Centrifugal Disc Finisher VA Series

Centrifugal Disc Finisher VA series Gyrate polishing machine is a high energy mass finishing machine. It can accomplish quite a lot finishing job in a short time.

Centrifugal Disc Finisher VA series Gyrate polishing machine is a high energy mass finishing machine. It can accomplish quite a lot finishing job in a short time. In addition, VA series machines significantly reduce material handling and manual involvement in metal finishing.

VA9, VA20, and VA38 series gyrate polishing machine adopt patent small gap (about 0.05-0.1mm) design. Therefore we can polish very thin parts like earring and pendants. This user-friendly feature made it possible to polish complicated and thin workpiece.

TypeTotal capacityMaximal wokpieceBarrel speedVoltagePowerMotor speedDimensionsWeight
VA99200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.371340606 x 660 x 1220100
VA9-29X2200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X21340972 x 660 x 1220160
VA9-39X3200-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.37X313401410 x 660 x 1220220
VA2020250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.751380700 x 790 x 1440140
VA20-220X2250-450220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X213801160 x 790 x 1440235
VA20-320X3250-400220 V/ 50-60 Hz0.75X313801690 x 790 x 1440330
VA3838300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.21430890 x 800 x 1440220
VA38-238X2300-400380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X214301490 x 800 x 1440370
VA38-338X3300-450380 V/ 50-60 Hz2.2X314302130 x 800 x 1440530

How to Order the Best Centrifugal Disc Finisher in the Market – A Definitive Guide

A dull piece will be thrown out, but a shiny one will get all the attention.

Do you have a material that needs to be polished and finished clean? Or maybe you have a finishing business yourself? Odds are, you have considered purchasing a high-energy, mass finishing centrifugal disc finisher for your operations. With its powerful and efficient quality, it remains as one of the top choices.



But the question here is this: Do you know where to find the best centrifugal disc finisher of such kind?

In this article, we will show you how to order the best machine available in the market.

And for beginners, do not worry. We will run you through all the basics and advantages of this machine.

Let us start.


Centrifugal Disc Finisher FAQ Guide

1. What does centrifugal mean?

According to the laws of Physics, centrifugal means having the opposite direction than the force that keeps particles on its circular path.

Such a mouthful, isn’t it?

Let’s make it simpler.

The term centrifugal talks about the tendency to move away from the centre.

To visualize it in an everyday setting, this can be seen on a washing machine when you are washing clothes.



Observe the water inside.

When the rotating fans start, the water tends to move towards the sides of the washer. You can see that the water level there is higher than in the centre.

This is because the force coming from the rotating fans forces the water away from the centre.


2. What does it mean by a high-energy, mass finishing machine?

The term “high-energy, mass-finishing” describes the nature of the machine. Currently, these type of machines slowly becomes the standards for bulk operations on the finishing business. Purchasing one equates to upgrading the capacity of your business to accept and operate on high-volume orders from clients.

To know the essence of the term, let us slice them into two simpler parts.

High-energy means that the force imparted to the parts are increased.



Mass-finishing, on the other hand, means that the metallic or other material parts can be processed in bulk or in high volume.

Both of these characteristics further increase the efficiency of the machine by reducing the time it takes to polish the material.

Simply said, you can achieve your desired results in far shorter cycle times of the machine.

Yes, you’ve got it.

More for less.


3. What is the benefit of being a high-energy mass finishing machine?

Because of its high energy output, there are more advantages of using a high-energy, mass finishing machine.

The benefits of using it include:

  • More materials finished in a certain time as compared to other finishing machines
  • Lesser overall energy usage because of high-efficiency
  • Higher-level of processing that will otherwise take too long on other vibratory machines
  • Lesser maintenance cost because of its efficiency
  • A more efficient working pace in your operations
  • Great finishing for high-value parts such as jewellery, watches and coins
  • Lesser time to achieve the desired finishing result

Therefore, this type of finishing machine is really a cost-effective solution. With its high-efficiency and high-quality nature, you will find that you are actually saving more money than by using its other machines. Plus, the machine boasts of zero-damage and zero-impingement on the components that need polishing.

Certainly a win-win situation right there.


