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As the most experienced supplier of automatic powder coating machines, Inovatec Machinery is always seeking more trusted agents and distributors worldly.  Whether you are a powder coating machine agent, distributor, or manufacturer, we would be more than happy to have you on board with us and get the following added perks:

  • Each distributor/agent/manufacturer to attend a two-year exhibition.
  • Inovatec will train the distributor’s engineer in China each year.
  • We will guide you through the sales, promotion, and advertising strategy
  • Aid in building tailored units for fulfilling different customer requirements.
Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

This powder coating machine is specifically designed for you to customize the automatic spraying, making it simple and convenient to operate.

KL-6200 Newly-designed Powder Management Cente

This powder management center is compactly designed to fit anywhere and provides an efficient solution to automatic powder coating.

KL-2600D Constant Speed Powder Coating Reciprocator

This powder coating reciprocator is smartly programmed for continuous coating and provides unique finishing as per machinery’s size and shape.

KL-2500D Horizontal Powder Coating Reciprocator

This equipment is known for its accurate and extremely smooth running through a precise stroke, speed and stores plenty of individual programs.

KL-2300D 2-Axis Powder Coating Reciprocator

This programmable reciprocator can detect the width of the parts and automatically function in and out spray booth features.

KL-2200D PLC Controlled Powder Painting Reciprocator

This newly-designed piece of equipment is controlled via PLC, a frequency motor controller which ensures easy, gentle, and precise operation.

KL-2000D Automatic Powder Gun Mover Reciprocator

Inovatec Machinery automatic powder gun mover reciprocator is an easy to use, maintain, and reliable reciprocator known for its durability and high load capacity.

KL-800D Automatic Powder Coating Gun & Control Cabinet

These automatic powder coating guns are perfect paint applicators designed for the fastest color change precision and increasing productivity.

KL-660 Automatic Powder Coating Machine

This automatic powder coating machine from Inovatec Machinery is specifically designed for electrostatic manual coating with super ease.

KL-191S High-efficiency Automatic Powder Coating Guns

The KL-191S high-efficiency automatic powder coating gun is exactly like its name and offers perfect quality finishes to parts surface.

Automatic Reciprocating Powder Coating System

For a distinct coating experience, this automatic reciprocating powder coating system is the optimal choice, which enhances finishing quality with minimal powder wastes.

Automatic Powder Recycling System Powder Sieving

This sieving machine will allow you to get the highest utilization rate of powder by featuring top-notch sieving performance.

Automatic Powder Recycling System Powder Sieving

Take your powder coating process to new profound heights with this automatic powder coating spray system that is designed to offer a customized coating experience.

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Unique & innovative nozzles make it the best gun for color change.

Remote-controlled design offer superior coating results

Ergonomically designed provides excellent grip and allows you to coat faster

Detachable coupling technology enables the fastest color changes

Compact design makes it convenient to fit even in a confined space

Perfect for coating baches of small and medium-size parts

Strategically designed effective surface area ensure enhanced powder separation

The ideal coating solution for wheels, bike frames, metalwork, composite parts, and much more

Equipped with two shelves and five rails on each shelf, providing enormous space for drying out coated parts.

This coating oven is required to be plugged into a 32AMP plug – hand-wired or wired.

Premium Sand Blasting Machine - Your Pre-Coating Finishing Partner

In order to start the wet blasting process, a mixture is made in a slurry pump with abrasive media and water. Then the mixture prepared in the pump is carried out to the blast gun with the help of compressed air, which helps accelerate the power. Wet abrasive blasting has enormous advantages over dry blasting. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Wet abrasive blasting reduces the amount of dust produced during the process by 98% due to water use.
  • Easy to remove media fragments and salts, wet chambers are convenient to clean.
  • The water helps to diminish the heat generated during the process and prevent friction and color changes
  • The wear and damage to the machine is bare minimum with water which increases its longevity.
Inovatec Machinery’s Automatic Powder Coating Machine - Provide Exceptional Finishing
Frequently Asked Question
Does Automatic Powder Coating Machine Work in 110V or 220V?

We offer a diverse range of Coating Machines for both 110V and 220V working voltage. Depending upon the buyer’s requirement, we customize our product for 110V or 220V. Over the past few years, we have expanded our business and since then exporting coating machines, guns, booths, and ovens in more than 80 countries. All you are required to do is tell us exactly what you need and your purpose of use, and we will deliver you the product suitable as per your voltage requirement.

What are your payment methods?

The benefits of purchasing with Inovatec Machinery are that you can pay using the following payment modes:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfers
  • Money Gram
What are your preferred modes to make a delivery?

The mode of delivering the products depends on the size of orders. If we are required to deliver bulk orders, we make sea shipment—otherwise, we use express delivery mode for small and medium-sized orders.

Is it safe to place orders on

Yes, of course, it’s 100% safe and secure to order from Inovatec Machinery. We have agents and distributors in almost every country worldly and right now, delivering our products in more than 80 countries. Being the most renowned powder coating equipment machinery in China, we build eco-friendly products that can be used safely.

What are powder coating machine warranty’s terms & conditions?

Our warranty policies are the best in the market. We swear by our product’s top-notch quality. Therefore, we provide free replacement of the products, including shipping expenses in case of any working problem with our equipment within one year of purchase.

