4 DIY Hacks to Polish Your Jewelry [Infographic]

Such precious jewelry, yet its polish, deteriorates.

The leading causes of tarnished jewelry are:

  • Your jewelry is not made of pure gold/silver, etc., and thus, it corrodes & oxidizes.
  • Air pollution
  • Perfume, soap, detergent, wax, lotions, bleach, etc.
  • Minerals
  • Cosmetics that contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and Calamine
  • Corrosion of the metals
  • Metallic abrasion
  • Harmful polishing cloth
  • When exposed to a swimming pool or hot tub
  • Careless handling and negligence

How long your jewelry sustains depends on how much of its metal parts are tarnish-resistant.

The tarnish tends to turn jewelry into different colors (black, green, blue, etc.).

When this color transformation occurs, your jewelry must undergo frequent polishing. Else the tarnish will ultimately deteriorate the jewelry.

Usually, the factory process comprises of using tumbling media to polish & retain a jewelry’s radiance.

But if you’re someone who:

  1. Have no money to invest in a goldsmith or factory process,
  2. Less time,
  3. No trust in the industrial process.

Then, we’ve got your back.

Learn 4 Do-It-Yourself hacks to polish your jewelry from the below infographic:

We hope you try the Jewelry polishing hacks & be amused!

10 tips to prevent your jewelry from getting tarnished:

  • Store your jewelry in a zipped purse. Suitable purse material to store any Jewelry is Cotton, Wool, Wooden boxes & velvet. Avoid storing your jewelry in linen and jersey materials. While traveling, carry jewelry cases or jewelry rolls.
  • Do not keep delicate jewelry with piercing jewelry.
  • Sort & store each jewelry separately according to its type.
  • Keep the jewelry away from sun, heating vents & sources.
  • Use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your jewelry only after consulting a Jewelry expert.
  • Get your expensive jewelry checked out at least thrice a year by a Jewelry expert to ensure its state.
  • Remove jewelry while playing sports and cleaning your home.
  • Get educated about what constitutes the process of Jewelry cleaning. Go out for factory tours, talk to jewelry experts, and read influential blogs on jewelry care. Keep an eye on broken clasps, deep scratches, or chain links. Above all, understand when to reach out to a professional Jewelry expert.
  • Invest your time creating a jewelry care kit that tends to work just like first aid during an emergency. Pieces of equipment you can include in your Jewelry care kit are soft-brushes, cotton cloth, tweezers, glue, detergent, etc.
  • Do not use silver ‘dip’ cleaners on your gold jewelry. Also, avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Now, there will be rare times when you have much jewelry or the jewelry might be very delicate and cannot be polished at home.

In such cases, try approaching a centrifugal disc finishing machine or Vibratory tumbling machine and uses advanced tumbling media.

If you’re a goldsmith, a reseller, or a jewelry expert using mass finishing machines, you sure do not want to miss out on advanced tumbling media.

These units are worth a buy if you own a lot of jewelry.

Besides jewelry, tumbling media can also help you polish surfaces of various types.

So, if you want to polish almost any surface, use the below sheet, which comprises of a list of things that can be polished using Tumbling Media:

Use Method/Media:
High energy finishing processUse Porcelain Tumbling Media
To remove rust on iron partsUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For polishing soft metalsUse Walnut Shell Tumbling
Metal polishingUse Porcelain Tumbling Media
For brass polishingUse Corn Cob Tumbling Media
Plastic PolishingUse Porcelain Tumbling Media
For polishing & cutting without changing parts dimensionUse 3P Granule Tumbling Media
For Steel & Titanium DeburringUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For Grinding & MillingUse Zirconia Ball
For creating a RadiusUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For polishing plastic partsUse Walnut Shell Tumbling
For Mirror FinishingUse High-Density Tumbling Media
To improve surface finishingUse Porcelain Tumbling Media
When the surface is ready for microbrite porcelain ball to burnish.Use Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media
For effectively preventing media lodge in partsUse CX Nipple shape Plastic Abrasive Media
For removing machining marksUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For oil & grease absorbingUse Corn Cob Tumbling Media
For polishing electric partsUse Zirconia Ball
For edge roundingUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For plastic & rubber smoothingUse Plastic Media
For finishing 3D printed partsUse Walnut Shell Tumbling
For polishing gold & silverUse Zirconia Ball
For removing slag & grease on laser cutting partsUse Ceramic Tumbling Media
For metal & plastic light polishingUse Corn Cob Tumbling Media
For high value-added metal like medical parts, aerospace blade, etc.Use Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media
For finishing delicate partsUse Walnut Shell Tumbling
Deburring & polishing in the same processUse High-Density Tumbling Media
Finishing and deburring on hard-to-reach-area of parts, so we can remove deep burr easier.Use CX Nipple shape Plastic Abrasive Media
For titanium metal partsUse Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media
For deburring brass & aluminium partsUse Plastic Media
For jewelry polishingUse Walnut Shell Tumbling
For reducing metal porosityUse Carbon Steel Tumbling Media
For increasing wear resistance in an objectUse Stainless Steel Tumbling Media
For tumbling large partsUse High-Density Tumbling Media
For parts drying & cleaningUse Corn Cob Tumbling Media
For pre-plating finishingUse Plastic Media
For having an object enter into small hole & contourUse 3P Granule Tumbling Media
Surface case-hardeningUse Stainless Steel Tumbling Media
For metal polishing & metal surface work-hardeningUse Carbon Steel Tumbling Media
The process can replace ceramic media and common polyester plastic media into one steps.Use Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media
For machining lines removalUse Plastic Media
For high luster finishingUse Carbon Steel Tumbling Media
For replacing steel tumbling mediaUse Zirconia Ball
For aggressive acidic compound polishing processUse Stainless Steel Tumbling Media
For high energy centrifugal barrel machinesUse 3P Granule Tumbling Media
Used in centrifugal disc finishing machine and vibratory finishing machines.Use Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media
Suitable for aluminum deburring and smoothing, zamak3 material pre-plating treatment.Use CX Nipple shape Plastic Abrasive Media


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