Surface Finishing Machine & Tumbling Media Manufacturer

  • 20+ Years Industrial Experience
  • Customized Machinery Design
  • OEM Tumbling Media and Process
  • Vibratory Finishing Machine with Sound Cover
  • 1.-VA-series-centrifugal-disc-finishing-machine-1
  • 1.-centrifugal-barrel-machine-with-automatic-unloading-1

Cost-Effective Vibratory Finishing Solutions for Metal Deburring & Polishing

Inovatec Machinery has proudly served the metal finishing industry with vibratory finishing equipment, centrifugal barrel machines, centrifugal disc machines, and all types of tumbling media for over 25 years.
  • 25 liter to 1200 liter size available
  • Well suited for jewelries and huge engine housing
  • Easy installation & easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty motor & Durable PU lining
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Standard Surface Finishing Machine
Inovatec offer full range of tumbling media

Tumbling Media

Inovatec offer full range of tumbling media includes ceramic media, plastic media, porcelain media as well as steel tumbling media. They are available in all size and shape therefore meets your entire surface finishing requirement.

OEM or ODM Your Tumbling Media

We specialize in designing and developing custom finishing solutions. We strive to make the finishing process faster and more economical. Whether you want to reduce the cost or you want to develop a media for the new process, we always have a solution. You either send us a media that you are using now or a reference finished parts, so we know what you want.
Free Sample Processing

Free Sample Processing
Send the samples of your unfinished product. After careful testing, our engineers will provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Engineered Made-to-order Media

Engineered Made-to-order Media
Send us a few pieces of your tumbling media. After thorough assessment, our technicians will create a recipe to reduce your production cost significantly.

Recent Project

  • Amtek, Singapore, Automotive Parts
    Amtek, Singapore, Automotive Parts
  • GBB, USA, Bearing Parts
    GBB, USA, Bearing Parts
  • Brazil, Jewelry Parts
    Brazil, Jewelry Parts
  • ZF, German,  Casting Parts
    ZF, German, Casting Parts
  • Amtek, Singapore, Automotive Parts
    Amtek, Singapore, Automotive Parts
  • Engineering Before Designing
    Engineering Before Designing
    We conduct feasibility studies before design and production We organize your production on your production capacity, factory area, and budget
  • Laser Cutting Machine
    High Precision Laser Cutting Machine
    Generate physical parts from a computer design files Laser cutting process create precise parts for vibratory finishing machine Safety production method with no parts contact and low power consumption
  • CNC Machining of Metal Parts
    CNC Machining of Metal Parts
    Generate physical parts from a computer design files Continuous 5-axis high precision machining tools Enables faster cutting a complex shape without contaminations
  • Automatic PU Casting
    Automatic PU Casting
    Dow Chemical’s PU materials The controlled temperature and sintering time guaranteed optimal PU hardness Eliminate manual error and bubbles

Why 1000+ Customers Choose us

20+ Years Experience
Since 1992, China Leading Mass Finishing Equipment and Tumbling media Manufacturer. We are not just offering the surface finishing products, but also engineering solutions that save your overall cost and improve productivity.
Branded Spare Parts
Inverter: Bosch Rexroth, Taiwan Delta. Touch screen: Mitsubishi, Siemens. Electrical components: Chint, Omron. Cylinder: Airtec Germany. Safety, international brand, quality guaranteed and after-sales support globally.
Strict Quality Control
ISO9001, CE, SGS certificated. All components used are 100% pass our incoming quality inspection. We carry out trial run for each machine and wearing testing for every batch of media before shipment.
Fast Order Processing
Top sales with professional skills make your easy to communicate with a factory, all Inovatec engineer will stand by you. Reply your inquiry and solve your problem, no matter pre-sales or after-sales.
100% Technical Support
We offer free parts processing service to develop optimal finishing process for your parts. We dedicate to find the cost-effective solution to get desirable finishing for your products.
Easy & Secure Payment Method
We support all types of payment including T/T transfer, LC at sight, PayPal as well as West Union.
Frequently Asked Question
What Certifications you have?
CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, SGS.
What your production lead time?
20-25 days for regular order. In case of urgent order, we try our best to finish in 1-2 weeks.
What is your nearest Port?
The nearest Port is Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu.
How to do business with us?

Our relationship (hopefully a long one) begins with either a phone call or an email to discuss your mass finishing requirements. After the primary discussion, you can send us a few samples for testing. We will send those back with the suitable finishing solutions.

We also provide tumbling media OEM services based on your requirements. The reverse-engineered tumbling media is as good as the ones from Germany or Japan, but cost only a fraction.

We will send you the final offer after analyzing your requirement, including product specifications, packaging details (whether it is OEM or general order), and shipping location. We also offer free samples on request. Lowest price guaranteed! If you get a lower offer, we will match it.

What is your payment method?
If you are the first time order with us, we suggest PayPal for secured order. 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment is for regular order. LC at sight for bulk order.
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