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Inovatec Machinery “You can always rely on us for your wheel cleaning, polishing, and refurbishing requirements.”

Inovatec machinery manufactures top quality machines for processing alloy wheels. It includes an alloy wheel polishing machine, wheel cleaning machine, wheel straightening machine, wheel lathe machine, powder coating machine for wheels, powder coating booth, powder coating machine, sand blasting machine, and powder coating oven. We offer different variants of all these machines. So, you can easily select one according to your requirements.

WRC30 Wheel CNC Lathe Machine -6

The WRC28 wheel CNC lathe machine is a cost-effective solution for refurbishing trucks and car wheels. It comes with high quality cast iron base that helps to provide a stable base. The fast processing power of this wheel repair machine ensures that the wheels can be processed in very less time.

WRC28VM Vertical Diamond Cut Wheel Repair CNC Lathe 2

The WRC28VM model alloy wheel diamond cutting machine is known for its fast processing power. It supports a cutting rate up to 1000 mm/min. The strong cast iron base helps to provide better accuracy for the wheel refurbishing process. It supports refurbishing of wheels up to 28 inches in size.

MV25 wheel-vibratory-finishing-machine

MV25 wheel vibratory polishing machine is useful for polishing car and motorcycle wheels. You need to use the right kind of abrasive according to the type of wheel to get the best results. Many automotive businesses prefer this machine because of its ability to provide a high quality finish on the wheel.

dry sand blasting machine for wheel -4

All impurities like dirt and dust can be easily removed from the automotive wheels by using the sand blasting machine for wheels from Inovatec Machinery. You can easily remove rust from old wheels using this machine. The fast processing speed of our sand blasting machine will help to blast more wheels in less amount of time.

Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine for Car 2

You can consider investing in the ultrasonic wheel cleaning machine when you have a large number of alloy wheels for cleaning. It is possible to clean 5 wheels in 10 minutes using this machine. Inovatec also supports various customization on this machine. You can use this machine to prepare the alloy wheel before the painting or powder coating process.

arh26 wheel straightening machine

The ARS wheel straightener machine from Inovatec machinery is capable of straightening alloy wheels up to 26 inches in size. The machine will not alter any of the mechanical properties of the wheel. The fast processing speed of this machine will help to straighten more wheels in less time.

Powder coating machine -1

The YH-606 powder coating machine is one of the popular choices for powder coating motorcycle and car alloy wheels. The multiple nozzle options of the spray gun help to ensure that the powder reaches across all the surfaces of the wheel. It helps to provide a uniform coat of powder on the wheel surface.

Powder coating booth - 4

The YH-121319P powder coating booth helps to provide the perfect environment for the powder spraying process on automotive wheels. The filtering system in the booth helps to remove all the dirt and dust present in the powder spraying environment. It also helps to reuse the powder. We recommend using this powder coating booth to achieve high quality powder coating finish on the wheels.

2 Units Wheel Oven Powder Coating Oven 6

The KX-102 small batch powder coating oven is designed for small businesses, You can keep two wheels at a time inside this oven for curing. It is a low cost solution for powder coating wheels. The small form factor of this powder coating oven ensures it does not occupy too much of your space.

Wheel Powder Coating Oven KL-1688 -3

If your business deal with the powder coating of a large number of alloy wheels, the KL-1688 wheel powder coating oven will be a good choice. It comes with multiple hangers that allow you to hang the powder sprayed automotive wheels inside. This electric powder coating oven comes with precise control of temperature. It will ensure that the curing of the wheels happens properly inside the oven

Optional Design & Setting

Many businesses demand control of the sensor point. The manual tailstock will help you to do the job. You can install this accessory if your business demands the same.

The manual 3 jaws chuck is another useful accessory from Inovatec Machinery. You can consider adding it to the alloy wheel diamond cutting machine if you want to avoid wheel slippage. The slipping of the wheel during the refurbishing process can damage the wheels. You can avoid such damages by using this chuck. This chuck will ensure that the wheel is clamped properly in the machine.

