Best Quality Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Manufacturer Based In China
  • High Quality PU material with Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Best suited for finishing of small and medium parts
  • Useful for Finishing 3d printed parts, jewelry parts, and stamped pieces.
  • Touch Screen User Interface and Speed Controller
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Inovatec Machinery You High Quality Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Manufacturer From China

The centrifugal disc finisher machine from Inovatec machinery is a high energy finishing machine. It is capable of providing a high quality finish parts which are small and in the mid-size range. The machine does an excellent job of deburring and surface finishing.


CD series centrifugal disc finishing machine is an economical version that comes in multiple capacities like 50 litre and 120 literes with a variable speed controller.


The automatic separation and unloading capability of the CD series machine are useful for finishing large size parts.


CF series centrifugal disc finishing machine comes with the zero gap design and is fitted with Nord heavy duty motor and Siemens PLC.


VA series centrifugal disc finisher machine is available in both wet and dry versions, and it comes with a 0.1mm.


The fully automatic version of the centrifugal disc finisher supports batch processing and provides consistency in the process.


It comes with three separate barrels: the wet barrel, dry barrel, and the magnetic barrel.

Optional Design & Setting

Prominent dosing pump aids in the proper mixing and feeding of the compound and water mixture.

The speed can be varied with the help of the Bosch Rexroth speed controller.

The separation of the parts and media can be easily done by using the automatic processing barrel option.

The operator can easily set the speed, processing time, and other parameters with the help of the PLC and touch screen.

The usage of heavy duty branded motor helps to achieve perfect consistency in the whole process.

The process of separating the parts from the mixture of parts and media can be easily done with the help of the vibratory separator option.

Vibratory Finishing Media

Inovatec offers different types of media like plastic tumbling media, ceramic tumbling media, stainless steel media, and many others. It is capable of doing all the typical finishing processes like deburring, deflashing, degreasing, descaling, cleaning, surface smoothening, and polishing. All these media are available in different shapes, cutting grades, and sizes.

Inovatec Machinery – China Leading Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines Manufacturer & Supplier
  • 9 liter size suited for small scale jewelry Manufacturers
  • Automatic versions available that can support up to 230 liters
  • Supports a narrow gap of 0.1mm and with 1mm gap adjustment
  • Technical and Spare part support for a lifetime
Frequently Asked Question
Do you offer Free parts processing?

Yes. We do free parts processing. You can send your parts to us together with an expected finished part. So we know your surface requirement. Our experienced engineer will evaluate parts surface and select the right tumbling media and chemical. After finishing, we will send the sample back to you for inspection.

What Certification do you have?

We have ISO9001 and CE Certification for the international standard.

What is your product lead time?

For standard centrifugal disc finishing machine, our production time is 15-20 days. We have a shorter production time for you if you need to catch a shipment.

What is your way of packaging?

We do fermentation wooden box for machine packaging. It effectively protects the machine during sea shipment.

Where is your nearnest Port?

Our nearest port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu. We can also ship to other locations that you want.

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines Introduction

A centrifugal disc finishing machine uses high-energy mass finishing process to create the desired surface finish. It can offer almost 10-30 times stronger abrasive action compared to conventional vibratory finishing. As a result, these machines are suitable for removing tough burrs and imparting high-intensity finish for small and medium workpieces.

During the process, the mixture of tumbling media and workpieces gets accelerated and starts moving upward. When it comes in contact with the barrel wall, it slows down and starts rolling back to the center again. This action keeps repeating at high speed until you get the desired finish. It also reduces the chances of parts colliding with each other.



In other words, a centrifugal disc finishing machine creates a smooth surface finish in a relatively short time. The most common applications include deburring, surface grinding, and polishing of coins, chain tabs, sliders, stampings, castings or machined parts.

You can find manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic variants of a centrifugal disc finishing machine at Inovatec. Choose the one that fits your requirements.

The centrifugal disc finisher comes with speeds in the range of 60-180 rpm.

Thus, this machine is able to achieve a grinding action that is ten times faster than the vibratory finishing machine.

But, this faster action doesn’t degrade the finish quality at all.

It will ensure that the part gets the desired finish with the help of appropriate tumbling media.

The machine also supports the batch processing feature.

