Plastic Tumbling Media for Aluminum Deburring & Preplate Finishing
  • Best suited for soft metals like aluminum, brass
  • Surface smoothening and deflashing of plastic parts
  • Durable wear resistant polyester resin with best quality abrasives
  • Smallest supported size of 6mm pyramid and largest 80mm cone
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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Plastic Media Manufacturer from China

Inovatec Machinery specializes in solving challenging deburring, finishing, polishing problems. Also, we offer a wide range of Plastic Media Chips and compounds to suit your surface finishing requirements.

On staff, we have experts helps you to find the economical process that deliver the best finish. In case our standard equipment needs modification, we can do customization to meet your requirement. So, with Inovatec, you are not just buying a machine, you are receiving a solution that meet your specific surface finishing.

Inovatec Machinery also provides OEM vibratory media service and private lable packaging. Please contact us for an instant quote.

The plastic media from Invoate machinery is the perfect solution for deburring, deflashing, and surface smoothening of soft metal parts like aluminum and brass. The plastic abrasive media is less hard than the ceramic media. So, less pressure will be exerted on the parts. Thus, it is possible to attain a nice and smooth finish with low Ra. Ra as small as two microinches is possible. It also helps to give a cushion effect to the parts in contact and thereby protects the part from part to part collision.


The zirconium plastic tumbling media is suitable for finishing hard parts like titanium parts. The fast cutting time helps to bring down the overall processing time.


The plastic media in nipple shape makes it possible to access deep holes in the part without getting lodged.


The plastic media in cone shape is useful to finish part without getting lodged in holes or cavities.


The plastic media in tetrahedron shape comes in the size range of 10mm to 80mm. It is also known as the TET plastic tumbling media.


The plastic media in the lens shape is suitable for arts with narrow slots and cavities without getting stuck.


The plastic media in paraboloid shape makes it easy to access and finish small slots in part.


The plastic media in the tristar shape can access small and narrow areas of the part for finishing.


The plastic media in triangle shape can finish corners and holes that are in the remote areas of the workpieces.

Optional Design & Setting

The fast cutting plastic media will have more abrasive content, which is useful for surface preparation of parts for coating and anodizing.

They are suitable for normal cutting and grinding of parts and has a low wear and tear rate.

The light cutting plastic media is useful to develop an excellent surface finish on the part.

Vibratory Finishing Machine

The mass finishing machines from Inovatec machinery support a wide variety of tumbling media that include plastic and metals. The proper use of plastic media with appropriate parts and mass finishing machine helps to achieve the desired finish on the part economically.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Plastic Media From China
  • Longer life since they are wear resistant
  • Perfect solution for deburring & deflashing aluminum, copper, brass
  • Surface smoothening of metal parts with minimum material removal
  • Economical solution when compared to the manual method
Frequently Asked Question
What is your MOQ for plastic media?

Our MOQ is 100 kg per size/shape. But we suggest 1000kg for better saving during the shipment.

How long is your production time?

Production lead time starts from 15 days. For small sizes like 10mm cone and pyramid, it takes 20-25 days depends on the purchase amount.

Can you do customized plastic media according to our sample?

Yes. If you want to find a cost-effective solution for plastic media, you can send us 2-3 pcs of the plastic media sample. We will analyze the recipe and reproduce it with the lower cost and same performance.

How do you make the packaging?

We use a 2-layer plastic woven bag for plastic media packaging.

Can you select the right plastic media for our parts?

Yes, we can. We will suggest the right plastic media according to your parts surface condition and parts surface requirement. In addition, we propose the right media size and shape, so that you will easily separate parts from media without getting lodged.

Plastic Media Introduction

Plastic media is nothing but polyester resin bonded plastic tumbling media. The typical chemical recipe uses resins and abrasives in equal weights. So, it is a 50-50 by weight formula. Silica is the most common abrasive used in plastic media apart from alumina, corundum, and zirconia, among others.

The nature and amount of abrasive determine the finishing performance of plastic media. By changing this composition, you can create plastic media with varying cutting powers as per your finishing requirements. However, higher cutting power often translates into higher media wear rate.



Owing to its soft nature, plastic media is perfect for deburring and smoothing delicate metals such as zinc, aluminum, brass, and magnesium. You can also use it for de-scaling and de-burring plastic parts. Plastic media generates a low RA surface finish, making the parts ready for plating, anodizing or painting. It is often used in secondary finishing following ceramic media de-burring.

Plastic media is one of the common types of media used in a mass finishing machine.

The different applications of plastic media are listed below.


  • Surface smoothening and deburring od soft metal parts like aluminum, copper, and brass
  • Useful for deflashing and deburring of plastic workpieces
  • Can handle fragile and delicate parts and also supports deburring of thin parts
  • Useful for part preparation before the zamak3 casting process which is widely used for zinc parts



The plastic tumbling media is a fused mixture of abrasive along with the polyester resin.

