Aluminum Machining Parts Deburring

Aluminum alloy has a low specific gravity of 2.72, but its high strength, good plasticity excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance, made it widely used in industry.

In this article, we will discuss aluminum machining parts deburring and smoothing. The machining mark and edge burr need to be removed.

1.   Parts condition before finishing

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061

Appearance: before processing, parts have machining marks. Also, the surface is horny by hand. In addition, these parts have greasy oil on the surface so they tend to stick together.

Shape: The aluminum parts have a very simple geometry. However, the part has a 7mm hole, so Tetrahedron shape media is most effective remove burr around the hole.

Size: 37mmX25mm, 2mm thickness

Process before finishing: Machining

The process after finishing: anodizing


2.   Parts Surface requirement

  • Smoothing parts surface without damage parts
  • Clean grease on parts surface
  • Low Ra value for anodizing
  • Remove machining mark
  • Remove edge burr and also edge rounding


3. How we process the parts

Step (1) Grinding (2) Drying
Machine The centrifugal disc finishing machine Vibratory dryer or centrifugal dryer
Tumbling Speed 50/60HZ (full speed)
Chip Type Plastic Media TET/Cone Light cutting
Media to Parts Ratio 3:1
Compound Type LC-13, PH 8 (mild grinding compound)
Water Level Just cover the mass
Tumble Time 30 minutes 10-20 minutes
Notes— Suggest to add the anti-sticking agent to prevent parts sticking


4.   Parts condition before and after polishing


aluminum machining parts before and after deburring
aluminum machining parts before and after deburring


Before centrifugal disc finishing machine process, parts have machining marks and tend to stick together. After mass finishing, the parts edge is round and surface covered with a matte texture.

The finished parts are ready for anodizing, and only take a fraction of time compared with manual finishing.


aluminum machining parts side view
aluminum machining parts side view


When we have a close look of the parts, we find the edge burr and cutting mark all replaced with a homogeneous and isotropic matt texture. Because this machining part is small-medium size, so we can process it in centrifugal disc machine with higher productivity.


5.   Other considerations

Unlike zinc and Zamak3 material, aluminum is not easy to rust and corrosion. So we can use more methods to get it dry.

This part has a simple surface contour. So we can choose a ceramic media with Tetrahedrons shape that easily reach the steps.

We can also use the vibratory finishing machine with longer process time. The surface quality create by centrifugal disc machine is better than vibratory finishing machine for deburring and smoothing.


6.   Conclusion

In this article, we give an example of aluminum machining parts mass finishing with plastic deburring media. The same process may also be used for brass parts and magnesium parts.

Firstly, we discuss the parts condition before finishing. Secondly, we show parts surface requirement from clients. Thirdly, we show the process that we did for the aluminum parts in details. Later, we compare the surface before and after mass finishing. At last, we discuss other possibilities for aluminum parts smoothing.