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  • Choice of Different shapes and sizes
  • Supports laser cut, die-cast, and stamping parts
  • Low attrition with a rapid cutting rate
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Inovatec Machinery Your High Quality Ceramic Tumbling Media Manufacturer From China

Inovatec is the Leading Manufacturer of Ceramic Media based in China. You can find almost all types of Vibratory tumbling media in our show room. In the 20 years of the company’s development, we have always provided customers with good products and technical support, and sound after-sales service.

With the strict production control, our vibratory media deliver with German Quality Standard. Meanwhile, Inovatec continues to set new standards with innovative concepts and products, thus making our clients more successful.

Inovatec offers a wide variety of ceramic media. It is available in different cutting grades, shapes, size, and composition. It is capable of removing loose and hard burrs, flashes, edge breaking, radiusing, surface smoothening, surface preapration and rust removal from the parts.

It also helps to protect parts from part to part collisions. It acts as a compound carrier in both wet polishing as well as dry polishing.

The application of ceramic media includes laser cut parts deburring, plastic parts deflashing, small metal parts deburring, etc.

Inovatec offer OEM service for all products requirement. Whether you send your media sample or mechanical parts to finish, there is always a solution. Moreover, we help our reseller to develop your own brand with logo printing in the package. Contact us today and get a quote now!


Ceramic media in triangle shape helps to give a smooth action which is effective to reach the corners and cavities of the part. More penetration is possible with the help of the angle cut shape.


The straight cut triangle shape of the ceramic media is very useful for the edge breaking process, and thus it aids in the radii formation. It is commonly used in the polishing of stone tiles and rock tumber.


The ceramic media in angle cut cylinder shape is useful for deburring holes effectively in part.


The straight cut cylinder shape helps to prevent the part to part collision.


The angle cut tri-star shape is useful for reaching holes, slots and cavities in part for finishing.


The deburring time can be reduced with the help of the big size angle cut tri-star ceramic media. The flat surface of the media will help to finish straight edges.


The cone shape ceramic media makes it possible to enter the holes of a part partially without creating any kind of lodging issues.


They are also known as the tri cylinders, or the v cut cylinders. It can be used in the place of cones, triangles, and plain cylinders.


The star shape media is suitable for medium and large size parts finishing without any lodging issue.


If the part has narrow slots, then the ellipse shape is the preferred choice. It is useful for cleaning and polishing of gear wheel.


The sharp corners of the pyramid shape also help to reach the grooves and corners of the part


A uniform finish for straight parts can be achieved with the help of the ball shape media. It is also referred to as the sphere shape ceramic media, and it will have the right flow through proper surface contact.

Optional Design & Setting

Very fast cutting ceramic media will have 40 to 50 per cent of abrasive content. It comes with heavy deburring and grinding feature, which results in aggressive material removal.

The fast cutting ceramic media has an abrasive content of 20 to 30 per cent and is a cost effective deburring solution.

The general cutting ceramic media will have 20 per cent abrasive content and is the most widely used ceramic media.

The medium cutting ceramic media is used for deburring and finishing tiles and stones.

Light cutting ceramic media is ideal for removing small burrs with little material removal.

The P grade ceramic polishing media is recommended for polishing and burnishing purpose, and it helps to improve the surface brightness of the part.

Mass Finishing Machine

Inovatec offers different types of mass finishing machines. It includes the vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal barrel finishing machine, and automatic mass finishing machines. The principle of operation is different for each of these machines.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Manufacturer & Supplier Of Ceramic Media From China
  • Helps Customer to Select Right Ceramic media
  • Ceramic media with different shape, size, and cutting grade
  • Cost saving media option for deburring
  • Reverse engineered ceramic tumbling media
Frequently Asked Question
What is the MOQ for ceramic media?

Our MOQ is 100kg for each size and type. However, we highly recommend you order at least 1000 kg because below 1000kg the shipping cost is the same.

How long do you require to prepare the ceramic media?