The standard plastic media from Invoatec machinery comes with a 50 percent concentration of abrasives and 50 percent of the resin.

Inovatec engineers have developed multiple grades of plastic media.

It includes general cutting, medium cutting, light cutting, fast cutting, and dense cutting plastic media.

Inovatec manufactures around 10,000 tons of plastic media for our customers every year.

So, our plastic media is of high demand among the customers due to its high quality.

The different shapes offered by Inovatec include a pyramid, cone, lens, tristar, paraboloid, etc.

We have been manufacturing high quality plastic tumbling media over the last 20 years.



Our plastic media is popular due to the following reasons.

  • We procure high quality raw materials from Akzo Nobel and DIC.
  • We make use of automatic casting machines, which help to get the best possible parameter controls.
  • We use the plastic mold to ensure that the media produced has proper shape and size, and there is no shrinkage.
  • The plastic media is also kept inside a high temperature chamber to ensure adequate bonding of the polymer.
  • The plastic media after manufacturing is subjected to tumbling to remove the flashes before they are sent for packing.

We offer a complete mass finishing solution, not just the plastic tumbling media alone.

It will include the media, mass finishing machine, and the compound.

Our team of experienced engineers will help to select the right type f media for you based on your part size, shape, complexity, and the material.

So, we will ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the end solution that will help them to save some cost.

You can always send us a message to get your free quote.

Plastic Media FAQ Guide

1. What Steps Has Inovatec Machinery Taken To Control The Quality Of The Plastic Media?

There are two factors that contribute to the high quality plastic media from Inovatec machinery.

They are the strict control in the process and the best quality raw materials used for manufacturing.

The polyester resin material is procured from the Japan DIC group.

The hardeners for the resin are sourced from the Akzo Nobel group.



We also prepare the abrasive to match with the exact mesh size of 320# mesh.

All the parameters in the whole process of manufacturing are strictly controlled and closely monitored.

The polyester resins, along with the abrasives, are mixed according to the respective ratio.

This mixture is fed to the stirring machine before the casting process.

Once this mixture is adequately mixed, we add the hardener to it.

The hardener act as the cross linking agent.

So, the reaction that will happen is called polymerization.

So, the liquid mixture solidifies gradually.

So, they need to be poured into the respective mold before the hardening process.

Then, we will wait for the mixture to harden inside the mold.

We use two types of molds for plastic media manufacturing.

They are silicone mold and plastic mold.

The soft nature of the silicone mold makes it an ideal choice for mass production.

The plastic mold will be hard in nature.

So, it is used when the quantity is small.

Regular inspections are done on the mold to ensure that the mold meets the standards.

If the mold is damaged, deformed, or broken, then it will be discarded.

It will not be used for production.

It will ensure that all our plastic media maintain appropriate shape and size.

The casting time for the plastic media will be more during the winter time.

It is because of the lower temperature effect in the winter.

The casting time will be less in the case of summer due to higher temperatures.

The quality of the plastic media manufactured by Inovatec machinery will remain the same during all times of the year.

Once the casting process is complete, then the plastic media get demolded, and it is stored in an insulated room for a day.

The temperature of this room is maintained in the range of 40 to 50 degrees.

It is done to ensure that the polymer cross linking process is fully complete without any defects.

This process helps to increase the overall life of the plastic media by another 40 percent.

Now, let us move to the last step of the manufacturing process.

It is called self tumbling.



Here, the plastic media are loaded into mass finishing machines and are made to self tumble.

It is for removing the burrs, flashes, and dirt present in the plastic media.

The vibratory finishing machine is usually used for this tumbling.

The final tumbled media is taken for packaging in bags.


2. How Inovatec Machinery Check The Quality Of Plastic Tumbling Media?

Inovatec follows certain standard procedures for checking the quality of plastic media before shipment.


2.1 Size Check

We allow only +/- 1mm tolerance for all our plastic media parts.

For example, if the plastic media has a size of 30mm as the specifications, then the final media will have a size in the range between 29mm to 31mm.



2.2 Cutting and Wearing Check

We use a centrifugal barrel finishing machine to test the wear and tear of the manufactured plastic media.

We will make the plastic media tumble with aluminum cylinder and brass cylinder inside the centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

We will record material loss for the plastic media as well as the metals.

This process is done for every batch.

The ratio of loss of plastic media materials to that of the metal scraps should be within the specified limit.


2.3 Appearance

The plastic media should not get stuck to each other.

There should not be any cracks or bubbles in the media.

No media part should be undersized.

We ensure that we ship quality plastic tumbling media to our customers with the help of these processes.


3. Do Inovatec Manufacture Urea Tumbling Media?

The other name for the urea tumbling media is synthetic plastic tumbling media.