Many businesses require an automation setup to speed up the wheel repair and refurbishing process. It is possible to accelerate the alloy wheel refurbishing process with the use of the GSK system. The Windows 7 OS in this system ensures that the operator can use it easily. All the operations of the GSK system can be learned within an hour.

The surface of the wheel can get heated when it is in the repairing process. This heat can reduce the accuracy of the wheel cleaning and refurbishing procedure. The cooling system from Inovatec Machinery will help to reduce this temperature. Thus, you can avoid any change in the shape of the wheel due to the heating of the wheel.

The automatic lubrication system is a useful accessory for the wheel repair machine. If you don’t apply lubricant regularly on the bearings, the lifespan of the bearings will come down. It is due to the wear and tear caused by the frictional force. You can automate the lubrication application procedure on the bearings by using the automatic lubrication system. If you install this system, you just need to fill the lubricant into the system only once a month.

The accuracy of the wheel repair lathe machine can be enhanced with the installation of the 6 station turret.

Wheel Straightening Machine

Any type of bends, dents and deformation can be fixed quickly with the help of the wheel straightening machine from Inovatec machinery. We offer different models of wheel straightener machines. Our machines ensure that there is no change in the mechanical properties of the alloy wheel after the straightening procedure. Our wheel straighteners come at an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Question
What is your product lead time?

Our production lead time is 20-40 days depends on your project complexity. We will make an engineering CAD design according to your requirement and send you for confirmation.

What is your payment term?

Payment term suggests 30% payment in advance to start the project running. We will do 70% balance payment when the complete project is ready. For a special big project, we also do 60% before shipment and 10% when the machine arrives at your workshop. T/T payment is preferred. Besides, we also do LC.

What is your nearest port?

Our closest port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu Port.

Can I check the machine performance?

Yes, you can send one batch of your product and run in our machine before you make the balance payment. If you cannot come personally, you can appoint a third-party inspector to check the machine performance. We will take the video of the whole process and send you for evaluation.

What is your warranty term?

Our warranty term is 1 year from the date you receive the machine.

Definitive Guide for Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine from Inovatec

1. Make Your Wheels Look Like Brand New with Inovatec’s Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine

Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine also called as wheel turning machine, wheel CNC machine or wheel lathe machine.

The design of alloy wheels is the best feature of it. Since the wheels are cast, it’s possible to achieve complex and intricate shapes which give them their signature look. Alloy wheels are desired by car owners who want to make a statement.

But it’s important for that statement that your wheels look fresh and clean. But if you drive your car regularly, your wheels will get worn out. So, what do you do in such a situation?

That’s where Inovatec comes in with its alloy wheel diamond cutting machine. The machine is capable of giving your wheels a diamond cut finish, which is similar to a chrome finish. With the diamond cut finish heads are bound to turn.

cnc lathe 1
cnc lathe 1

2.What’s the Reason for Maintaining and Repairing Alloy Wheels?

Not only is maintenance needed for keeping the wheels clean, but you also need it to protect them. How so? Repairing the wheels removes any dirt and grime stuck on the wheel’s surface that could damage the alloy wheels.

Not only that, applying a lacquer coating after the polishing and cleaning is done, makes the wheel more resistant to damage. Thus, it increases the lifespan of the wheel.

cnc lathe 2
cnc lathe 2

3.How is Diamond Cutting Different from a Regular Cleaning?

The diamond cutting finish, as we mentioned previously, is similar to a chrome finish. That means it makes the alloy wheels shiny and reflective. This catches the attention of anyone who passes by.

Other than that, a diamond cutting finish also repairs and chips in the alloy wheel. This makes sure that any slight damage to the wheel does not end up becoming something major. But the aesthetic factor is the most popular reason why people consider getting a diamond-cutting finish.

cnc lathe 3
cnc lathe 3

4.How Are the Wheels Prepared for the Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine?