The lead time largely depends on the ceramic media size and shape. Cone shape need a manual process so need a longer time. Big size above 10mm will take shorter time because we use automatic cutting machines. Our standard production time is 15-20 days for ceramic media 20mm (for order 1-20 ton). If you have multiple size and shape then it

How do you make the packaging?

We use pallets to package the ceramic media. 1000kg per pallets. 25kg per plastic bags.

Where is your nearest port?

Our nearest port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu. We can also ship to your warehouse in some other places.

What is your payment term?

For small order 30% in advance and balance before shipment. For bulk order, we can discuss case by case.

Ceramic Media Introduction

Ceramic media is a preformed tumbling media for metal deburring, polishing, radiusing, cleaning and de-rusting. This material can be shaped in a variety of shape and size.

Brown corundum is the most common type of abrasive in the ceramic media. Besides, the abrasive content, abrasive grit size, as well as abrasive type, contribute to the ceramic media performance.



Different recipes are formulated for different industrial applications. Fast cutting, medium cutting, light cutting as well as slow-to-non cutting grade are the most common types.

Generally, tumbling media with large grain size offer fast cutting but results in a dull surface finishing, while the media with finer grit create a surface with low Ra value. Besides, the performance of the media also affects by media size, shape, compound and also the mass finishing machines.



Ceramic media is known by many names like ceramic chips, ceramic stones, ceramic abrasive polishing tumbler media, and ceramic tumbling media for brass.

It can be used in both vibratory deburring machine as well as the rotary tumbling machine.

It is capable of polishing both big size cast iron parts as well as small automotive parts.

Inovatec machinery offers different varieties of ceramic tumbling media which will satisfy most of the finishing requirements of the customer.

The different cutting grades of ceramic media offered by Inovatec include light cutting, fast cutting, general cutting, medium cutting and very fast cutting.



The ceramic media with fast cutting rate is beneficial for the removal of heavy burrs from the part.

If you are planning to polish the surface of the part, then the lower cutting ceramic media is useful.

So, the ceramic media is capable of doing both deburring as well as polishing of parts.

Inovatec also manufactures special P grade ceramic media.

It is specifically designed for polishing purpose.

You can use ceramic media for descaling, degreasing, cleaning, and deflashing also.

The ceramic media consist of kaolin and abrasives.

Our team of qualified engineers have researched and developed over 30 plus varieties of ceramic media which can be used in different applications.



We offer special ceramic media for different parts like the 3d printed parts, titanium parts, general deburring, and finishing rubber parts.

Compared with walnut shell media or corn cob media, ceramic media is more aggressive in cutting and deburring. Although ceramic media ball can polish brass parts same as walnut media.

We manufacture more than 30,000 tonnes of ceramic tumbling media every year.

It includes different shapes like a ball, cylinder, wedge, cone, pyramid, tri-star, tetrahedron, etc.

We also manufacture ceramic media of custom shape and size according to the customer requirement.

If you are looking for ceramic media with more cutting power, then the triangle shape is the right choice.

If you are looking for the best flow action, then the sphere shaped media is the right choice.



We strongly recommend using small size media for deburring delicate and fragile parts.

Big size media is used for aggressive material removal from the part.

Our ceramic tumbling media has improved a lot during the last 20 years.

The ceramic media manufactured by Inovatec is of very high demand amongst customers all over the world.

It is mainly due to the strict quality measures adopted by Inovatec for manufacturing high quality media.

We manufacture the media considering the following things.


  • There will be consistency in the shape and size of the media, along with standard wear and tear rate.
  • Greater cutting rate and Lower wear and tear rate
  • Economical solution when compared to the media from Germany and Japan
  • We use natural gas as the source of clean energy, which guarantees consistent media quality across all the media

We offer a complete solution to our customers, not the ceramic media alone.

So, you will be able to run a cost effective and economical part finishing solution at your place.


You can always contact us to get an instant quote for free.


Ceramic Tumbling Media FAQ Guide

1. Can You Explain The Manufacturing Process For The Ceramic Tumbling Media?

What steps are taken to control the quality of the ceramic tumbling media?

Inovatec machinery has taken strict measure while sourcing the raw materials.