So, you can easily automate the machine with the help of the additional fittings.



So, the cleaning, separation of the parts from the media, and the drying processes can be fully automated.

The faster action also helps to enhance the daily productivity.

So, you can polish more parts in a day.



You can decrease the manual handling cost involved in finishing of metal parts with the help of an automatic process.

The application of a centrifugal disc finisher machine is endless.

It includes polishing and finishing of coin blanks, jewelry parts, precious metals, belt buckles, spectacle frames, precious stones, and many more.

It also allows you to deburr, clean, deflash, degrease, and polish parts with the help of different media types.

Inovatec machinery manufactures different variants of the centrifugal disc finishing machine.



It includes the standard CD series centrifugal disc finisher machine, CF series centrifugal disc finisher machine with zero gaps, CD series with automatic unloading feature, and the VA series for jewelry parts with an adjustable difference of 0.05mm.

Our centrifugal disc finishers are very popular in the market.

The reasons for this popularity are listed below:

  • The barrel option for wet and dry polishing
  • Easy Control option with the help of the PLC control panel
  • Automatic Discharge Option
  • Durable and Strong Mechanical structure
  • Hopper with large capacity that can support media parts mixture in large quantity
  • Continuous Feed Option for the mix of water and compounds
  • Vibratory screen option that helps to separate the parts from the tumbling media


We have tremendous experience in designing industrial centrifugal barrel finishing machines.

We support all our customers with the complete solution for their mass finishing needs, not the machine alone.

We offer different varieties of tumbling media along with appropriate compounds for tumbling.

A high quality finish on the parts is guaranteed by using our solution for mass finishing.

You can always send us a message to get the solution.


Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine FAQ Guide

1. How Inovatec Maintain the Quality Of The Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

We guarantee high quality centrifugal disc finishing machines.

There are three critical factors that help us to deliver such high quality solutions

They are the top quality raw materials used for manufacturing, experienced and skilled operators, and the ISO 9001 quality management system followed by us.


1.1 Raw Materials

  • We source the raw materials for PU lining from Dow Chemical, USA.
  • Heavy Duty motor is sourced from the Shanghai Vibration Motor Co Ltd, which is considered the best in China
  • We use NSK ball bearings
  • A rigid mechanical structure is maintained with the help of stainless steel parts.


1.2 ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • We use laser cutters to cut the parts. It ensures that all parts are cut precisely as per the design.
  • The CNC cutter machines help to get parts with 0.1mm tolerance.
  • Durable and hard parts without any bubbles are guaranteed with the help of the automatic PU casting machine.
  • Proper adhesion is ensured on the part while PU lining and coating with the use of the shot blast process on the pieces.’


1.3 Skilled Operators

  • We have operators with ten plus years of experience
  • We follow strict quality measures in the manufacturing and assembly of parts.
  • All the machines are subjected to a trial before shipping to customers.


2. What Are The Different Varieties Of Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Manufactured By Inovatec Machinery?

The list of various types of centrifugal disc finishing machine from Inovatec is as follows.

  • VA series small gap centrifugal disc finisher
  • CD series centrifugal disc finishing machine
  • CF series zero gap centrifugal disc finishing machine

We also make these machines semi-automatic by adding features like the separation sieves, automatic unloading features, etc.

You can make use these additional fittings to reduce the operator load and to bring down the overall processing time.

Inovatec also offers a centrifugal disc finisher that comes with double and single barrel design.



3. What Are The Different Options For A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine From Inovatec?

The different additional fittings and options for a centrifugal disc finisher are as follows.

  1. Unloading Barrel with the 135-degree tilt option
  2. Internal rinsing system to clean media and parts in the system
  3. Dosing pump to mix water and compounds in the right proportion
  4. Separation sieve that can separate the tumbling media and parts from the mixture. A double layer separation sieve option is also available, which can separate undersize media.
  5. Noise cover for the CD series machine to reduce the noise level.



4. Which Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine Size Should I Choose?

You should select the centrifugal disc finishing machine in such a way that it matches the size of the part the capacity to load in batches.

We recommend using the CD230B model (our largest machine) if the size of the part is between 100 to 150mm.

The CD120 model is useful if the size of the part is in the range of 50 to 100mm.