The diamond cutting process for the alloy wheels works best when you prepare the wheels properly. For that, you can use a bunch of machines to get them ready. The main purpose of all this is to help clean and prepare the wheel for the diamond cutting. Let’s see what they are.

The first machine that needs to be used would be a sand blasting machine. Inovatec offers such a machine to customers. Its main purpose is to remove any dirt or dust from the wheel. If there is any minor rusting on the wheel’s surface, the sandblaster will remove that too.

cnc lathe 4
cnc lathe 4

Next, you need to check if there are any severe damages done to the wheel. The ARS26 is a wheel straightening machine from Inovatec. This machine is capable of repairing any dents to the wheel in no time at all. It’s a fantastic option if you have any damage on your wheels.

Once all that’s done you need to use an ultrasonic wheel cleaning machine. What this machine does is perform deep cleaning with the help of ultrasonic vibrations. The machine is incredibly efficient and you can clean 5 wheels in 10 minutes.

Once you’re done with all of that, the wheels are then ready for the alloy wheel diamond cutting machine.

5.How Does the Diamond Cutting Process for Alloy Wheels Take Place?

The first thing a diamond cutting machine for alloy wheels needs is an operator. To operate the machine, it’s really simple. All you need to do is set the wheel on the lathe, set the timer and start the machine. But is that all there is to it?

Well, obviously you’d first need to clean the wheel. You can use the Inovatec ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine for this. It will give you the best results in terms of cleaning. You can also use the sand blasting machine to clean the wheels.

Once that’s done you need to set the wheel on the Chuck. The wheel needs to be tightly clamped to the machine. If it’s not done properly, someone can get hurt. The finish won’t be good either if the wheel isn’t clamped properly.

Once all of these steps are completed, you can then go ahead and set the timer and turn the machine on. Once the time’s up you should have a shiny wheel with a diamond-cut finish that’s going to look as good as new.

wheel cnc lathe 5 1
wheel cnc lathe 5 1

6.Can I Customize My Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine as Per My Specifications?

The alloy wheel diamond cutting machine comes with a bunch of different customizable options. All of these exist to enhance the performance and increase the efficiency of the machines.

Here are all the customizable options that you can get at Inovatec. Depending on your needs you can customize your machine as you see fit. You can order these customizations at the time of placing the order.

  1. Manual Tailstock
  2. Manual 3 jaws Chuck
  3. GSK System
  4. Cooling System
  5. Automatic Lubrication
  6. 6 Station Turret
wheel cnc lathe 6 1
wheel cnc lathe 6 1

7.What Are Some of the Features I Need for an Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Machine?

If you want better performance, the manual 3 jaws Chuck and the automatic lubrication system are a must. The GSK system helps with the automation of the machine. So, if you want to operate the machine easily, we recommend that.

For a better finish on the wheel, you should consider investing in the cooling system. That will cool down the wheel when it gets too hot because of the friction. If the cooling is not done properly, you run the risk of damaging your wheel.

wheel cnc lathe-7
wheel cnc lathe-7

8.What’s the Typical Time Duration to Complete a Custom Order?

If you want to customize your machine even further, Inovatec offers the option to do so. But for that, you will need to provide the design specifications. Once the designs are sent, the engineering team will draft a CAD design and get it approved by you.

After the approval is sent for the machine, Inovatec will then start the production process. Depending on the complexity of the design, the machine will take anywhere from 20 to 40 days to complete.

wheel cnc lathe 9 1
wheel cnc lathe 9 1

9.How Do I Make Payments for My Order at Inovatec?

To get your custom project running, Inovatec requires 30% of the payment in advance. Once the order is ready you can pay 70% as the balance payment that’s left. If your project is too big, you can split the balance payment between 60% before shipping and the rest 10% upon completion of the delivery.


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