4. How does centrifugal disc finishers work?

Before explaining the process, let us be familiarized with the parts of the centrifugal disc finisher machine first.

It adapts a bowl design, where you put the materials that you want to be polished and the tumbling media of your choice. A rotating/spinning disc can be found at the bottom of the tub, and the sides are a fixed polyurethane wall.

To start the operation, a motor gears up the rotating disc that is in the middle of the oval-shaped tub. This spinning action forces the materials and the media into a cyclonic action.


Spinning action gives off enormous finishing quality, as the media and the workpieces to be shined are forced into one another as they rotate. The rotating motion also makes them rub against the stationary polyurethane wall. These combined actions make the high-quality finishing possible, as pressure continues to increase while the spinning action continues.

After a set time of each finishing process, the system spins.

This forces the mass of materials and media into the screening plate where they are separated. The polished materials are collected, while the media reloads from the media hopper into the disc finisher machine anew.

This makes another system that is ready for new workpieces to be polished.


5.  What types of material can be polished?

With this type of centrifugal disc finishing machine, you can polish materials such as those in the following list.


This machine can cater even the most precious rings made of high-value materials such as gold and silver. Rings are a very delicate and sensitive piece of jewellery, so it is better if you’ll use the best machine available for finishing it.

Amber Stones

Baltic amber beads are one of the best choices for jewellery pieces. But this material is sensitive and do not easily give its hidden beauty. You need to do extra work of polishing it until it really shines and be fit to everyone.

Watch Parts

Most of the materials that are used in making watch components include stainless steel, titanium, bronze, and ceramic. These types of materials can be processed using the centrifugal disc finishing machine. In all of these types, the machine boasts of zero-damage and high-quality surface smoothening, cleaning and drying of your watch components.


If you want to polish small to medium-sized pearl jewellery, the centrifugal disc finishing machine is the perfectly-tailored for the job. Either saltwater or freshwater pearls, the machine promises a great polishing result without worrying about damages being incurred.


Gold and silver coins can be perfectly polished using the centrifugal disc finishing machine.  Just like amber, gold is a sensitive material. It needs proper and precise care so as to avoid wear and tear. If you want a high-quality and no-damage polishing for your coins, then the accuracy and precision of the centrifugal disc finishing machine is the best option there is for you.


Aside from these, you can also polish:

  • Eyeglass Frames
  • Belt Buckles
  • 3D Printed Parts Post-Processing
  • Necklace
  • Electric Components
  • Dental Parts
  • Keys


6.     What finish does it give?

It gives off a high-quality and smooth finish to complicated and thin workpieces.

Therefore, it can work on extremely complicated and thin parts such as earrings, pendants, rings, and other jewellery. These parts function well if they are shiny enough to attract attention and pride themselves on being too lustrous.

If you want a smoother and shinier finish on your jewellery, you should make this centrifugal disc finishing machine on top of your priorities.

Also, it is best to use in polishing, smoothing and grinding. This makes it more efficient as it can do a lot more application in just one machine.

Jewellery parts polishing before and after


7.  What are the advantages of centrifugal disc finishing machines over other machines?

Right from the start, we have said that using a centrifugal disc finisher is more efficient than other standard finishing machines.

How efficient you may ask?

Quick answer: up to 10x more efficiency and productivity.

As a comparison, the metal removing rate of this machine is 8-10 times higher than what can be achieved by a vibratory finishing machine.



That being said, the time it takes to achieve the same finishing quality is 8-10 times lesser if you are using a centrifugal disc finisher. This translates into a faster finishing process, and this situation is perfect for high-quality and high-volume operations.

Also, the higher energy of the machine makes it more effective in polishing the surfaces of the workpieces to be finished. Therefore, as compared to other machines that can perform the same functions, the centrifugal disc finisher is faster and more cost-effective.


8.  What type of centrifugal disc machine do we offer?

One of our highly-efficient and best-performing centrifugal disc machine lines is our VA Series Gyrate Polishing machines.

Coming with all of the advantages stated above, it also comes with features that will greatly reduce material handling and manual involvement in the polishing and finishing process.

We offer VA9, VA20 and VA38 series gyrate polishing machines.