For thin parts, the CF series zero gap centrifugal disc finisher machine will be the ideal choice.

It can support parts with a thickness smaller than the 0.5mm

The VA series centrifugal disc finishing machine is useful for parts that come in the size of 0.2 to 0.5mm.

The next important parameter to consider is the total production capacity of the machine.

We recommend using a media to a part ratio of 3:1 for the disc finishers.

If you find it difficult to understand the machine’s running capacity, you can always contact us to receive free technical advice.


5. What Are The Different Spare Parts Needed For A Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

The barrel, disc, and ring are the parts that need to be changed more often.

The wear and tear happen to the PU ring when the disc is made to rotate against the barrel.

So, replacement is needed whenever the wear and tear happens.

In a typical use case, the PU ring needs to be changed in 3 to 6 month’s time frame.

spare-parts-centrifugal-disc-finishing-machine PU-internal-lining


6. How To Place An Order For A Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

You can follow this list of procedures to place an order with us.

  1. You need to select the appropriate model and size of the centrifugal disc finisher.
  2. The next thing to look for is the additional fitting options. The different additional fitting options include the noise cover, automatic unloading unit, and the separator sieve.
  3. You need to mention the input power supply requirements for the machine. Different countries will have different power supply grid specifications. If you are from Australia, you will need a 425, 50Hz, 3 phase power supply for the machine.
  4. Now, you need to select the appropriate machine color. You can use the RAL color chart or the Pantone color chart to know the different color options available. You also have the option to decide the PU color of your choice.
  5. We also do OEM if you place a request for the same. It includes the addition of your logo to the machine. You can also place an order for the machine without any electronic system. For such machines, you will have to install your electronic system.


7. What Quantity Of Tumbling Media Is Required For The Machine?

Inovatec recommends loading the machine with 50 to 70% of its total capacity for an efficient process.

Don’t go for any load lesser or greater than this mentioned range.


8. What Is The Inovatec Recommended Power For The Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

We recommend using a 3 phase power supply with the machine.

The machine will need a high current.

So, a 3 phase supply is safer to use than a single-phase one.

We support the input power supply of 220-480V at 50/60Hz.


9. What Is A Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

The centrifugal disc finisher machine will provide a faster action on the parts with the help of the 3-dimensional action of the vibratory bowl along with the fast cycle time of the machine.

The cutting action of a centrifugal disc finisher is ten to thirty times faster than the other mass finishing machines.



They are high energy finishing machines that work on the principle of centrifugal force.

You can quickly load and unload parts into a disc finisher with the help of the manual or electric tilting motor unit.


10. Can You Explain The Working Of A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

This machine is capable of aggressive material removal from the parts to mirror like shine on the part surface through polishing.

The action of the machine on the parts is entirely dependent t on the speed of rotation in RPM and the amount of water and compound mixture inside the bowl.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine will have a spinner disc at the base of the machine.

The motor generates the force which is transferred to the spinner disc to convert it into a spinning motion.

Thus, the media and the part mixture is made to move in the upward direction inside the bowl.

So, it will go and rub on the polyurethane lining inside the bowl.



This process will happen continuously throughout the entire finishing time.

This continuous action of roll and flow makes the process faster and efficient.

The media and the parts mixture are pushed continuously into the sidewall of the bowl in the outward direction.

It results in the building of pressure.

So, the mixture of media and parts in the upward direction of the sidewall.



After some time, the mixture falls back to the center of the bowl.

This action cyclically continues inside the machine.

The system finally pivots after completing the centrifugal process.

Once the machine pivots back to the finishing position, then the part and the media mixture will get loaded back into the bowl from the hopper section.

So, the machine is ready to finish for the new part mixture.


11. What Are The Different Components Required For Finishing Using A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

The list of components that are essential to complete a typical centrifugal finishing process is given below.


11.1 Machine

The centrifugal disc finisher machine consists of different parts.

The list of parts is given below.


Working Bowl

It is the chamber/container inside which the media, compounds, and water act on the parts for cleaning and finishing.

There will be lining inside the bowl to provide a cushion effect to the part and media mixture.

This lining will be made of high grade polyurethane.

It will protect the parts and media from hitting against the bowl wall.

It also helps to provide a grip to the mixture of parts and media for proper finishing.