We ensure that all the raw materials are of very high quality through our quality control process.

The two main ingredients of a ceramic media re kaolin clay and abrasives.

The kaolin clay is made up of alumina oxide and silica.

ceramic-media-raw-material-testing Ceramic-media-raw-material-chemical-composition


We will test on each batch of the supplied kaolin clay to ensure that the particle distribution and the amount is as per the standards.

We already have a predefined standard and our suppliers will supply raw materials which are in that range.

All the sample raw materials from each batch are stored separately for rechecking in the future.

The initial step involves mixing.

In this step, we will do the necessary calculations with the help of the computer to derive the required quantity for each batch.

The mixing is done with the help of a large rotary machine.

The whole process of mixing will continue for 30 to 40 minutes.

Uniform mixing is done for both light and heavy materials.



A unique batch number is assigned to each batch after mixing.

So, it will ensure that the operator takes the right batch of products.

The mixing is followed by evacuation.

The evacuation prevents the burst of tumbling media during sintering.

It is followed by the cutting process.

The consistency in media size across all the media in a batch is guaranteed with the help of the automatic cutting machines.

The amount of water present in the media and its shrinkage ratio is also taken into account while the mixing process is going on.

Thus, we are able to manufacture media with the exact size.

We also support bevel cutting of the abrasive media.

The different angle cuts that can be made on the media include 22 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degree, and 68 degrees.

We can also make the cut at other angles based on customer requirement.

The water is made to evaporate from the media naturally after the cutting process.

The dehydrating time varies for different ceramic media.

It is based on the size of the media.

Media with a size above 20mm will need more dehydration time.

The moisture must be removed entirely before the sintering process.

Otherwise, the media will develop crack during the sintering process.

The sintering process happens inside a kiln that is 72 metres long.

The media is baked at 1360 degree inside this kiln.

Ceramic-media-backing-kiln-temperature-control ceramic-media-backing-kiln


The natural gas is used for the sintering process since it generates the right amount of heat and is stable.

The natural gas is also an eco-friendly option.

We use a PLC program to control the temperature of sintering.

The temperature variance of only 5 degrees is allowed in the whole process.

It will take around 36 hours to complete the sintering process.

Once the sintering process is complete, then the media is taken out of the kiln and loaded into a mass finishing machine.

Usually, a vibratory finishing machine or a centrifugal disc finisher machine is used in this case.

Her media mass is made to rub on each other for self grinding.

It will help to remove the impurities and burr from the media.

Thus, high quality media is manufactured at our facility.



Inovatec does the following checks before shipping ceramic media.

The ceramic media which meets these qualification criteria, will only be shipped to the end customer.

The different process in media inspection is given below.

Wearing Test: This test is done by mixing ceramic media with the brass cylinder and stainless steel media inside a centrifugal barrel machine.



Here, the media rate must be within the acceptable range.

If it is beyond that value, then it will get rejected.

A standard inspection procedure is also done on the media for its size and shape.

Here, the tolerance limit is +/-1mm.

Media that are broken or sticking together are removed in the manual review process.

All these processes ensure that the customer at the other end, always receive very high quality media from us.


2. What Tolerance Is Acceptable For Ceramic Media?

We have kept the acceptable tolerance limit to +/- 1mm.

So, you can expect a slight deviation in the product size which will fall under this tolerance limit.



3. What Is Silicon Carbide Tumbling Media?

If the ceramic media contains silicon carbide abrasives, then it is called as the silicon carbide abrasive media.

We use two types of silicon carbides.

They are the green silicon carbide and the black silicon carbide.

The black silicon carbide is the more commonly used one because of its more durability.

Many customers prefer silicon carbide abrasive media for deburring hard metals like titanium and stainless steel parts.

Our engineers have developed a special media recipe which has 20& silicon carbide abrasive and 30& general cutting abrasive.

The material removal rate can be increased with the help of silicon carbide media.

The general ceramic abrasive media make use of corundum abrasives.



4. What Are The Different Shapes And Size Of Abrasive Media Supported By Inovatec?

Inovatec manufactures ceramic media of different shapes and sizes.