These numbers are literal indications of the total capacity of these machines measured in litres. Being said, VA9 can process nine litres, VA20 can have 20 litres and VA38 has the ability to polish up to 38 litres.

Also, as the numbers of the series increase, so is their maximal workpieces that can be processed, voltage, power and motor speed.

Moreover, we offer different numbers of chambers depending on your operational needs.

We offer up to three-barrelled machines that will equate to high-quality finishing for bulk processing operations.


9. What relevant information you need to know before using the VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine?


9.1  This centrifugal disc finisher machine is stationary

Unlike other vibratory machines that are used in the finishing industry, the centrifugal disc finisher stays put while it is in action. As a reference, the centrifugal vibratory tumbling machine uses side-to-side movement to force the media and the workpieces into each other. In the VA series, only the disc inside the tub will rotate, and this will make the media and workpieces to spin as well. The tub will not rotate on itself but stays perfectly still.

The collection of materials inside will be forced on the sides of the wall that is made of polyurethane (PU). The pressure that builds between the media and workpiece as they are forced into the walls. A high-quality shining and polishing will result from this high-energy operation.


9.2 There are seven working components on a centrifugal disc finishing machine

As the centrifugal disc finisher springs into action, the high-quality polishing operation starts. It is made by the interaction between the working components of the machine. The processing unit or the work bowl serves as the area where the finishing reaction between the media and the workpiece happens. The very durable and wear-and-tear resistant HD polyurethane is specially crafted to provide the best “grip” to the collection of the materials that are being polished.

The second component is the disc which produces the cyclonic action of materials inside the tub. It provides the energy to move the parts, and it is geared from the machine. While spinning, the water system is then optimized using a control system to activate the water-flow mode. Most of the centrifugal disc finishers operate under this process. Electric controls often exist as standalone systems, and the main control panel displays the push-button controls for all of the functions. The water/compound that is introduced to the machine enhances the finishing process as it significantly reduces the corrosion both of the parts and the media. Water is also used to flush off unwanted parts after the finishing process. The last component of the machine is the tumbling media that is used as the agent that will strike the workpieces to achieve the desired finishing and polishing results.


9.3 It works best on polishing very thin workpieces

The VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine is specially designed to cater your needs of polishing very small and intricate workpieces.

The progressive system and design that is used in this machine is very user-friendly because it makes possible the polishing of complicated parts that other vibratory finishing machines will find it hard to accomplish. Because of this, it is now possible to polish earrings necklaces, rings, and many more other types of small parts.


9.4 It greatly reduces manual handling of the parts to be polished

Automation really brings wonders. The VA series significantly reduces the need to manually hold the materials that need to be polished. Its pre-installed advanced system makes the manual involvement in parts polishing lesser.

With this, a lot more can be accomplished because of the automated workflow.

It can accomplish much more than the standard vibratory finishing machine within the same period of time.


9.5 The quality of the materials used in manufacturing it is top-notch


An excellent machine always brings an excellent result.

The VA series centrifugal disc finisher is precisely-made from the best suppliers of the raw materials it needs.

The chemicals that are used pre-assembly is supplied by the highly-dependable Dow Chemicals based in the US. The vibratory machine is curated from the leading and award-winning machine company from China.

Ball bearings are purchased from a leading Japanese bearing company.


During the fabrication phase, the machine is laser cut to ensure that the design is closely followed with only a very small percentage of error. The automated machines that are used in manufacturing allow the perfect casting of linings that will ensure the best quality of the product.


Moreover, the workers who painstakingly manufactured the machine has ten years of work experience. If they themselves are experts in the industry, odds are they will not make a machine that is not as great as they are.


10. What design does our centrifugal disc finisher adopt and what is the benefit of that design?

The design of our centrifugal disc finisher is a patent small gap design. How small is that small gap design?

Quick answer: 0.05 mm-0.10.

This means that it has the capability to work on very thin workpieces such as intricate pendants, earrings and necklaces. The high-quality end result will be because of highly-controllable and efficient mass-finishing system that boasts of little to no workpiece impingement. Such a high-quality make it a premium choice for dealing with precision on small, intricate and fragile parts.

The small-gap design also works wonders on the way that jewellery is polished without damage and with the highest-quality of polish possible.