Spinner Disc

The spinner disc is responsible for transferring the force generated by the motor into the bowl for finishing action.

The disc is designed to follow the principles of centrifugal force for action.

It will have a lining of high grade durable polyurethane.


Water and Compound Processing System

Almost all types of centrifugal finishing processes make use of a mixture of compounds and water for finishing.

So, using a system to process the water and compound mixture can be highly beneficial.

It helps to regulate the flow of water into the machine.


Electrical Control Panel

The centrifugal disc finisher machine will come with an electrical control panel.

It can either be an integrated panel or a standalone one.

Push buttons and the display are the two user interfaces provided along with the machine.


11.2 Water/Compound

Water is used in the wet tumbling process.

Water helps to reduce the frictional effect and also to clean the parts from dirt and dust.

Sometimes compounds are added to the tumbling mixture for specific purposes.

Certain compounds help to inhibit the corrosive effect of water on the metal surface.

Some compounds are used to polish the parts to give an extra shine.


11.3 Media

Media is made up of abrasives.

Abrasives are fused with different types of materials to get the media.

The strong centrifugal force from the machine makes the media hit and rub the parts for finishing.

You can use different varieties of media to get the desired level of finish for the parts.



12. What Is The Difference Between A Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine and Other Mass Finishing Machines?

There are lots of differences between a typical centrifugal disc finisher when compared to other mass finishing machines.

The finishing action is fast and efficient in a centrifugal machine.

The part to part impingement is very less in the case of the centrifugal disc finisher.

It is a high energy machine that is best suited for small and mid-size parts.

It can handle fragile and complex shapes.

The centrifugal disc finisher is also suitable for finishing parts with slots and cavities.

It can remove sharp and tough burrs from the parts in less time.



13. What Are The Different Industrial Areas Where The Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine Can Be Used?

This machine is capable of finishing processes like deburring, descaling, degreasing, cleaning, edge rounding, and polishing.

So, they are used in many industries.

It is capable of handling parts that are made of metal, metal alloys, plastic, glass, and ceramics.

It supports parts created using most of the manufacturing processes like 3d printing, die casting, stamping, forging, etc.

Parts that require high precision finishing like medical implants and medical equipment can be finished using this machine.

It can also polish parts used in sectors like automotive, electronics, coin blanks, firearm parts, aerospace parts, etc.



14. What Are the Different Processes Done By A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

The centrifugal disc finishing machine is capable of doing most of the mass finishing works.

It helps to enhance the overall quality of the parts and also helps to make the part shinier.

The different processes supported by this machine are listed below.


14.1 Deburring

The deburring process helps to remove the burrs from the part.

These burrs are formed as a result of the manufacturing process.

The removal of burr is essential as their presence weakens the part and can harm the user.

A manufactured part will have raised edges on its sides that need to remove.



14.2 Smoothening the Surface

The centrifugal disc finisher machine helps to smoothen the part surface in such a way that a low RMS finish is achieved.

The type of final finish depends on the kind of media.


14.3 Polishing

Polishing helps to bring that extra shine on the part surface.

You can achieve different levels of shine on the part according to your design requirements.

You may have to use polishing compounds to get a mirror-like shine on the surface.

Different polishing media used include plastic, ceramic, and porcelain.


15. What Is The Difference e Between A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine And A Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine?

The barrel finisher machine makes use of rotary action to finish the parts.

Here, the parts are made to slide with the media for cleaning and finishing.

The barrel finishing machine also makes use of the centrifugal force for cleaning.

This force is 20 to 30 times stronger than the gravitational force.

The centrifugal disc finisher machine uses a rotating disc to create the centrifugal force for cleaning.

This disc is located at the base of the machine.

The disc will move in the direction of the sidewall to create the centrifugal action.


16. What Is The Difference Between Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine And The Centrifugal Vibratory Tumbling Machine?

The rotating disc, located at the base of the machine, is responsible for the finishing action in a centrifugal disc finishing machine.

So, an additional part is required for the disc finisher, which is a downside.

The centrifugal vibratory tumbling machine makes use of the sideways movement of the tun in a circular pattern to finish parts.

So, the rubbing of the parts with media will help to clean and polish the pieces.



