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Inovatec Machinery Your Top Class Vibratory Finishing Machines for Every Need

Inovatec Machinery has all solutions for your mass finishing applications.

Besides our standard design, there is a wide selection of smaller batch sizes and massive tub styles for big parts. In addition, OEM design is also available with your own color and logo.

Inovatec machinery manufactures go-to finishing systems for batch and continuous parts finishing. These machines can finish small, medium, and large parts. It can do all the finishing processes like deburring, degreasing, descaling, edge breaking, radiusing, cleaning, surface smoothening, preparation, and polishing.

We carry a wide selection of feature-laden vibratory finishing systems for just about any purpose.



The VBS(B) series vibratory deburring machine is useful for material removing, cleaning, descaling, deflashing, and polishing parts, and it comes with a straight wall bowl design. VBS(B) fits the internal parts separation apparatus ensuring 100% part unloading. Media fall back to the bowl and the parts discharge from the gate. 


The broad opening of this machine makes it very useful to deburr, clean, degrease and polish large-size parts. It is easy to drive and simple to maintain. Options include a settling tank, AC frequency drive system, auto-lubrication system, and noise cover. 


Bowl-shaped VB(A) has a heavy-duty streass-relieved welded steel bowl and an innovative cartridge drive system. It is useful for finishing intricate and fragile parts with the help of the curved wall design, and also reduces the part-to-part contact.


The VBS(A) spiral Bowl Design vibratory deburring machine is the perfect solution for ball burnishing with the help of the 3-dimensional motion. It allows 100-percent parts & media separation. This featured design allows stainless steel ball burnishing. 


The tub-style vibratory chamber of the TVB(B) tub vibratory finisher is helpful for finishing granites, tiles, and sandstones. The process capacities range from 8 to 90 cubic feet and multiple tub diameters, tub lengths, lining, and motor options. You can finish large amount of parts at one time. 


The TVB(A) curved back wall tub vibratory finisher is capable of handling large size parts and also comes with the removable tub divider option.


Desktop design vibratory tumbler for metal finishing and deburring. Suitable for jewelry, brass case and rock tumbling.


The wheel vibratory finishing machine is the ideal choice for wheel cleaning, refurbishing, polishing, and restoration. It is also an excellent choice for automotive starter/alternator housings and boat propellers. 


Inovatec vibratory dryers create a toroidal motion to dry and clean the parts without stains on the parts’ surfaces. With the heating element at the bottom, our vibratory dryer distribute heat more evenly through the channel.


Inovatec LTG6500  inline finishers are designed for high production rates of larger parts. Parts are loaded at one end and get go through a finishing process for 15-20 minutes before exiting the opposite end. You can seamlessly integrate parts washer or dryer as a secondary operation process.

Optional Design & Setting

The proper ratio of water and the appropriate compound can be ensured with the help of the Prominent dosing pump.

The machine’s vibration amplitude can be varied with the help of the Bosch Rexroth variable speed drive controller.

The noise pollution created by the vibratory finisher machine can be reduced by 20db with the help of an acoustic cover.

This handle provides a manual option to pull back the media to the bowl, and the parts that move on can be collected separately.

The separation of the parts and media from the mixture can be automated using the pneumatic separation gate.

The reverse screen separation fitting is useful if the media size is large, and the part size is small.

Mass Finishing Media

Inovatec machinery manufactures various types of tumbling media. It includes plastic media, ceramic media, stainless steel media, high density media, and organic media. High quality media is guaranteed with the help of strict manufacturing guidelines. So, a high quality finish can be achieved in a short processing time.

Inovatec Machinery – Industrial Vibratory Finishing Machine & Tumbling Media Manufacturer
Frequently Asked Question
What is the MOQ of Vibratory Finishing Machine?

MOQ for vibratory finishing machine is one pcs.

How do you make the packaging?

We use a wooden box to protect the vibratory finishing machine during the shipment. The forklift can lift the machine and easy to remove in the workshop.

