racings. When we get the pipe ceramic coated, surface color is pale white.

In this article, we will discuss ceramic coated exhaust pipes polishing. These automotive parts made from a rigid metal base material with ceramic coating. Generally, this item is a big size so we have to polish one by one or in a compartmentalized trough vibratory machine.


1.   Parts condition before finishing

Material: stainless steel base material with a ceramic surface coating

The parts surface is dark and dull before burnishing process. No big burr or scale is observed with the naked eye.

Specially formed tube


Process before finishing: 
Ceramic Coating

The process after finishing: 


2. Parts Surface requirement

  • Without parts damage
  • Highly reflective mirror shining surface


3.  How we process the parts

Step (1) Polishing (2) Drying
Machine Tub vibrator (round wall) natural drying
Tumbling Speed 50/60HZ (full speed)
Chip type Zirconia ball 3-4mm
Media to Parts Ratio 1 piece of the part each time
Compound Type HM-2
Water Level Just cover the mass
Tumble Time 20-30 minutes 30 minutes
Notes— Manually take the parts out Of machine, and rinse them The ceramic coating is non-rusting


4.   Parts condition before and after polishing


Ceramic exhaust pipe before polishing and after polishing
Ceramic exhaust pipe before polishing and after polishing


The process to polish ceramic coated parts is fast and cheap. What we need to do is to find a tub vibrator large enough to hold the exhaust pipe. The tumbling media that we use is zirconia ball which imposes reflective mirror finish on parts surface. Zirconia ball is non-wearable media which made the process very economic.

Polishing compound is the key to success. We use our magic formulated compound just 200g (about 7 oz) into the vibratory tub machine. Then in 20-30 minutes, we get the super-finished exhaust pipe. It looks as if it is anodized.

After the vibratory polishing process, you can see the white/grayish coating changed into the high glossy surface. This surface is aesthetically appealing.


5. Other considerations

Zirconia ball may go through an inner tube of the parts, so we have to clear out all media inside after polishing. The good thing is: the nature of the zirconia ball makes it not stuck inside.

Because of exhaust pipe size, we can only use tub vibrator to contain this parts. Media of the similar types can also do this process, for example, fine porcelain straight cylinder. However, zirconia ball has the best media flow and give best burnishing result for the curved surface.


6. Conclusion

In this article, we show ceramic exhaust pipe burnishing with zirconia ball. This process is specially designed for the application. Ceramic coated Exhaust headers are of the same category, so they can be processed in the same way.

Firstly, we discuss the parts condition before finishing. Secondly, we show parts surface requirement from clients. Thirdly, we show clear the process how we get it done. Later, we compare the surface before and after mass finishing. At last, we discuss other possibilities for zinc parts deburring and polishing.

If you love any other content or topic, please tell us. We will create a complete guide for you. If you need any technical support for parts, please also send it to us, we will polish them and send back to you for inspection.