17. What Are The Different Parts Supported By A Typical Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

The faster action of the centrifugal disc finisher makes it very popular amongst different businesses.

So, this solution is an effective one.

The power of the centrifugal force inside the machine is almost 3o times the gravity.

You can use this machine to polish spectacle frames, precious stones, amber stones, necklaces, watch parts, and dental components.

So, it is capable of handling most of the parts used in various industries.


18. What Is The Difference Between A Manual Machine And A Fully Automated Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

If you want to avoid the human intervention with a centrifugal disc finisher machine, you go for the fully automated option.


It will help you to save a reasonable amount of time.

But, you will have to make more investment for the fully automated version.

The different automation levels offered by Inovatec machinery include auto loading and unloading of parts.

High level automation will help to bring down the overall finishing time.

It is capable of processing parts like rivets, cutters, pins, washers, and chainsaw links.

It can handle small and delicate parts.

The Manual variant of the machine is suitable for deburring, grinding, degreasing, and polishing of workpieces in industries.



It is capable of edge radiusing of casting, machined, stamped, and forged parts.

Some amount of human intervening is required for the manual variant for loading and unloading parts.

The lower cost of the manual variant, when compared to the fully automated version, makes it attractive to many businesses.


19. What Is The Usual Spinning Speed Of A Typical Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine?

The speed of the spinner of a centrifugal disc finisher machine is in the range of 60 to 250 RPM.

So, the operator can vary the spinner speed according to the level of finish requirement.

20. What Maintenance Activities Need To Be Done On A Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine For Its Proper Maintenance?

Periodic maintenance is essential for a centrifugal disc finishing machine, just like all other machines.

You need to ensure that the machine is checked for repairs at regular intervals.

The different maintenance checks that can be done on the machine are listed below.


20.1 Sidewall Lining Check

The frequent use of the machine may result in wear and tear of the sidewall lining.

You need to check the sidewall lining regularly to ensure that you replace it at the right time.

Otherwise, the tumbling media may end up drilling holes in the walls of the bowl.

So, it will impact the life of the machine if you don’t do the replacement quickly.


20.2 Water Level Checking

When you are wet tumbling, you need to ensure that the bowl is filled correctly with adequate water.

Running the machine dry may increase the risk of damaging the disc and bowl of the machine.


20.3 Media Level Stabilization

If you are in the thought process of using fewer media quantity than the amount recommended, then we strongly recommend avoiding such thoughts.

You may end up damaging your parts by lowering the media quantity.

The quality of the finish gets compromised in the whole process.



20.4 Overloading the machine with more workpieces

You may get tempted to load more parts into the machine to increase productivity.

But, we strongly recommend maintaining a minimum part to media ratio of 1:3.

When you load more parts, then the chances of parts hitting against each other are more.

So, the part may get damaged due to collision.

You can always refer to the detailed instructions in the manual to know about the part quantity.


20.5 Sieving Out Undersized Media

The risk of media getting stuck in the gap is more if the size is too small.

So, the media needs to be sieved out of the mixture.

If you are using the CD series centrifugal disc finisher machine, then all the media which are below the 4mm size needs to sieved out.


20.6 Gap Checking

When you use the machine for a long time, the gap between the barrel and disc increases.

So, you need to check this gap regularly to ensure the smooth working of the machine.

You need a proper fix when the gap becomes too small or large.

The gap varies for different models of Inovatec centrifugal disc finishing machines.

The gap for the VA series is in the range of 0.2-0.5mm, CD series is 0.5-0.7mm, and zero gaps for the CF series machines.


20.7 Water Temperature Checks

If you run the machine for 2 hours or above, then the bowl will become hot.

You can reduce the temperature of the bowl by feeding it with cold water.

If you don’t bring down the bowl temperature, then the PU lining may get damaged.


21.  What Are The Different Types Of Media That Can Be Used With A Centrifugal Disc finishing Machine?

You can use centrifugal disc finishers on parts made of different materials.

The media choice is wholly dependent on the part material.


The different varieties of media that can be used with a centrifugal disc finisher machine include the plastic media, ceramic media, steel media, porcelain media, and corncob granules.

All these varieties of media are available in shapes like a ball, cones, pyramid, cylinder, tristar, etc.

You can also get it in various sizes.

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