11. Is there a feature for the heat they emit?

The centrifugal disc finisher that we offer has a pre-installed system for heat.

It has an automatic heat radiation feature.

It is a piece of common knowledge that heat is the by-product of any mechanical operation. Besides, the concept of heat transfer will certainly affect not only the machine but also the quality of the polishing. So we keep in our minds that there should be a feature that will take care of this issue.

The feature makes the machine control and radiates the hot temperature resulting from continued operation. As much as it is a safety feature, it also lessens the operating costs by stabilizing the machine and securing the end quality of the workpieces.


12. What are the controls that can be found in the machine? What type of speed control is installed?

Coming in with your machine’s package is speed control, timer control and movement control.

The machine has a very specific type of speed control installed because it aims for the highest quality.

Because of that, it is specifically fitted with a Bosch Rexroth VFC – World-Class Speed Adjuster. This high-quality tool offers to set and adjust your centrifugal disc machine blade’s rotation per minute (RPM), hence creating better flexibility on your finishing.

It also has a very standard LED display on its operational panel and is well-built for extra-long hours of finishing operations. Moreover, it is ideal for remote connections and usage, easily debuggable and has a beautiful quick start feature.

Also, this speed control prevents oscillation due to its advanced system of speed tracking. It also designed both for light and heavy loads, has a secure software update made though USB cable and is energy-efficient.

13. Can the machine be used for dry and wet finishing?

Quick answer: Yes.

The machines have features that will let you choose between wet and dry finishing. But for those who do not know yet the difference between the two, let us break them down a little further.

Dry finishing, as the name may sufficiently suggest, do not use water or any wet materials in the finishing process. Instead, a polishing powder or paste is used to adhere to the media that is used.

The spinning motion generated by the machine causes pressure ad friction between the workpiece and the media used. This will remove the material stock and give off a highly-polished surface of the workpiece. Hence, dry finishing is often used for polishing.

On the other hand, wet finishing involves the use of water and other chemicals while the finishing process is on-going.


14. Does it have a compound dosing system for the wet machine? What type of dosing system is installed?

Another quick answer: definitely, yes.

This centrifugal disc machine comes with a Prominent Dosing Dump that comes all the way from Germany. This dosing system is highly-efficient, accurate and effective in dispensing water or finishing compounds after each finishing process.

They are one of the most modern batches of dosing system because they are controlled by microprocessors.  Also, they function through the powers of electromagnetism so this will mean fewer break-downs and lesser maintaining costs.

You can also manually adjust the frequency of the dosing system, as well as its stroke length. The materials used to manufacture this system is also resistant to the chemicals used in finishing, so there are no worries if they will be damaged.

To top all of that, it is also programmed to have an automatic shutdown process – which means there is no energy wastage on useless idling. These features really contribute to the overall image of the machine being a cost-effective one.


15. What types of tumbling media can be used in the centrifugal disc finishing machine?

In the process of finishing and polishing, a tumbling media is one of the most important factors that will determine the end-quality.

The following tumbling media can be used if you will use the centrifugal disc finishing machine for your polishing needs.


15.1    Ceramic Deburring Media

This type of media is widely used because of its straight-up effectiveness for cleaning and surface preparation. It is also too good for removing machine and tool marks resulting from casts.

All types of ceramic media can be used in the machine, and it will largely depend on the nature of the end result that you want for your workpiece.

Some of the most common types of ceramic media that are used include the general classification of angle cut and straight cut. From there, it will branch out to more specialized angle cut Tri-Star, star, ellipse, pyramid, ball and many more others.


15.  2    Plastic Tumbling Media

If you want your aluminium and brass parts to be de-burred and polished, you may use plastic tumbling media. Generally speaking, plastic media is much softer than ceramic and so it creates a smoother surface and a cushioning effect to prevent work piece-to-work piece contact while the machine is spinning.

Common shapes of plastic tumbling media include cones which are used for holes and slots finishing, nipple shape which has extra-long profiles penetrates deep holes without getting dislodged and paraboloid which can enter smaller slots better.


15.3  Steel Polishing Media

Because of its heavy-duty nature, the stainless steel media can be readily-used for up to 20 years. Unlike softer media, it is non-consumable so it will reward you for a longer period of time.