The standard shapes include ball, tristar, cylinder, cone, ellipse, tetrahedron, pyramid, arrowhead, etc.

We also offer angle cut shapes.

The smallest media size supported in a 1mm ball ceramic media and 2×2 angle cut triangle media.

The customer can also get custom ceramic media shape and size on request.



5. What Is Meant By Light Cutting, Fast Cutting, And Medium Cutting Media?

Different manufactures use different standards for their media grades.

Inovatec generally offers three cutting grade media- fast cutting, medium cutting, and light cutting.

Light cutting media is useful to remove small burrs and for getting an excellent surface finish.

It helps to achieve a low Ra and good texture on the part surface.

If you use fast cutting media, then you can remove more material from the parts.

The processing time for a fast cutting media will be less when compared to the light cutting one.

The medium cutting media will have a cutting rate in between these two grades.

So, you can choose any of these cutting grades that meet your requirements.

We also do reengineering of the ceramic media, which will help customers to get the ceramic media with the same performance at a lower cost.



6. How To Select The Right Type Of Ceramic Tumbling Media?

We will help you to choose the right type of ceramic tumbling media.

You can make use of the following tips to make your selection process easy.

The selected ceramic media must be able to satisfy your finishing requirements which include deburring, degreasing, descaling, edge breaking in the shortest possible time.



It should be easy to separate the parts from the ceramic media.

So, you must choose the size and shape accordingly.

The ceramic media selected must be capable of giving a good uniform finish across all the part surface.

The media must not get stuck at slots or holes in the part.

Otherwise, it will be tough for you to remove the media that are stuck on the parts.


7. What Is A Ceramic Abrasive Media?

The ceramic media is a type of mass finishing media.

It comprises of aluminum oxide abrasive and ceramic binder.

It will also contain some other components based on its use.

The other components that are added include silicate, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, tin oxide, boron carbide, cerium oxide, porcelain, alumina-zircon, and many other materials.

Ceramic tumbling media is one of the popular mass finishing media that is used in different industries for cleaning and polishing parts.

They are one of the effective media for deburring and part cleaning.



8. What Is The Use Of Ceramic Tumbling Media?

A mass finishing machine alone will not help you to clean and polish parts.

You need to use the right type of media for completing the finishing process.

So, when you use the mass finishing machine, ceramic tumbling media is a media option for you to tumble with the parts to get the desired finish.



It helps to achieve different types of finish on various parts like 3d printed parts, die-cast parts, machined parts, etc.

It is capable of doing the typical mass finishing operations like deburring, degreasing, descaling, deflashing, surface smoothening, edge braking, radiusing, and polishing.

It is also capable of handling micro finishes.


9. Can You Explain The Working Of A Ceramic Tumbling Media?

Nearly 10 to 50 per cent of the mass finishing machines make use of the ceramic tumbling media.

The machines are loaded with media before starting the process.

The level of media should be maintained as per the type of the machine.

The parts are added to the tumbling machine that contains the ceramic media for finishing.



Once the machine is powered on, then the ceramic media will start rubbing on the part for finishing the part.

The type of impact of ceramic media on parts will vary with different types of machines.

Some machines will help to remove more material from the part surface with the help of more force.

The rubbing process will continue as long as the machine is powered on.


10. What Are The Different Types Of Ceramic Media?

Inovatec has divided the ceramic media on the basis of their cutting action.

The different types of ceramic media manufactured by Inovatec include the light cutting ceramic media, fast cutting ceramic media, and the medium cutting ceramic media.


10.1 Light Cutting Ceramic Tumbling Media

The amount of infused abrasive content in the light cutting media will be very less.

They are useful to give a bright finish to the part and offer lower cutting rates.

The wearing rate for this type of media is very less.

So, it will have more life.



10.2 Medium Cutting Rate Ceramic Tumbling Media

The cutting rate of the medium cutting rate tumbling media will be slightly higher than that of the light cutting ceramic media.

So, they offer faster cutting action than the light one.

So, you can expect a brighter finish with the help of this media.