Where is your nearest port?

Our nearest port is Shanghai Ningbo and Yiwu. We can ship to other locations that you prefer.

Do you offer free sample processing?

Yes, we offer free sample processing. You can send us enough amount of your parts and we will test in our lab. We also need your surface requirement, for example, a reference part with desirable surface finishing. We will send the parts back to you for evaluation after finishing.

How we can check the vibratory finishing machine quality?

You can either come personally or you can book an independent inspector to check machine quality in our workshop. If you need any photo or video we are happy to provide you.

The Right Vibratory Finishing Machine You Need

Inovatec machinery is the wizard you need to solve all your finishing-related problems. It does wonders when it comes to proffering finishing machines. Along with the standard design, they also have a wide collection of small batch sizes to massive tub styles.

These machines are known for their capability of finishing all sizes of products. They can provide finishing services including deburring, degreasing, surface smoothening, polishing, and many more!

So, give this article a read and figure out which feature of these vibrating finishing will best serve your purpose!

All That’s Worthwhile Knowing About These Vibrating Finishing Machines

Inovatec provides a finishing machine with features that serve different purposes. The devices along with their characteristics are described below:

❖       The Vibratory Deburring Machine

The VBS(S) series specializes in descaling, cleaning, and polishing parts. It has a straight wall bowl-like design that allows media to fall back into the bowl and the residue discharges through the gate.

❖       Vibratory Tumbling Machine

This model is designed for deburring and polishing heavy-duty metal parts. Ramp pivot settings can be changed from manual to pneumatic with an upward lift which gives abrasive media and parts separation.

❖       Spiral Tube Vibrating Finishing Machine

The compact design of this SWS series finishing machine is best for deburring, cleaning, and polishing small parts.

❖       Vibratory Finisher VB(B)

The machine is designed with a broad opening that allows large parts to be deburred, cleaned, degreased, and polished. It comes with auto lubrication and a noise cover feature.

❖       Vibratory Polishing Machine VB(A)

This heavy-duty bowl-shaped steel polishing machine is very useful to polish intricate and fragile parts. The curved wall design helps in polishing these fragile parts intricately and stops them from getting in contact during the process.

❖       Industrial Vibratory Tumbler

The spiral bowl design is compatible with ball burnishing. The 3-dimensional motion allows deburring the stainless steel ball burnishing immaculately.

❖       TVB(B) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

The tub-style vibratory polishing machine is great for sandstones, granites, and tiles.


❖       TVB(A) Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

This tub-style black wall polishing machine does a spectacular job in handling large-size parts. The machine has tub dividers that can be removed as per convenience.

❖       Vibratory Tumbler and Rock Tumbler

This vibratory tumbler is designed for finishing and deburring for metal such as jewelry, brass case, rock, etc.


❖       Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine

This machine is best for cleaning, refurbishing, and restoring wheels.

MV25 wheel-vibratory-finishing-machine
MV25 wheel-vibratory-finishing-machine

❖       Vibratory Cob Dryer

This vibratory dryer machine is used to dry the parts without leaving any stains on them. The heating element at the bottom allows the heat to be distributed evenly.


❖       Continuous Flow Through Vibratory Finishing Machine

This machine is designed for high production rates, usually for larger parts. The large parts go through one end of the machine and come out from the other end after being processed for 15 to 20 minutes.

How to Pick the Right Vibratory Machine

To pick the right vibratory machine you need to figure out how many parts are you going to polish in a day and how long and the size of the parts. Depending on all these factors choose one of the machines from the vast collection that will be the perfect fit for you!

The Procedure to Order One of These Machines

To place an order first you need to choose the machine size, model, and color. Then choose the hole size of the integrated separator. Then choose a control box from either a wall-hanging one or a floor-standing one.

You can also get an optional speed converter that will provide you protection from high electric current discharges. You can also get a soundproof cover that will help in reducing the noise. And one last thing you must keep in mind is the power supply specifications before you buy the machine.