You may use the steel tumbling media to create a burr-free and shiny surface on your workpiece. Because of its mass, it gives off heavy pressure to the metal surfaces of the materials.

A variety of steel media include the ball-shaped one that is used for critical ball burnishing operations, diagonal steel media that is used for finishing workpieces that have hard-to-reach corners and recesses, and magnetic pins steel media that are perfect for deburring and de-flashing holes and grooves.


15.4    Corncob Polishing Media

Also called as the maize tumbling media, it is one of the most natural types of media that can be used in a centrifugal disc finisher.

It is best used for drying and cleaning mass finishing workpieces. It also removes the watermarks and unwanted stains on the surfaces of the parts.

Ideally used for plastic and brass polishing, corncobs are crushed into the specified particle size to achieve the most advantageous results.

It is also grease and oil absorbent, and since it is all-natural then it is an environment-friendly and biodegradable type of tumbling media.


15.5  Porcelain Tumbling Media

This type of tumbling media is best suited for high-energy polishing, just like what the centrifugal disc finishing machine offers.

It can be used to improve the brightness and lustrous qualities of plastic and metal parts. It also has a light attrition rate and ideal for small-size parts and high value-added parts as well.

Generally, porcelain is regarded as robust and sturdy media. Some of the most common shapes of porcelain media, when used in finishing, is a ball, triangle, and cylinder.


On the question about how much of the tumbling media quantity should be, the recommended is 50% to 70% of the barrel capacity. Do not be too eager to put a large quantity in the barrel as it will have an impact on the quality of the finished product.

A large number of workpieces and tumbling media at a time will greatly reduce the breathing space, that will make the parts bounce on top of one another and this will damage them. Hence, it is inappropriate and unwise to do such.


16. Is the machine frame durable and why?


Yes, it is definitely durable and strong.

The VA series gyrate polishing machine is a stand-alone machine with a very sturdy and rigid frame. It is welded and secured with its metal reinforcements that will surely stand the tests of time. Also, the polishing process involves only the disc rotating in the middle of the bowl, and not the whole tub itself. Therefore, there is a lesser strain on the frame because of a lessened need for motion.

Being said, the frame of the machine itself is a testament to its strength when it comes to your mass finishing needs. The designers and workers that worked on it used cutting edge technology such as laser cutters to ensure that every detail is followed in reality.

The precisely cut steels contribute to the overall stability of the machine. Moreover, the frame and the whole machine itself underwent shot blasting before it was coated. This, together with highly-dependable Polyurethane (PU) lining, ensures the best adhesive in the machine.

The PU lining is laid out using an automatic PU casting machine. This will ensure that the machine has the best hardness available and it makes it less prone to bubbles.

With strict operational workflow from purchasing the raw materials to the main assembly, the machine frame and the machine itself is durable and sturdy. Well-trained operators with over ten years’ of experience will surely not settle with mediocre work and results. They definitely want the best for the machine’s integrity and strength, and that’s why the machine is considered as highly-dependable and efficient.


17. Why is the VA Series Gyrate Polishing Machine the best centrifugal disc finishing machine of its kind?


With all of the advantages stated above, there is only a little room left to not believe that it is the best.

Well, if you have still some doubts left, let this list help you decide.

  • The grinding barrel and rotating disc raw material is supplied by USA’s Dow Chemicals
  • Ball-bearing used is from NSK Bearing
  • The vibration motor used is hailed as the best China brand (Shanghai Vibration Motor Co Ltd.)
  • The machine is laser-cut, which means are parts are precisely according to design
  • ISO quality manufacturing and management system


18. How to order the VA Series Gyrate Polishing centrifugal disc finishing machine?


As soon as you have decided and all things are set for your purchase, you may contact us using the following contact details.


Finishing Up


With all of the given advantages and details of the VA Series Polishing machines, you will be confident to say that this is one of the top-notch options in the market today.

A competitive price completes its bonuses, and its high-efficiency and high-productivity makes you win more on this deal.

Use this article as a guide in purchasing your next centrifugal disc finishing machine.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach us

We will more than be happy to help you with your mass finishing machine needs.

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