It is manufactured using formaldehyde.

The formaldehyde is hazardous to human health.

So, it is not allowed in China.

So, we don’t manufacture the urea tumbling media.


4. What Is The Biggest And Smallest Plastic Media Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

The biggest plastic media that Inovatec machinery has made so far is the 100mm cone tetrahedron shape media.

The smallest media we have made so far is the 6mm pyramid shame and the 6m bullet shape media,

We can also manufacture plastic media according to your size.



You need to check with us to ensure that we have the mold for manufacturing that size.

If we don’t have the mold, then it will take around one month for manufacturing the mold.

Once the mold is designed and manufactured, we can manufacture more media for you in the future without any time constraint.


5. What Are The Different Shapes Of Plastic Media Manufactured By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures plastic tumbling media of different shapes.

It includes shapes lie cone, pyramid, tetrahedron, tristar, nipple shape, lens shape, and triangle.

If you didn’t find your desired shape, you can always contact us.

We will design the custom shape for you.



6. What Is Plastic Media?

Plastic media is specially designed for surface smoothening of parts.

We also have some special grades of plastic media capable of deburring metals like aluminum and brass.

The plastic media is also capable of producing an even finish on the part surface when compared to the ceramic media.

They are lighter than the ceramic tumbling media.


So, it is the right choice of media to use soft metals and other delicate parts.

They don’t have a peening action on burrs or cause any discoloration on parts.


7. What Ingredients Are Used By Inovatec To Manufacture Plastic Media?

The plastic media is a fused mixture of abrasive and polyester resin in a 1:1 ratio.

Silica is the most commonly used abrasive material in plastic media.

Other abrasive material options include zirconia, corundum, and alumina.



The finish and the final quality of the part after processing are entirely dependent on the abrasive content in the media.

So, if you are looking for any special finish, then you can place a request with us to vary the abrasive content in the media accordingly.

If the plastic media comes with more abrasive content, then you expect more material removed from the part while finishing.

It will also reduce the life of the media as the media will even lose some material in the process.

So, if the plastic media is capable of fast deburring, then you will not be able to use it for a very long time.



8. What Are The Typical Use Cases Of Plastic Media?

Plastic media is used for various types of mass finishing processes because of its soft nature.

It is capable of finishing parts with low Ra.

Thus, it is the right choice of media if you are planning to prepare the part for anodizing, coating, or painting.

The typical functionalities of plastic media are listed below.


8.1 Deburring

The process of removing burrs from the part is called deburring.

Burrs are visible in the form of sharp edges and are formed due to the manufacturing processes.



8.2 Decaling

The parts after the manufacturing process may have machine scale markings on them.

It needs to be removed from the part to get the desirable finishing.

Descaling is the process of removing these scales from the part.


8.3 Polishing

You can take the finish of your part to the next level by the polishing process.

It helps to achieve a mirror like shine on the surface.

You can also make use of compounds during the processing to enhance the shine on the part.



8.4 Degreasing

The manufactured part will have dirt and grease sticking on to it.

It may also be due to human handling during transportation of the part.

The process of removing these dirt and grease from the part is called degreasing.

It helps to clean the part efficiently.



9. How Plastic Media Will Help To Finish Parts?

We always recommend loading the mass finishing machine with the media before starting the process.

So, once you power on the machine, the plastic media will start tumbling.

It is done with the help of the motor of the machine.

You need to load the machine with parts once the plastic media starts tumbling.

Thus, the media will start rubbing on the parts to create a finish.

The level of finish on the part is entirely dependent on the processing time and the shape and size of the plastic media.

The principle of operation will vary for different types of mass finishing machines.


10. What Are The Different Shapes Of Plastic Media Manufactured By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures plastic media of different shapes and sizes.

The different shapes include a cone, pyramid, tristar, nipple shape, cylinder, cylindrical wedges, star, etc.

So, the choices are many.

You can select any of these shapes that match the shape of your part.

Shapes like a cylinder, sphere, and oval are suitable for general purpose finishing.

They are preferred because of their round structure.

They can do the finishing process without getting stuck in the slots or gaps in the part.

Complex shapes will get stuck in part, and you will end up wasting time removing them.

The sharp edged shapes like the arrowheads, triangle, tristar, pyramid are useful to reach the areas of parts with complex shapes.

But, they are more prone to wear because of the chipping phenomenon.

The size of the media also plays a critical role in mass finishing parts.

The area of contact of media with the parts will be more for smaller parts when compared to the larger parts.

So, smaller media is good to prepare a smooth and uniform finish on the parts.

If you are looking for aggressive material removal, then the larger media is the right choice.

It helps to remove the burrs and scales from the parts quickly and helps to bring down the overall finishing time.

Sometimes you will have to make the parts tumble with multiple media, one after the other to get the desired finish.


