Free Sample Processing



From metal to plastic, Inovatec is well experienced in the sample Processing of any shape and size.

For your finishing needs, our experts understand that there is no single media is suitable for all.

We pride ourselves on the work, from choosing the proper media types to adjusting the finishing time and speed.

We will test all variables and identify the most efficient methods for your case.


Rust parts before and after polishing 

With the extensive collection of vibratory and tumbling machines in our lab, our engineers are always ready to support you. We will figure out the most proper media and process for your specific situation.

Let Inovatec lab determine the best suited tumbling media for your parts

To take most from this free service, send us samples of any of your unfinished parts. Once we receive the part, our finishing specialists will take a photo of your parts before processing. Usually, it takes 2-3 days to get the finishing result.

After finishing, we will work out the suitable media, compound, and equipment combinations to get you a perfect finish. After that, Inovatec will input all parameters into a confidential report.

We will take photos of the parts after processing and show you the comparison before and after finishing. At the same time, I will send the parts back for your evaluation.

Together with the parts, we also include a report to you, including necessary information to decide.


Tumbling media of all types 

The information required from you to secure an optimal result

Make sure to include any relevant information such as:

  • Parts Surface requirements
  • Production volume per day
  • Project budget

As soon as we have the process parameters, we will suggest the most suitable equipment for your need.

For any queries about our free sample processing service, call our number: +86-13906720286 or fill the form to contact us.

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