Automatic Powder Coating Machine FAQ Guide


1. What is an Automatic Powder Coating Machine?

Automatic Powder Coating Machine is another best and highly efficient mass coating machine produced by Inovatec Machinery. It is also called the powder coating line. These coating lines are specifically designed for multi-color operations machinery parts, surfaces, and more. You can also add a powder coating conveyor system according to your requirement.

The parts or surfaces get a uniform and consistent film thickness which provides a smooth finish. Moreover, it ensures higher powder coverage and coating speed than any other product in the market. Automatic powder coating machines from Inovatec Machinery can be flawlessly synchronized with spray booths, conveyors, spray guns, and reciprocators.

horizontal powder coating machine


2. How does an Automatic Powder Coating Machine work?

Inovatec Machinery’s Automatic powder coating machine works by applying color powder to a surface and after that baking it using heat for a smoother finish. With a powder gun, the powder coating is applied on the targeted part or surface electrostatically. The powder is charged so for an effective finish, and else it won’t stay on the surface for long.

Please note: The metal pieces are properly cleaned before you powder coat them for better application. You can also sandblast the pieces to ensure the color powder sticks on them correctly.

sand blasting machine


3. What are the major components of an Automatic Powder Coating Machine?


The whole coating process is divided into three major stages: Preparation stage, Application stage, and Curing stage. Each process has different processing components. So, the significant components of an automatic powder coating machine include the following:

3.1 Machine

Many parts come under the machine category, which mainly includes spray guns, booths, and ovens.

3.2 Spray Guns

Spray guns are the main component of Automatic Powder Coating Machines that are usually used to spread colored liquid into a designated pattern to coat machinery parts or surfaces. It is a great painting tool that streamlines the whole coating process.

3.4 Powder Coating Booths

When you are required to coat larger batches of parts or surfaces, powder coating booths are used. It allows the user to carry out the process of bulk coating simultaneously.

3.5 Powder Coating Oven

Once sprayed on the surface or parts, the coating powder needs to be stuck to them so they won’t come off after coming into contact with your hands or other substances. So, the coating oven is used for baking the color for a permanent stay.

Powder coating illustration


4. How to choose a suitable automatic coating equipment for your job?

One needs to keep various aspects in their mind before buying an automatic powder coating machine. Consider the following:

4.1 Number of items to coat per day

Always consider the number of items you will powder coat per day to select from the different coating capacity systems.

4.2 Your business/individual’s specifications

Considering your business or individual’s specifications for powder coating parts will be an excellent point to consider.

4.3 How many colors will you be spraying

The different types of powder coating systems offer diverse numbers of colored sprays. Thus, you can choose a spray gun for single color sprays and an automatic reciprocating powder coating system for multiple color sprays.

4.4 How much space do you have onboard?

Checking up space you have got at your place for installing an automatic powder coating system is an optimal thing to consider. It will give you a clearer picture of what type of coating machine will be suitable for you.


5. Explain the different ways we can use to get better-finished parts from the Automatic Powder Coating Machine?

In order to improve the coating results quality, you can check the following:


5.1 Wash Prior & Drying Parts After Coating is Done

Cleaning the parts or surfaces to be powder coated thoroughly will help get better and excellent results. It will help remove all the unwanted substances residing on the item’s surface, including dirt, oil, debris, and grease.

Also, post coating drying the color powder in powder coating over will help the color stick to the parts forever. It will give it a permanent or more extended stay than usual.

Powder coating in processing


5.2 What the Coating Bundles Of Parts With Similar Coating Needs

It will not only save you time but help get the consistent results you will need for all your machinery parts.


5.3 Stripping & Outgassing

You can also remove any previously done coating first before starting the coating process for better applications.

5.4 Sandblasting

Sandblasting is another technique for cleaning out bare metal thoroughly with clean media. Do not use oil-based media for sandblasting, and you can prefer water-based ones

5.5 Masking

Not every part requires masking before coating, but parts with greasy finish can be tricky to finish. So masking is required to prevent any fingerprint marks on the parts while handling them.


6. What Functionalities Does An Automatic Powder Coating Machine offer?

Basically, an automatic powder coating machine is used for coating machinery parts for a better finish. However, it also cleans the parts thoroughly and improves their durability.

6.1 Cleaning

Cleaning is a pretreatment that will help to remove all the dirt, debris, and stains from the parts. These stains can be resultant of the manufacturing, handling, or transportation process. There can be grease and oil which need to be removed before powder coating.

6.2 Coating

Powder coating is a process of spraying color powder over the surface of parts for a smoother finish. The smooth application depends upon the type of part too.

Powder coating before and after


7. What the advantage of using Automatic powder coating machines?

The advantages of Automatic Powder coating machines are plenty. The major ones are mentioned below:

  • Can coat larger batches per shift
  • Superior finish quality
  • Reduced labor hour
  • Effective pretreatment options available
  • The constant process leads to efficient use of labor
  • Lesser powder cost per item
  • More energy-efficient option

Powder coating gun


8. What are the disadvantages of an Automatic Coating Machine?

Like any other machinery, Automatic Powder Coating Machine does come with a few cons, which includes the following:

  • Require timely maintenance
  • Increased training & substantial cost
  • Color changes are complex
  • Offers less flexibility


9. What to look for while buying an Automatic powder coating machine?

Before deciding on your coating machine, you should look for the following:

  • Warranty period
  • Background of manufacturer
  • Does the machine require any training?
  • Cost and other related expenses
  • How much space do you have to install the system?
  • Your business requirement for coating machine
  • Do you require to coat smaller or larger parts?
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