11. Which Is The Best Machine For Using Plastic Media?

There is nothing like the best mass finishing machine for plastic tumbling media.

You can use it with any of the mass finishing machines from Inovatec.

The machines include the vibratory finishing machine, barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal disc finisher machine, centrifugal barrel finishing machine, and the automatic mass finisher machine.

The plastic media is compatible with all these machines.



12. What Are The Typical Applications Of Plastic Media?

You can use plastic media in most of the industries for mass finishing purpose.

Many manufacturers prefer it because of its ability to achieve a low cut surface finish.

Some of the industries where the plastic media are commonly used are listed below.


12.1 Jewelry

Jewelry parts are susceptible to impurities.

So, if they are not properly stored, then the impurities need to be removed.

The fragile nature of the jewelry parts makes it difficult to use any type of media for tumbling.

The plastic media is best suited for this purpose because of its lesser strength, and it applies very little pressure on the part for polishing.

The material removal from the part is also less for the plastic media.



12.2 General Job Shop

The plastic media is also used in general job shops.

It is an economical solution to achieve the desired level of polish on the parts.



12.3 Textile Industry

The textile industry deals with parts that are fragile.

So, plastic media is the ideal choice of tumbling media in this sector.


13. What Varieties Of Parts Are Good For Plastic Media Tumbling?

The amount of abrasive content in the plastic media is either low or in the medium range.

So, it is a good option for parts that require a medium level cutting.

So, you can use it for soft and fragile parts.

Soft metals like aluminum, copper, and brass can be finished using plastic parts.

It can even finish hard parts, but it will take more time to finish the parts.



14. Are There Any Particular Reasons For Choosing Plastic Media Over Other Tumbling Media?

The reasons to go with plastic media are given below.


14.1 Proper Cleaning

Plastic media ensures that the parts are clean efficiently.


14.2 No Damage of Parts

Plastic media offer less pressure on the parts, and they rub very softly with the parts.

So, no damage is caused to the part in the whole process.

So, you can use plastic media for fragile parts.


14.3 Long Life

Plastic media from Inovatec comes with a long lifespan.

It is mainly due to the slow action of the media on the parts.

The amount of abrasive content also is low in the plastic media to wear out quickly.

So, you can use it for many years.



15. What Is The Typical Lifespan Of Plastic Media?

The life of plastic media depends on your usage.

So, there is no standard duration of time up to which the plastic media can be used.

It also depends on factors like the size and shape of the media.

The plastic media with sharp edges will wear out quickly.

Large plastic media will have more life than the smaller ones.

When you notice the considerable change in the size of the media and its efficiency, then it is an indication of time to change the media.

You must always ensure that you replace the media at the right time.

Otherwise, the quality of the finish will be compromised.



16. What Is The Cost Of Plastic Tumbling Media?

The price of plastic tumbling media depends on its shape, size, and cutting speed.

The smaller plastic media will be more expensive than the larger ones.

The cutting media that comes with more abrasive content will costlier than the slower cutting media.


17. How To Choose The Right Type OF Plastic Media?

You can consider the following factors while selecting the plastic media.

Step 1

You need to finalize the media shape and size first.

  • Make sure that the part doesn’t get lodged in the slots or cavities of the part.

You must also ensure that the plastic media selected must be able to reach all the surface areas of the part.

  • If you are planning to invest in small size plastic media, then you should also check whether you need to complement it with large size plastic media.

It will help you to make the whole process of finishing fast.

In some instances, the small plastic media and large size media are mixed in a ratio of 1:2.

Step 2

You should have a clear idea of what type of surface finish you are looking for.

  • If you make use of large plastic media, then you will get a coarse surface finish.

The action is rapid and useful when the surface finish type is not a matter of concern.

  • If you are looking for a smooth surface finish, then the small plastic media will be the right choice.

We recommend small size plastic media for excellent quality surface finish.

Step 3

You should also ensure that the selected plastic media is easy to separate from the parts.

  • So, invest only in plastic media that can be easily separated from the parts.

(b) You must also consider the wear and tear rate of the media while looking for the easy separation feature.


18. What Are The Various Varieties Of Plastic Media Available In The Market?

You can find different types of plastic media in the market.

But, always ensure that you invest on high quality plastic media that comes at a reasonable price.


18.1 Low Cutting Plastic Media

The low cutting plastic media is also called as the low density plastic media.

It is a very lightweight media and will have less abrasive content.

The cutting rate will be low due to the lower abrasive content.

But it will have more life.


18.2 Fast Cutting Plastic Media

The fast cutting plastic media is also referred to as the high density plastic media.

They come with a very fast cutting rate because of the higher abrasive content.

So, you can get an excellent quality finish on the parts in a short time.

They are more prone to wear and tear.

So, they have less life.

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