10.3 Fast Cutting Ceramic Tumbling Media

They offer very fast cutting rate.

Fast cutting ceramic tumbling media is very useful to remove heavy burrs.

The processing time is less because of the fast action.

It will help you to achieve a matte finish on the surface.

The wear rate of the media is very high.

So, they will have less life.



11. Which Is The Best Ceramic Media Shape, Size, And Angle?

There is nothing like the best ceramic media.

All ceramic media from Inovatec are equally good because of their very high quality.

The choice of she, size, and angle is entirely dependent on the type of the part and its end use.



12. What Are The Different Available Shapes Of Ceramic Media?

Inovatec provides ceramic media of different shapes.

The various shapes of ceramic media include cone, ball, cylinder, tri-star, ellipse, pyramid, lens, tetrahedron and many more.

Some of the shapes are also available in angle cut versions.

You can also request a custom shape if required.


13. What Type Of Machine Needs To Be Used With The Ceramic Tumbling Media?

You can use ceramic media with many type of mass finishing machines.

It can be the vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, rotatory barrel tumbling machine, centrifugal barrel finishing machine or the automatic mass finishing machine.



14. What Are The Ingredients Of A Ceramic Media?

A typical ceramic media is made of different types of materials.

Silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and silicate are some of the materials that are commonly used to manufacture ceramic media.


15. What Are The Advantages Of Using A Ceramic Media Over Other Types Of Media?

The ceramic media comes with a long lifespan.

It is also a low cost media solution for mass finishing parts made of different materials.

These two reasons make it a popular choice among many customers.

It is also available in a different size, shape, and cutting grades.

So, the media options are more in this ceramic variety.

So, it is easy to find a shape and size that match with your part for proper finishing without any lodging issues.

The reasons that make ceramic media different from the rest of the media are given below.


  • You can easily collect it together and rinse after the finishing process.
  • Easy to clean and store after the operation.
  • No special or separate containers require for storage.
  • Very effective for grinding because of their hard nature.
  • Long life and highly durable media
  • Short processing time with an aggressive fast cutting action
  • Compatibility with Raytech compound D solution
  • The ability to angle cut the cylinder and cone shapes helps to use them for finishing parts which have hard to reach areas.
  • The ceramic media in polyhedron shape comes with the wedging feature that helps to avoid the lodging issue.



16. What Is The Typical Lifetime Of A Ceramic Tumbling Media?

The ceramic media has a typical hardness of 7 plus.

So, they are very strong and sturdy when compared to other media options.

The life of the smaller ceramic tumbling media will be less because of its small size.

Large ceramic media will have a longer life when compared to the smaller ones.


17. What Are The Different Parts That Can Be Finished Using Ceramic Media?

The ceramic media comes with a high density feature.

So, they are used for parts that require heavy cutting and grinding.

Most of the customers prefer to use it with hard parts that are made of titanium, steel, stainless steel, etc.

It is very useful for deburring.

It can do light deburring as well as heavy deburring with aggressive material removal.

You can use it for many types of parts that are manufactured using different processes like casting, 3d printing, forging, stamping, etc.



18. How Important Is Ceramic Media To A Mass Finishing Machine?

Ceramic tumbling media plays a vital role in the finishing and cleaning of parts when used along with the appropriate mass finishing machines.

The importance of ceramic media is listed below.



18.1 Enhance Tumbling Action

The tumbling is made better with the help of the ceramic media.

They will act like roller bearings inside the chamber of the mass finishing machine.

It can quickly go in between parts of different shapes like flat, angled, circular, etc.


18.2 Cushioning Effect

The ceramic media provides a cushioning effect to the parts that are inside the machine.

So, the parts are protected from damages that can occur by hitting against the wall or by part to part impingement.

It also helps to slow down the movement of the parts inside the machine.



18.3 Balancing Part Size

It helps to balance the part size inside the chamber of the machine.

If you are using large size parts, then there won’t be any part to part contact.

The pressure created by the ceramic media, which is continuously in contact with the part helps to create an excellent finish on the part surface.

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