After Sales Service

Inovatec machinery provides a 1-year free warranty service for all of their vibratory finishing machines. So, if any problem is seen in the machine during this tenure they will give free parts to fix it. After the warranty period, you can buy the parts at a basic price.

They provide free lifetime technical support to their customers. You can also contact them for any technical issues and they will try to sort them out as soon as possible.

Maintenance Activities

To make sure your machine is working efficiently you need to do some regular maintenance activities. These activities are checking the vibration of the machine, and visual inspection of the lining, and the surface of the basement. Also, apply grease on the motor if the machine is operated for more than 8 hours a day.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is connect the machine wires with the control box and connect the UVW node to the motor wire. Now with the box connected to the main supply, the installation is completed.

Common Problems You Might Face with the Machine

Usually, with tumbling machines, you might face two kinds of problems. One is the wrong tumbling movement and the other is the bad rotation of the vibratory machine.

In case of wrong tumbling movement, you will see the movement is taking place in the opposite direction instead of moving inwards towards the center. To solve this problem, first, check if the lead angle is at 90 degrees or not. If not, fix it and start running the machine again.

The problem should be solved by now, but if it’s still not working change the wiring positions. Check if interchanging U and V wires fix the problem or not!

When it comes to bad rotation of the vibratory machine first check if reducing the load from the top fixes the problem or not. You can also change the lead angles to 75 degrees or 120 degrees to fix it.

Type of Power Supply

This finishing machine uses 380v, 50Hz, and three phases of main supply on a default setting. Even though they recommend using 3 phase supply, if required they can adjust the settings according to your country’s power supply regulation.


Working Parts of Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibrating finishing machines are made by combining various components altogether. The components that are used in the making of these are machines, media, water, and compound.

Different machines are used that serve different purposes. The uses of these machines are discussed below:


●      Finishing Bowl

This bowl is used to hold all the parts and media mixtures while loaded for tumbling. They come in different shapes and sizes based on the function of the machine. These bowls are made with rigid metal high-quality PU lining that is durable and hard to tear off.


●      Separators

Usually, two types of separators are used in these machines that are changeable from time to time. The separator made up of polyurethane has a long life. On the other hand, the other separator is made of high-quality stainless steel which is a good choice for undersized media.

●      Motor

It is the most important part of the entire machine. The vibratory motion causes the machine to vibrate and continue the entire cleaning, deburring, and polishing service.


●      Suspension

These are important to suspend the bowl when it is in operation. These suspensions are made of high-quality stainless steel and they last long.


●      Vibration Controller

The controller can be used to adjust the amplitude of the vibration. By using the vibration gauge you can observe the level of vibration.

●      Soundproof Cover

These machines come with an acoustic lid that can reduce the noise level.


●      Electrical Controls

These machines come with an electrical control panel that you can use to program the machine effectively.

Then these media are abrasive compounds made with various kinds of materials that are used to polish the parts in the machine. These media are of different sizes, shapes, cutting grades, and types.

Water is used in the tumbler with the parts and media to clean the parts as well as reduce friction between them.

Finally, the compound that is used is of two types- wet and dry. They are used to protect the parts from getting rust and make them shine extra.



Why Should You Choose Vibratory Finisher Machine

A vibratory finisher machine provides the best solution for mass finishing. As it is easy to operate it is quite famous in the industry. The maintenance is also easy and repairable!

What Can Vibratory Machines Do?

All the vibratory mentioned offered by Inovatec Machinery provides a wide range of services. These machines offer superfinishing, deburring, micro surfacing, etc. They are also used for descaling, polishing, and degreasing.


Typical Applications

These vibratory machines can be used for multiple purposes. Businesses that deal with metal parts tend to deal with these machines a lot. They are used for automotive parts, aerospace and defense components, medical equipment, motorsport parts, etc.


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